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  1. Even if the artist is properly credited? Would that also exclude past and present team used images? I’m sorry, like I said, I’m new to this. Is there a forum where what I described above would be appropriate?
  2. The Cleveland Browns. No, not a pity party post, wallowing in woes and self sorrow. Nor will it be a delusional rambling of what we need to do to be Super Bowl champions. What I intend is to simply present a fan’s perspective comparison of past and present culture; a look into what once was a prideful, blue-collar, barking brigade of Cleveland football fans and the environment they embraced -VS- what it has transformed into in its present day. Finally, I’ll get into a look ahead (or back? to the future?) at what changes can be made to once again flourish as a football city (again, only culturally, I promise). There will be images past and present! Historical logos! Concept logos! Concept uniform designs! Each based on what I personally like/liked, want to see revived, and want in the future. Please, please, please feel free to join in, add your own personal concept art, logos, memories, critiques, opinions, etc! I only ask that everyone be respectful with any text or images you post. Also, bear with me as this is my very first attempt at presenting a topic
  3. Just an amateur idea of how to include the trident in a somewhat unique way: Thinking of how teams like (I believe Oregon State) continue the stripe colors onto the face mask; in gold, you could add a single center stripe on the helmet itself (the trident’s pole arm), and continued down onto the face mask would be the prongs of the trident. Hopefully I described it well enough for you to envision it.
  4. Late to the party but the Blue Ox reminded me of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox named Babe. The Minnesota Babes!
  5. STAGS. Short, simple, Bucks-relative, and there’s a convenient capital T you can put a set of antlers atop.