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  1. https://ibb.co/7Qmvw34 A good look at the Chiefs endzone.
  2. No, they would not. And they had the decal because otherwise they would be the Browns.
  3. My best guess is that the Broncos endzone was blue because the wordmark is always orange in their stadium.
  4. Chiefs yellow endzone and the 49ers have an all-gold saloon font. Very nice indeed.
  5. At least the Chiefs endzone does not have the brutal blank space of the Eagles in LII and Rams in LIII. They painting the numbers would make this the best field of the templated SB logo era.
  6. Then it is a red endzone for sure. No way they have a gold endzone with gold helmet. Let's just pray the Chiefs do the same, since they would have a yellow endzone to go with a red helmet.
  7. Thank you! Maybe with a red 49ers saloon font it would look better, either way Imo looks nice. Appreciate you putting in the time!
  8. Yes sir! Thank you very much. Could you try one with a black Niners endzone?
  9. And actually, maybe with a black 49ers endzone and red saloon wordmark. We know that is not going to happen, but the Niners have used black unifoms before and could work well.
  10. Thanks, but try yellow instead of grey for the conference logo design of the Chiefs. Gold instead of grey for the conference logo design of the Niners.
  11. Maybe one helmet of each and it would look good. Actually that is my fav template. SB Logo at the 50, helmets on the 25's. For endzone it has to still be Logo+Wordmark+Conference logo. I'm in the possible minority that thinks the best the endzones have looked was on SB XL with how the conference logos were put.I would absolutely love to see, say a KC Chiefs red endzone, with logo on the left, centered yellow wordmark, and the conference logo put with the SB XL format on the right. AFC logo obviously red and the boxy design for lack of a better word in yellow. For the 49ers in this case I would not mind the red endzone with logo on left, centered saloon wordmark font in gold, with the boxy design of the conference logo in gold on the right. Now that I think about it, if Pitt6Pack can do something like that, it would be interesting.
  12. Technically yes but doubtful. In SB XLVII we saw a red endzone and the 49ers have always had a red endzone in their own stadium when it is fully painted.