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  1. I really like the logo itself, by far the best since SB XLIV, however the paint work on the field for next year might be really disappointing. Hopefully they do a good job. With those colours, if the Chiefs made it to the SB again, the field could really have some good consistency and balance, how like in SB XLI, the logo had dark blue, light blue, orange and white. Exactly all the colours of the Colts and Bears.
  2. Overall I dig it, I really do. Not as good as the fields back in the day, but this is probably the best field since Super Bowl 50.
  3. Thanks! Yeah, Super Bowl IV is probably my favourite field as well and it was an inspiration for me to do this one.
  4. Just one more design for fun. I suck at actually placing the design together, the teambox background color is all irregular and stuff lmao. But here it is. Again, if someone who actually knows how to do this wants to do a better job than i did, go right ahead, just figured I would try this.
  5. I like it, honestly. Not the best to have the same yellow+red combo as last year, but looks pretty nice.
  6. Not necessarily. The designated home team gets to choose uniform first. A few teams have chosen wearing white as the home team (Pittsburgh in SB XL, Denver in SB 50, New England in SB LII) and now TB in SB LV.
  7. Correct. Odd year, even Super Bowl number for AFC, the other way around for NFC. That was actually the case for the longest. The designated home team was on the left for like 40 years. Now it is kind of a mess and not sure how it gets determined. For the last handful of years it has been the AFC on the left.
  8. Tampa Bay. The NFC is the home team in "Odd" Super Bowls, AFC is home in "Even" Super Bowls.
  9. I was going to mention the smaller wordmark for the Bucs. At least them having a long name avoids an Eagles Super Bowl LII situation were it was about 50% blank space.
  10. Alright so yellow endzone for KC and red for TB. So like we expected.
  11. In addition, for Bucs it is confirmed white jersey+pewter pants. Bummer indeed, but it is what it is.
  12. Bucs will wear white, Chiefs red. Which is kind of a shame. I wanted TB to wear red on pewter, KC to wear all white or white on red.
  13. Yeah, I'm totally fine with a yellow endzone for KC since we saw little to no action there last year (all TDs scored on 49ers endzone).
  14. https://www.kmbc.com/article/groundskeeper-george-toma-91-preps-field-for-super-bowl-lv/35328003# Check this out. Confirmed same Chiefs end zone from last year.
  15. Here is another shot. I really like the different shades of green on the grass.It was pretty obvious that the NFL was going to go with NFL logo at midfield and SB logos on the 25s.
  16. Per Tampa Bay news: "The NFL says the Super Bowl trophy logos are being painted on the field Tuesday with other field artwork continuing throughout the week." So we will probably be able to get photos soon.
  17. This looks really nice as well. Not sure about the NFL logos on the 25s, but I guess you gotta have them somewhere.
  18. Yeah, that could probably work. Again, I have zero skills on that so not sure how to pull it off lol.
  19. Aye! Thanks. Yeah, logos are a bit too big, you're right I made them span roughly 13 yards, maybe 10 is enough. From the 30 to the 20 so the 25 is dead on center.
  20. Rose Bowl is my favourite, too. And yeah, unfortunately though that is on the Bucs colours. That happened in Super Bowl XXXVII as well, to a degree. Only way to make it actually "pop" is with a White endzone or something, which is not possible.
  21. California Super Bowls are the best period. Sunny to start the game, starting to get dark on the halftime show, dark to end the game. Reason why some of my fav fields have been SB XXVII, XXXII, XXXVII and 50. Some Broncos bias, maybe. but I do think those fields were pretty good.
  22. It was specially bad in Super Bowl LI. Players literally were taking the endzone paint away. By late in the second half, the area where the Patriots logo was, became almost full-on green because all the blue had been taken away.
  23. I will never ever pretend to be anywhere near as talented as Pitt or anyone that actually knows how to do this. I just got images and pasted them on top of other images just to make a concept for fun... This would be close to my "ideal" design for a Super Bowl field... Too much stuff? Maybe the logos of the Bucs and Chiefs are a bit too big, but I feel like concept is understood here. To be honest, I may have different designs in the endzone as far as it does not need to be plain color. I loved how Super Bowl XL had the boxy design around the conference logo, for example. As far as the team boxes is concerned, maybe even the hashtags they use on Twitter would look good there instead of logo, who knows. This is close from what the NFL had between Super Bowls XXXI-XXXVII, just with the actual logo instead of helmet on the 25s, to make those 'pop' more. Of course dueling helmets in EZ are awesome, I thought about having something like dueling helmet on left with conference logo + wordmark + dueling helmet on right with either NFL shield (like in Super Bowl XXIX) or with the Twitter hashtag there No logo since those are already on the 25s. Finally, I love paint on yard numbers and on the 2 yard lines, I'm just not that skilled to make it happen lol. If anyone who actually knows how to do this wants to give it a try to see if it actually looks good or dumb, that would be fun.
  24. I just don't see the NFL deviating from this for the Super Bowl, hopefully I'm wrong...