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  1. Hey guys, first post here. Awesome thread here. Is anybody else downright angry about these pathetic end zones? I know it sounds silly, but the Super Bowl field design is one of my favorite things about the Super Bowl. I love the old helmets with the conference logo in them, always wished they had never got rid of those. (I also like the SB log at midfield with the helmets at the 25s way better than the NFL logo at midfield and the logo at the 25s.) But now to not even have the conference logo at all? When I saw that huge space in the Eagles end zone in the in-progress shot of it, I just assumed they were putting the NFC logo there. How it is now, it's pathetic. Why would the NFL do this for their showcase event? Does anyone know whether the NFL would have possibly just left the Vikings end zone intact for the Super Bowl if they had won as a sort of "Easter Egg"?
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