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  1. What about spending 500 on the most stupid :censored: i have ever seen? Snapback Adjustable Hat
  2. Jersey prices are a joke now, $400+ smh https://www.fanatics.com/mlb/jerseys/o-2321+d-42446712+z-8813-147435015?pageSize=72&sortOption=HighestPrice&query=2020 But okay, people seem to be buying them, at least it looks that way, with the "Last purchased XX minutes ago" Is that something we can believe and trust? guess i am out, i thought $300 was more than enough. Don't think the jerseys was even worth that.
  3. Houston and Boston gets a Gold Asterisk instead of a batterman logo.
  4. 200 is also way too much. and no contrast stripes around neck, cuffs or hem. Looks like a cheap rain coat. Coaches will def. not look as good as in the past. Just a cheep looking fan jacket, not much "Pro" about this look, and 200? gtfo here they are https://www.mlbshop.com/?query=Authentic Collection Dugout Full-Zip Jacket
  5. Regarding the skills and dunk contest, It was nice to see all these alternate uniforms assembled in one place........... that really showed the whole world that they all look like sh!t
  6. Ugh, one of the the worst logos in history. A pictogram, so even the slowest (speciel) people will know what game they are seeing here in the stadium or on TV. Brought to you by the same company that made these: .
  7. If you have seen that roast you would know that laugh is sarcastic ( yes, i was amazed too seeing Mike had enough brain cells left to be sarcastic) But what does that gif mean: "haha, it's funny" or "haha sarcastic laugh"?
  8. It is, but i was talking about design wise, it's greedy to release 10 unis for each team, and makes the league look cheap and amateurish.
  9. Fun fact, some of those rev30 limited Lebron jerseys had the front number placed wrong https://www.ebay.com/c/1774954694 https://www.google.com/search?biw=855&bih=435&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=3NQ1XvLaK8KWkwXXlJv4BA&q=rev+30+jersey+limited+edition+lebron&oq=rev+30+jersey+limited+edition+lebron&gs_l=img.12...0.0..11775...0.0..0.0.0.......0......gws-wiz-img.0zFN7yHp88w&ved=0ahUKEwjyuJO6jrHnAhVCy6QKHVfKBk8Q4dUDCAY and some were correct, weird or what? Since there were only 500 made in each color, and you would assume they were made the same place, so very strange error!
  10. Nike is much worse... 10 different uniforms for each team = GARBAGE side note: i got a few of those rev30 jerseys, the ones that came in those cardboard boxes. they had the correct mesh numbers and stuff https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0314/21/kobe-bryant-la-lakers-adidas-rev-30_1_b37f974220b5e77b3aa826b7b88e527b.jpg
  11. But what about 100 years from now, noon know the man by then. And we also have to hold back on the number retirement thing, in all sports. Teams will run out of numbers, that of course if sports is still being played and the world stands as we know it. Also, players born in 1999, new rule: They can wear 99
  12. passed away so tragically... uhm, flying in a private helicopter or small plane is very dangerous. accidents often happen, even military helicopters often crash, and rally driver Colin Mcrae and baseballs Roy halladay was killed in similar fashion. Dieing in a accident is no more tragic then getting cancer and suffering for years then only to die in great pain. And that could happen to Lebron or Michael Jordan, etc. should we change the logo again then, or is that kind of death not tragic enough? Also, you don't update a logo because it has been around for X amount of years, that is what makes it classic. Imagine if the Yankees thought like that.
  13. Agree, even the Gretzky retirement is ridiculess, retire it for the teams he played for, or even better, just one of them, not the whole league. He has records yes, but they can be broken. 99 in Edmonton and LA, that must be enough.
  14. Exactly, he is a true Oakland Athletic, can't afford to replace the one he lost (to free agency) or even get the hole (in the lineup) repaired.
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