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  1. Nike has crapped all over the NBA... 50 different unis for each team, what a joke. i pray Nike does not destroy MLB as well next year. How likely is it that they will?
  2. But what happened in those 50 years, people went to the park, right? And 50 years ago there were no 50 yard high nets to catch foul balls, because people paid attention to the game, instead of being glued to their phones! There was no need for view obstructing nets. The game of baseball is over 100 years old and it was played in very cold and very hot weather. Yes, i know about climate change LOL, but that 2 degree increase has not and will not, kill anyone in a ballpark for the next 100 years. Say what you want, but you cannot convince me that the problem isn't that people has gotten very very soft and lazy. No sunshine, no rain, no wind to catch the ball, no bird incidents, no shadows, no sign of life, just a sterile environment, so boring!
  3. Exactly. And that is why baseball played indoor is garbage! Just one example, no need for the Astros to play indoor. Their Orange and their multi color navy jerseys looks dull indoor. Just wait till the Rangers move indoor, unless the team is at the very top in the standings, i predict a decline in attendance.
  4. Playing baseball, a summer game in a dome or roofed stadium is sacrilege. Uniform colors don't pop, It looks ugly, boring, lifeless, both in person and on TV. Retract the roof! So what if some rain falls, or that it gets a little hot, what did the audience do 50-100 years ago? They were happy just being outdoors. But i guess the sunshine these days makes it hard to read your cell phone, which you of course are glued to instead of the game your paid money to see. Thank goodness for the huge distracting nets they had to install so people like you don't have to pay attention to the game. You are comfortable in your seat, shaded from foul balls, wind, rain and sunshine. And can both text and eat nachos and huge burgers without any nasty distractions.
  5. I am a troll due to a few jokes? Get a sense of humor you nerd, don't call someone a troll, because you can't answer my question. Don't ever respond to me again!
  6. In 2020? But all teams get Nike jerseys anyway in 2020
  7. Cleveland new unis are constantly on sale on mlb shop and fanatics, only 2019 authentic jerseys to ever be reduced. Only reason i can think of is no one is buying them due to no wahoo on the sleeve. If anyone else have a suggestion for this weird thing, i am all ears!
  8. My humor is at the same level as the marlins team. Just give me some time, and i will get better
  9. Exactly, great idea for a photo op, i hope those 4 fans will get together at a specific game or dinner and take a selfish. Hopefully it will be posted here.
  10. Wow, seeing these new unis in action makes the previous set look great! And i didn't like that set that much. Home white was really colorful and unique, so was the black. Colors really popped of that black one. Orange jersey was a bit much, and ruined by the Marlins man. But was not that bad compared to now.
  11. vendetta? LOL. Jeter and the Marlins traded away the teams best players, and the new uniforms are awful. That is hardly a vendetta, more like common sense hate toward a terrible person and organization. You think i am special? Most people feel this way, you are one of the very few that defends him. Instead of claiming i have a vendetta against him, maybe i should ask if you have a crush on him, that would be the only explanation for constantly defending him and his actions.
  12. Wouldn't it have been better for the Sox to wear their red jerseys? I mean, they are the Red Sox, playing in Europe. They also use that jersey in Boston, right? They are bland yes, but would you not want to show the audience a bit of color, also since the Yankees obviously can't do that.
  13. I still see the price change ? Player jerseys are all $370. Except Goldschmidt, he is $327... wth? PS: I know it says "Almost gone" but come on, that is highway robbery, i don't think many will buy these, $270 is way more fair, and also high enough imo Not to turn this into a jersey price thread, but look at the Cleveland Indians jerseys, they are the only 2019 jerseys that are already on sale! You guys have any explanation?
  14. Love how the new blue St Louis jersey is listed at at $266, then when you select a size the price jumps to $370..... and $444 for size 56