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  1. I love it. I've considered a mockup which makes the D and current bronco the primary, with just the bronco head for the helmet (as is). Would you mind mocking up a couple of helmets? (one with the D and one with just your new bronco head) If not, no problemo. No need for the newbie to get greedy
  2. I love the idea of red and sand, though I'd consider maybe trying brick red. Also, similar to the city color solidarity series, I'd try a sand colored beak. Lastly, maybe a thin black striping for the numbering (along with possibly sand-colored numbers for the home)? I love the direction, though.
  3. Absolutely loving this series thus far. Miami is definitely teal and orange, right? I'm also curious what color you'll chose for Kansas City. By the way, instead of splitting LA (or even NY), have you considering outfitting all 10 LA teams in navy and gold for complete city solidarity? I'm interested in how the Ducks, Clips, and to a lesser degree, the Angels, would look in that color scheme.