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  1. I think we can thank Fanatics monopolizing the sports wear retail outlet for the price hikes...
  2. Now what is Marlins Man going to wear to stand out in the front row at random games that don't involve the Marlins?
  3. Apologies in advance if already discussed, but are the Players Weekend jerseys going to be a thing again this season? Last year it was in August but I feel like I haven't seen any news here in July.
  4. I wondered the same when the Reds did likewise against the Cubs the other day. Can anyone confirm if teams are recycling the Memorial Day uniforms from 2017 in 2018? MLB.com stock photos are showing what looks to be recycled home version from last year but not sure if there are subtle differences in the team logo on chest and sleeve patches.
  5. I believe this is correct as it is the home team that has to supply the throwback uniforms for the visiting team (since it is the home team's throwback game).
  6. Haha. Yes Up there with me with the Chicago Blackhawks NHL 75th anniversary sweaters, which they need to bring back by the way.
  7. Long time lurker first time poster. Cubs promo schedule has this listed as a SGA on 7/24. Over the last couple years or so they have worn the respective throwback jersey on the promo day. Have not see anything else confirming but figured I would put it out there.