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  1. Keep the faith--the Jags are close. One of the more talented and athletic teams in the league. A new culture and new unis on the way -- can't wait for those. Looking forward to seeing their SB end zone in the flesh!
  2. I love this forum. Every postseason, I visit this thread to get an early look-in over the projected Super Bowl's playing field. An added bonus in the early rounds when I'm treated to a sneak-peak of all the teams competing for a SB berth. As a kid, I couldn't wait to see what the field looked like and the uniforms the teams would be wearing. Rarely disappointed and often surprised, always adding to the delight of it. Jonesing to see the finished field on Media Days and any TV broadcast 'from the site of the Super Bowl'. ("Come on Mr. Cameraman. Pan that puppy just a little more to show me those end zones!" "Down in front, you're blocking my view!"). Always envisioning the field in my mind and seeing how right or wrong I might have been --what fun. Here are some wildcards that come to mind: 1. The surprise of the orange end zone in SB XIX (I prefer aqua for the Dolphins, but the orange worked -- a cool and different take. Creative, and at least they were thinking and taking it seriously). 2. The SB logo at midfield for XXV and the NFL shields on the 35's. 3. The helmets on the 30's for SB XXXI and first time since the merger. Which spurred a running trend. Which brings me to now. The absence of both the NFC and AFC logos in the Conference Championships are disappointing (except for the trophies, nowhere to be found). The end zones for SB LII are not uniform. Why not center the Eagles wordmark? Move the logo to the left, and put that eye-popping NFC logo on the other end? Of course, they could have scaled the Patriots end zone and added the red AFC logo. These changes would have upgraded the field and presentation. (In my opinion, the end zones since SB 50, less the conference logos look collegiate). Like most voices here, I'm scratching my head over the NFL's SB fields of late. Hey, at least we have Sportslogosnet and the Super Bowl Field Database. Thanks for all the painted fields. I also enjoy the 'phantom, what if' match-ups. I always wondered what the creamsicle Buccaneers and Oilers would look like -- now we know. Looking forward to what's in store for SB LIII and beyond! Keep up the great work.
  3. Found these on Instagram. Hope they help the discussion.