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  1. 9 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:




    9 hours ago, shstpt1 said:


    How often do we see those same stripes at various heights of the leg, from the ankle all the way above mid calf? Or the players that have multiple striped sections worn on their legs. Same thing goes for how variations of the length of bottom white portion of the socks are shown. 


    Don't get me wrong, they are amazing when everyone wears them the correct way... but that doesn't happen

    To be fair, when you look at the Niners pre-2017 jerseys Alex Smith and their kicker usually had the full three stripes on their sleeve where other players has the 1.5 on their jerseys from the cut. So I mean I don’t think it matters how they wear the stripes as long as they’re there in this point.

  2. 1 minute ago, aawagner011 said:

    In what certainly goes down as one of the worst leaks ever, an image showing part of Atlanta’s new white and gold kit:



    Looks like the pattern won’t be gray stripes like the FIFA leak as much as it will simply be a textured pattern. Should be a clean design and I’ll certainly be scooping one up.

    While that’s nice and dandy, I feel like if a team is to do a texture design on the jersey they should make it halfway visible. But it’s a good design overall.

  3. 8 hours ago, CS85 said:


    I hate this template.  The half-sleeve is never, ever used, and shouldn't be a part of the design, but a lot of the concepts that use this template (which are generally bad) go ape :censored: using the sleeves as a mandatory design feature.


    As for this particular idea, the stripe, Northwestern has pulled it off reasonably well.


    In promo materials:




    In execution:






    Nobody's wearing the sleeves.  Stop using the template.

    Personally the black stripes on the purple should be moved to the sleeves, you can't see it very well as is.

  4. 14 minutes ago, TaylorMade said:


    That can't be right. There's only one star :P 


    And is it really a "leak" if it says "Prediction" right there?

    Thanks for pointing that out! Footy Headlines said it was based off what a reader saw.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Digby said:

    MLS teams don't generally sell keeper kits, do they?

    I’ve seen Tim Howard ones. I know MNUFC sold them in 2017 at a game I went to and on their social media it seemed to show that they sell them in store.  

  6. 3 minutes ago, upperV03 said:

    Prediction mockup for Cincy’s new primary, based on their teaser images and all of the leaked info I’ve seen/heard thus far:


    So it’s a much darker blue color than what they had last year, and the shades on this are almost the exact same. Why not just do a solid navy kit then? And hopefully they use orange shorts at some point to break the mono.

  7. 4 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    It blows my mind that there's any native-born American over the age of 10 that wouldn't recognize the shape of California.  It's one of the 'iconic' state shapes, like Texas and Florida.  IMO New Jersey is also in that category, but that might be influenced by my local bias.  Louisiana and Alaska might be on the list too.



    As a substitute teacher I had a class of 6th graders who couldn’t even tell me what state Iowa was. Granted we live there but lord either they were pulling my leg or there are some issues with this group of kids 🙄

  8. 11 hours ago, Clintau24 said:


    Can't imagine it has anything to do with the 100th anniversary. The Pro Bowl lost the red vs blue following the 2013 season, just to resurrect it in 2017 and 2018. Nike looks to have free reign over the uniforms here.




    Image result for pro bowl 2014"




    Image result for pro bowl 2015"




    Image result for pro bowl 2016"




    Image result for pro bowl 2017"




    Image result for pro bowl 2018"





    Unpopular opinion:

    I did not mind the 2016-18 iterations of the Pro Bowl Unis, 2018 are by far the best of the batch

  9. Nashville unveiled their primary kits today, earlier than the Feb 5th expected date for other clubs. Images show all gold which is disappointing, I hope that they use mainly blue shorts. Otherwise that’s two teams wearing all yellow, and Nashville’s yellow isn’t exactly eye pleasing.



  10. 29 minutes ago, WideRight said:

    Do we have a set release date for the new MLS kits?  I looked on earlier pages and did a google search but did not find any date specified. 

    Wednesday Feb 5th. It will be league wide

  11. 19 hours ago, KitLeakBoi said:

    Here's the lighter blue side vs the darker navy side 


    Maybe I’m struggling to notice something here but the whole kit looks navy as opposed to the leak we saw with the half royal/half navy

  12. 2 hours ago, WSU151 said:


    Apparently the team store said the Bucs' change was happening this year, according to @imawalkingcorpse (see bottom of page 5 of this thread)

    Ok, I think until we hear something official from the horse’s mouth, I’ll take the store employees word with a grain of salt.

  13. 1 hour ago, bowld said:

    Going to be a fun off-season for us uni nerds. We already know about Rams, Falcons, Bucs and Browns, we might see changes to the Chargers and who knows what else in terms of alternates 

    When was this confirmed? I thought it was talk for maybe after the 2020/21 season, but not this year?

  14. 6 minutes ago, simtek34 said:

    Listen Falcons, Blanks, and Nike...




    This is it:




    EDIT: Also, Cardinals and Bengals, please send in your Uniform Change forms before the 2021 window closes for all our sake. We might finally kill off the Reebok Piping era!

    spacer.pngI’d prefer this, then slap a white and a red version and there you go.