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  1. Also while no release from LAFC about kits yet, redditor u/Clipdodgecharge made a mockup of what their home kit *could* look like. I think if they went with just the play button like how MNU has just the target logo, it'll look much cleaner.
  2. So far out of all the kits put out, Colorado might be one of the kits I pull the trigger on and buy, DCU, Chicago & MNUFC are close seconds.
  3. "Stay Classy San Jose" - Ron Burgundy, 2018
  4. I like it but it's so limited in the sense it is just the chest stripe. I'd love to see Houston put the Tequila sunrise on their whole orange jersey similar in vein to this fake they leaked last year
  5. Has there been any word on Torontos new away kit? Outside of the new GK template they've been very quiet......... https://twitter.com/torontofc/status/960543209276432385
  6. But it's inherently Columbia's design. You don't see adidas giving away the MUFC Class of 92 design to other adidas teams.
  7. The real question is are there gonna be any other teams using this as a kit design? Adidas is using it on Juventus, MUFC and Real Madrid training kits. Are they just gonna rip this off an throw it on other clubs?
  8. I really like both of these, I know a lot of people will be upset if the wings don't show up, but they could always put the wing design on the away kit for next year. I definitely think both are a classy look.
  9. So would it be similar in vein to what the Revs just released then? Or something else? If it looks like the UCL Man City kit from years ago I'd be OK with it.
  10. VWC posted this on instagram, further confirming the dark grey/black kit. Also is the rubber/unique detailing on the badges new this for this year or have some teams had this on their kits from the past? https://www.facebook.com/whitecapsfc/photos/a.10150149944748794.297747.45988978793/10156080759608794/?type=3&theater
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