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  1. Or they can pull a Bucs & every soccer team in UEFA and just post the stuff online. I know it'll suck, but that may be the direction to go until this cools down.
  2. I could see that. The idea of the swoosh being orange doesn't seem too far out of the imagination. It'll be a bit annoying if there isn't any other orange on the uniforms but it is what it is.
  3. Maybe they'll add/keep the red socks for more alternative looks. I'd imagine that if they got red over white they'd use red socks every so often.
  4. Looking at the 2012 uniforms, they were black but they were outlined in white. The way PL is making it sound is they're black w/o the white outline.
  5. Here’s how I see it: Teams that use gold (and is gold): Atlanta, LAFC, Philadelphia and Portland Teams that use yellow (but referred to as gold): Columbus, RSL, Nashville.
  6. Demoff is all about the troll jobs. He clearly knows that people are paying attention.
  7. As and alt mark it's not terrible. But as a primary? No.
  8. So going back to unveiling. I think the Patriots are going to wait until AFTER Brady makes his decision. @canzman said that he saw a different uniform for them, and if they are going a new uniform, it would be a Post-TB era, and I think they'll wait until after he does something.
  9. You know, just my 2 cents, I think it’s really dumb when teams trot out a nickname like this that only people from the area will get. Like it’s a pretty general thought that “Titletown” refers to Green Bay and “America’s Team” refers to Dallas and etc. But when we get something like this it’s just dumb because 98% of the population has no clue what the hell that is. I feel like it’s poor marketing/branding on the teams part.
  10. It might be this: https://www.fanatics.com/mlb/miami-marlins/miami-marlins-fanatics-branded-iconic-clutch-quarter-zip-pullover-jacket-black/blue/o-1254+t-36441093+p-14735566397+z-9-1131529024?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r4c2:po-14 it looks fairly close from what I can tell. EDIT: So the link isn’t it. From looking at Fanatics website I didn’t see anything that matches that item specifically
  11. So Miami's pink shorts do have an issue on TV. From far away they look almost white, but in close up shots they look pink. Definitely could've been fixed with a brighter shade of pink.
  12. One is usually on offense and the other on defense. That way neither player is on the field at the same time, which is why it was a thing.
  13. So far the yellow from Nashville doesn’t look too bad on my TV. However a little distinction (navy shorts and socks at home, etc.) would be better to separate themselves from Columbus. I can already see that being a problem.
  14. I remember in the early 2000s and maybe farther than that, but most clubs usually kept one kit from the year before and it was then held over as a third kit. That would be most ideal I think. If not the CPL should adopt the MLS model and cycle kits every other year.
  15. York 9 is a big improvement with the Phila Union center stripe. All the rest are good, Calvarys is giving me Trailblazer vibes with the sash
  16. So does this mean (save for Ottawa) that teams are holding over the away kits or are those being released later?
  17. That away kit is really nice. This also does seem to confirm that the EQT template MLS teams are using will not trickle to the USL.
  18. Yeah these look like two different uniforms to me. Definitely thought they were powder blue
  19. So orange shorts right? Grey would look a little strange
  20. So when do we hear something about the Patriots and Chargers? April is almost a month away at this point. The announcements have to be relatively soon if the new looks are to be shown for the draft wouldn’t they?
  21. If the shirt advert wasn’t positioned in a black bar going across the chest it would look better, but the bar plus the white box doesn’t work for me.
  22. I think ideally the Broncos should do this. The Orange is their main Jersey so reflecting that with the change to accent on the whites would make it loads better.
  23. I don't mind those too much since they're one-offs, but I'd like to see them do team colors as opposed to white/black or teal/navy as they have prior
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