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  1. I don't mind those too much since they're one-offs, but I'd like to see them do team colors as opposed to white/black or teal/navy as they have prior
  2. My parents didn’t seem to have any issues the last couple years. But I’m not sure.
  3. I definitely forgot about Atlanta Part of me believes it’ll be some templates and some customizable opinions, but I think it’ll be nice to see them back as an option.
  4. So I wonder who’ll get 3rds? My guess would be LAFC, LA Galaxy, Seattle & probably NYCFC. It’ll be interesting to see who officially gets them.
  5. So how did you feel about the Seattle - New England Super Bowl? I get that the teams have similar colors but there was plenty of contrast and differences in the teams jerseys and general look. It was the best Super Bowl I've watched in terms of aesthetic value & game value as well. Point is the 256 odd games the NFL plays there's bound to be some crossover with color especially since there are plenty of teams with similar color options and they tend to be fine.
  6. Orange shorts really improve this look for me. The half/half design is still a little dumb, I would've preferred half orange and half royal if they were going to do it, but it is what it is. Also this kit looks to be replaced next year per FCC's website with a uniform history section they have, with them stating the away kit will stay for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.
  7. The Galaxy I think did this to show they had more. Because their kits from 2016-18 had the new star system but they changed it. So they don’t follow the system.
  8. I think red shorts/socks would be a great add-on or alternate for it to give it more color. I personally think too though that they should do what RB Salzburg have with their Euro kits. A solid red home and a black away. Color in the advert on the shirt if needed. Plus it’ll allow a bit more mix and match (to me at least).
  9. So then are teams no keeping the kits they got for the whole 2 years. Or am I misinterpreting this part?
  10. To me, my favorite All-Star uniforms in recent years were the ones from Toronto in 2016(?). Outside of the weird short design I liked it.
  11. I'm definitely on the fence about the Minnesota one. I love the fact it's the wing kit, but I'm not sold on the template and might just pick up the striped one from last year.
  12. Maybe a question for another thread, for teams like LA Galaxy II, TFC II and other USL affiliate teams, are those teams going to get the new template that MLS parent clubs are getting? Or is the USL kit regulation a bit more strict than MLS?
  13. I doubt it’ll happen, but what if this is the NFLs test to see if they’d expand overseas? Again I highly doubt it would happen just because of the logistics, but I can’t help to wonder.
  14. Also Fire related: According to a twitter user (so take it with a grain of salt) the Fire will be getting ANOTHER new logo next year. The new ownership group has hears fans and are going to fix it. This could’ve been avoided had they not done something that people didn’t like. Just an absolute cluster. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/02/after-just-one-year-leaked-chicago-fire.html?m=1
  15. I heard some rumors about this, I figured they'd start in Fall 2020, but I suppose they have plenty of time.
  16. So a bad logo change AND they're getting rid of the stripe across the jersey that made them unique? BOO! (It's not a bad kit though, just doesn't fit with what the Fire should be)
  17. I will say that is probably the biggest problem. For some of them, it works out fine. Like Colorado, Minnesota, DC/Miami & Orlando its fine. The rest are in between OK and bad.
  18. Best of that bunch is definitely Minnesota, LAFC, NYCFC, and San Jose. New England’s is also an interesting look. Can’t wait to see a whole look with shorts and socks.
  19. I just saw that too, beat me too it ! So grey cuffs on the sleeves, also the placement of the logo on the number is, different.
  20. To be fair, when you look at the Niners pre-2017 jerseys Alex Smith and their kicker usually had the full three stripes on their sleeve where other players has the 1.5 on their jerseys from the cut. So I mean I don’t think it matters how they wear the stripes as long as they’re there in this point.
  21. While that’s nice and dandy, I feel like if a team is to do a texture design on the jersey they should make it halfway visible. But it’s a good design overall.
  22. Personally the black stripes on the purple should be moved to the sleeves, you can't see it very well as is.
  23. Nashville teasing their away kit, which looks to be blue, bucking a trend of white away jerseys (at least for now.)
  24. Thanks for pointing that out! Footy Headlines said it was based off what a reader saw.
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