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  1. In terms of teams that have not put out new uniforms in a long while, the Broncos are most due (maybe the Eagles too). That leg stripe just looks so dated.
  2. Believe it was actually called “Seahawks Blue” if I remember correctly. The ‘09 experiment was full of poor execution with the wrong shade helmet, and in my opinion, the white numbers. This iteration is leagues better in my opinion. Very excited to see it in action on Monday.
  3. After looking through this thread, it's interesting that while there are quite a few examples of this color scheme, it's nowhere near as prevalent as light/sky blue with maroon/claret. Then again, it's much a better combination compared what the topic details, in my opinion.
  4. NYCFC's GK kit for 2018, from the team's Instagram story today.
  5. NYCFC's new away kit is all over reddit and twitter . Some store appears to have put the kit up early... https://twitter.com/dawgz__/status/959632482084810752?ref_src=twcamp^copy|twsrc^android|twgr^copy|twcon^7090|twterm^1