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  1. Oh goodie, now you're putting words in my mouth. Arena location obviously is important. Due to bad arena location in the case of both the Senators and Coyotes, it's an obstacle to be overcome. Ottawa, historically, has done a much better job at coming through than Phoenix. Because, unlike Phoenix, it's a worthwhile hockey market that's home to an organization that's currently in the sh**ter. Ottawa? Similar results? No. Every year from 2006 through 2016, they were good for a posted occupancy of at least 94% on the season, with multiple season sellouts in there. You can question whether their numbers are truthful or not, but I could easily do the same for whatever the Coyotes were reporting. I'm guessing you missed the 'until recently' disclaimer covering the team's recent BS; right now the Senators are getting the 90's Oilers/00's Blackhawks treatment due to the organization falling into disarray at multiple levels and the owner becoming more and more of an antagonistic turd in response. And Phoenix (supposedly, depending on whether or not it strengthens the case for an NHL team in the desert or not) has always been full of transplanted hockey fans. Why were they not buying tickets to see the local team in a poorly-located arena while people in Ottawa were? Because one is a worthwhile hockey market, and the other is Phoenix. Okay, Gary.
  2. They were drawing like crap at the end of their American West tenure too, once the new team smell wore off. Lemme guess, the heckin obstructed views. It's always something, huh? It's never the fact that the Coyotes are a useless franchise with wholly inadequate fan support. It's always someone/something else's fault. Ottawa's attendance was never ideal over multi-season stretches, but it also (until recently) wasn't joke-tier either, unlike the Coyotes. Similar circumstances, different results. Because one is a worthwhile hockey market, and the other is Phoenix. Ottawa didn't need to worry about converting multiple generations of Leafs and Habs fans while sitting right in the backyard of both of those teams? That sounds like a taller task to me than converting transplant Blackhawks and Red Wings fans that have moved to the other side of the country. Three teams in New York is ridiculous, especially considering that none of the other three far more relevant leagues have that many teams in the area... but the Isles and Devils are further down my personal priority list compared to farcical money-laundering operations like the Coyotes and Panthers. Sue me. I don't care about Auston Matthews. What would be different about the NHL if he wasn't around? Did the Coyotes save hockey by having somebody drive a zamboni while this kid was watching?
  3. You mean the transplanted Blackhawks/Red Wings/Bruins fans that only come out for games against their team, all live in the East Valley. (But you'll see, once we get this arena, we're gonna convert them! For real this time! Even though it's never been easier to follow out-of-market sports teams while pretending the local team doesn't even exist!) If there really was a massive Coyotes following in Phoenix (East Valley or otherwise), they'd find a way to get to Coyotes games and give the team a respectable amount of support on a year-in year-out basis. It's that simple. The arena being in Glendale is a weak excuse; Ottawa (until recently, when the organization went to hell and Eugene Melnyk turned into Peter Pocklington) did just fine under similar circumstances. If people in Largo and Clearwater can get to Lightning games, people in Tempe and Mesa can get to Coyotes games. The Coyotes aren't some sort of cultural institution down there. They don't deserve any credit for whatever grassroots progress has been made. And yeah, I do root for them to fail. After all the taxpayer money they've siphoned off over the years (with the help of corrupt public officials) just to live one more day, they deserve the needle. More fans for ASU. College sports is all Arizona really cares about anyway.
  4. > useless franchise will continue to exist in a useless metropolis that doesn't give a :censored: about pro sports, but in a different suburb this time GREAT NEWS Y'ALL!
  5. I want Cari Champion and Artie Lange to host a recap show together.
  6. Imagine gutting your franchise for Kawhi and a guy whose nicknames are all self-given, only to have Kawhi f*** off elsewhere after two seasons. Also imagine failing to properly embed a twatter post.
  7. Yeah Salt Lake has 2.5 million in its CSA. More than sufficient for most other sports, but on the low end for baseball (they'd be ahead of KC, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee I think) and without any apparent special interest in the sport in the area. They wouldn't have much of a TV market either. Like I said upthread, when Montreal (a graphic failure the first time around) currently looks like the best landing spot for an MLB team in trouble, that's not good, and when baseball has two teams in gots-to-go situations due to 15-20+ year stadium hunts that have gone nowhere, that's really not good. I'm standing by my bold prediction that two MLB franchises (probably these two) are getting axed before 2030, optics and MLBPA rage duly noted.
  8. If/when the NBA expands to Vegas I would bet on another rent-a-superteam springing up there within five years of their launch date, making life more difficult for the Knights as they exit their honeymoon period, but still probably leaving the A's as the odd team out. Enjoy funding that baseball stadium that can't be used for anything else, taxpayers.
  9. 2.5 million regional population for soon-to-be four major league teams, in case anyone forgot. I was gonna follow that up with a line about how Denver (3.5 million) struggles to simultaneously support the Avs, Nuggets, and Rockies, but I looked and they were actually all doing pretty well attendance-wise in the seasons leading up to COVID. So I guess they can make it work as long as the teams are good. I still say this is gonna end badly for somebody in Vegas in the not-so-distant future.
  10. I googled Addison Rae hoping she was a porn star or something... nope, just some Chanel West Coast knock off with a brother named Enzo. Also I caught ESPN with sound the other day for the first time in a while, more specifically Get Up, and I don't know how anyone tolerates it. Five solid minutes of commercials before Keyshawn Johnson started yelling at some Situation look-a-like about something to do with Odell Beckham. It was like PTI with substitute hosts on its worst day, x10.
  11. Wait, are Kareem, Dirk and Durant the cover athletes? Kareem would be interesting, wonder if that would indicate a renewed focus on older classic players and/or teams (actual classic teams, not the f***ing 07-08 Nuggets or 13-14 Pacers). I don't really do 2K or video games at all anymore but I might make an exception for more Bird teams, more Magic/Kareem Laker teams, Barkley, Reggie Miller, etc.
  12. On today's episode of Problematic Opinions There's audio excerpts in the page (and on Youtube), and also a Deadspin link within that has more audio, for those that wish to give clicks to that infected anal fissure of a website.
  13. I hope Kawhi leaves after the Clippers traded five first rounders for Paul f***ing George (who's always been overrated as hell and insufferably arrogant on top of it; only top-shelf needledicks unironically give themselves nicknames), just so they could appease Kawhi. The Clippers name would plummet toward the bottom of the standings, where it belongs, for the foreseeable future, but more importantly it would (I hope) bring all this pickup superteam crap that much closer to the point of real backlash.
  14. Expand to where? Forget expansion, baseball has no good landing spots for the A's or Rays if their stadium issues don't get resolved (and seeing as both battles have been going for well over a decade at this point with no resolution...). >Montreal Failed the first time around, had a Coyotes-tier final decade, not much reason to think they would succeed this time around other than blind optimism... and they're the most appealing city on the list. >Nashville >North Carolina For NBA/NHL, maybe. For MLB, with twice as many home dates and seats to fill per game? You're scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping they can be as good a market as Milwaukee or Arizona, and praying that it's not Florida all over again... I don't know about that. Have we mentioned that all three cities are transplant hell? >NBA city roll call oh please
  15. Too early to speculate about an A's/Rays contraction after the 2027 season?
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