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  1. Bad, worse, and boring. At least Kraken is an identity that you could take some liberties with. Sockeyes will never not be terrible.
  2. "I LOST TOO MUCH MONEY ON THAT S***!" *destroys $1000 worth of electronics* Unless of course that stuff wasn't his which is also entirely possible.
  3. I don't see why he would leave Toronto at this point. He already has two championships, why does he need to sell his soul to try and win more (especially to join old man LeBron and that s***show in progress)? He can be the guy in Toronto if he re-signs, a Dirk or David Ortiz type figure, while anywhere else (especially teams with a slew of prior championships/history) he would just be another rent-a-star, probably forgotten as soon as he ceased to be useful.
  4. Congratulations to Patrick McCaw on his 3rd NBA championship.
  5. So the refs crapdicked the finish to give free throws to Toronto, even though they were ahead with less than a second to go? That's great. Good job.
  6. Two pretty soft foul calls in a row against Toronto.
  7. Cousins is the most overrated player in the history of basketball.
  8. Green stomping up and down court and acting pissy at the refs, like it's their fault he tried to attack 3 Raptors on the break for no reason.
  9. Toronto is in deep doo-doo if they can't close this out tonight.
  10. I like this guy. We need more of his tribal brand of salt in sports.
  11. What an embarrassing game for the Bruins. What the hell were they even doing.
  12. The Blues are ****ing swarming the Bruins everywhere they go, the Bruins are just dicking around like they're playing the Devils or something. No urgency at all.
  13. The Bruins have nothing to show for the first period despite spending the overwhelming majority of it in the St. Louis end, Binnington has been a solid brick wall, and now the Blues are hounding them all over the ice and always seem to have a man advantage no matter where the puck is. This is not good.
  14. St. Louis got mighty buttflustered at the end of that one. Shades of Lakers-Mavs in 2011.