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  1. Definitely an upgrade, although they didn't nail it like the Padres did. Panel hats are terrible* unless the front panel matches the jersey color, and I don't like the royal blue accents. I would have preferred royal blue be the primary color, but if you're gonna do navy and gold, do only navy and gold. But the logo package is excellent and the road uniform looks great, too bad they'll probably never wear it unless the home team is wearing blue or black. *That yellow panel hat with the navy uniform is horrendous. I hope that combination never actually sees the field.
  2. The pinstripes are what seal the deal for me. 10/10, they nailed it. First big 4 sports rebrand I've been 100% on board with since... you know what I really don't know. And I'm glad they didn't try to work orange in there anywhere.
  3. He could be, if he would just attack the ****ing basket instead of pulling up for dumbass fadeaways. He was doing it in 2018 and it helped drive us to within a game of the finals. Last season he decided he'd rather be a bad Melo. This is his make or break year coming up. Some Celtics coaching staff we got. An entire season went by without them being able to fix the bad habits Tatum picked up from grabbing Wendy's with Kobe last summer.
  4. Breaking news, guy thinks his place of birth is special and not like all the others. Refusing to curtsy in the presence of any Canadian or European that claims that his country has something more specialer than anything in mine that I could never understand = Ugly American. zzzzzzzzzzzz You get one of Kawhi Leonard's cornrows and a free footlong sub from Publix. I'm not interested in something that "transcends" sports, I'm interested in whether or not there would be a guaranteed rivalry in sports, and why. Montreal and Toronto aren't special. Sorry.
  5. Put money on it. If Expos-Blue Jays isn't the fiercest rivalry in baseball within five years of the former's revival, you owe me $50,000. Actually, I'll be lenient and say top 5 fiercest rivalry in baseball. You think Toronto and Montreal are the only two large cities in North America with built-in cultural differences that have been economic competitors with one another? Als/Argos isn't a rivalry. I haven't been proven wrong on anything. You keep throwing out irrelevant information like the suggested topics for your college UNIVERSITY term paper and that the capital of Canada used to rotate in the 1800s. That's all super cool, but it doesn't explain why Toronto and Montreal would have a ready-made guaranteed rivalry across all sports, not just the NHL. Toronto and Montreal aren't the only two cities in North America that don't particularly like each other.
  6. Right back at you. Well maybe not the first part (you're a mod so you can just nuke anything you don't like), but the second part. And so is almost every other regular here. That easy, huh? You think Toronto and Montreal are the only two large cities in North America with built-in cultural differences that have been economic competitors with one another? Toronto and Montreal will always have guaranteed sports rivalries because language and government? That's hilarious. (Als/Argos isn't a rivalry) I want to respond to this with a Crying Wojak meme wearing a vintage Raptors jersey holding up a sheet that has "term paper" written on it, but I'd have to actually create it and that would too much effort for something that probably only I would find funny.
  7. I read your entire post, slugger. Most of it was Leafs-Habs, and the part that wasn't Leafs-Habs was irrelevant. Let's try this again. How does a suggested essay topic for one of your term papers guarantee a sports rivalry between Toronto and Montreal in a sport that isn't hockey (Alouettes-Argonauts isn't a rivalry)? You think Toronto and Montreal are the only two large cities in North America with built-in cultural differences that have been economic competitors with one another? Okay.
  8. The Clippers get Kawhi while LeSenile gets the remnants of DeMarcus Cousins. Hilarious. Edge alert!
  9. No, it doesn't. Your entire post is MUH LEAFS-CANADIENS. In baseball and sometimes football, yes. In basketball and hockey, no.
  10. None of this answers my question. The Leafs and Habs have a deep animosity for each other in the sport that has, by far, the most cultural relevance in Canada. That's all well and good, but it doesn't make for an instant rivalry across all potential big league sports that could place teams in both cities. Take Boston-New York in the States. In baseball, they have the fiercest, most historic rivalry in the game with Red Sox-Yankees. Patriots-Jets is a rivalry in the same way that the Roadrunner vs. Wile E. Coyote is a rivalry. It's one-sided and comical. In the winter sports, forget it. The Celtics and Knicks haven't given a damn about each other since John Havlicek and Willis Reed were playing. All the Bruins and Rangers have is the fact that they're both original six teams. Big deal.
  11. Why do so many people act like simply placing two teams in somewhat close proximity to one another = automatic rivalry? Or just two cities having a rivalry in one sport means that they'll definitely have a rivalry in another sport?
  12. Horford at the expense of Butler is a step up for the Sixers.
  13. Toronto won 59 games in 17-18. The Celtics, as I said before, were on a 55 win pace with Kyrie and a 52 win pace without him. They weren't winning the division either way. No, you're going off of one season. One regular season, actually. In your mind, last season doesn't count, because reasons. Because he's yet another shot hungry combo guard who is completely useless if his shot isn't falling. He can't impact the game in any other way. Just like Kyrie, just like IT. It's not a coincidence that Charlotte has done little more than exist in the entire time he's been there. Answer the question.
  14. Is the Russian guy still the owner? That might explain it. At least they're doing it through free agency this time instead of trading five years worth of draft picks.