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  1. I think a lot of us are big fans of the field styles before like SB48, which were all about the unity of design across the entire field. Conference logos for the team represented, their logos, and word mark for the year. Whether it were just the logo or the helmet logo, it was always something I looked forward to seeing. Since SB48, it's all just looked kinda random and thrown together. In the end, it's just us nerds caring more than the average fan about how a football field is designed for a single game lol
  2. Tried my hand at the field from what I've seen. Would have really preferred the Chiefs end zone had a two bar helmet to match the 49ers style, especially since KC had been celebrating 60 Years with that same style helmet at midfield all season. As far as colors, very refreshing from a majority of the last seven or so years.
  3. I feel like the logo designers have really backed themselves into a corner with these standard templates. The ‘L’ doesn’t give much room for creativity but this ‘LV’ just looks like another ‘LIV’ at first glance. At the very least they should put these new stylized numerals to back below the ‘Super Bowl’ banner and go with the stadium/city art behind the trophy with a varying color scheme from year to year. Just combine the better elements of the last ten years’ two types of designs.
  4. Appreciate the response! As for your question, I used a high-quality brushed metal texture from a simple Google search with no vignette look on it, so that the lighting was consistent across the whole of the field. The more I looked at photos of the field, I realized that the pattern of how the grass laid throughout the field went parallel with the yard lines as well as perpendicular. So I used two layers of the same texture, with one laying parallel and one perpendicular, like I mentioned. Just a few tweaks with opacity, layering effects, and adding just the right amount of noise on top of it all, I got what I thought looked pretty darn close to how field turf looks nowadays.
  5. I've been working on my first personal version of the Super Bowl LII field with my own custom template and image/texture resources from the internet. I believe the result is pretty nice. Was waiting til after the game to finalize it so that colors and patters were accurate. Feedback appreciated.