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  1. On 5/29/2020 at 8:35 PM, DavidDunn21 said:

    Just my opinion, but you're either

    A. a red team

    B. a blue team

    C. a red-white and blue team

    D. other


    The Cavs' identity sucks because they've jumped back and forth from a red team to a blue team.  In addition, Cleveland has been both a red team AND a orange team, another no-no. 

    The Bucks identity sucks because they've abandoned their corner of red and green to dabble with cream and blue.  They crossed the red/blue divide and also they have far too many non complimentary colors.

    The Jazz identity sucks because they've used every color imaginable including a black and baby blue phase.  They are somehow both a green and purple and navy team.  Some of this can be tolerated due to the team's Mardi Gras roots, but they don't play in New Orleans anymore.


    I can't tell you how much I hate that they've done this. 

  2. 1: Browns (A massive reversion and an entirely necessary one. They just need to add some orange pants and I would've

    preferred a white or grey facemask. But all in all, they look great. And, more importantly, like themselves again.)

    2: Chargers (Spanos finally did what San Diego fans have been wanting for years! Too bad they already got screwed over

    by the Spanos family. Glad they finally stopped holding on to the damn navy. The font is better than the last one, but I'm

    not exactly crazy on it being italicized. Regardless, they look pretty great and are really close to the number one spot for me. )

    3: Colts (The font change is an upgrade. The added black is unnecessary. )

    4: Buccaneers (I'm a creamcicle fan and think they should use more orange not less, so the "Superb Owl" set is whatever

    to me. However, it's much better than the alarm clock days.)

    5: Patriots (I hated the 2000s set and liked the color rush uniform a lot so that alone is an upgrade. Don't like the monochrome

    though. And personally, I'd dump the silver entirely.)




    6: Rams
    7: Falcons


    Both these Mf-ers are a overdesigned Nikefied mess. There's something about both uniform sets that make them look amateur.

    I'm honestly not sure which one is 6 and which one is 7 for certain. They both are using gradients. The number fonts for both

    teams suck. Both seem to be set on using monochrome most of the time. They both did something unnecessary with their

    helmets (Rams decals, Falcons finish). The Falcons random side piping and the enormous ATL. The Rams boneheaded decisions

    regarding their away uniforms. Etc, etc. So on, and so forth. 


    BUT  because the Rams home uniform (with yellow pants) is somewhat close to being a decent uniform I'll give them a slight edge.

    For now.  A good block font would really help them. 


  3. I'll have to see more pictures of actual players in the uniforms, but overall really pleased with this new Chargers set. The home and away's are fantastic in my opinion and the alternates work for what they are despite them being monochrome. There seems to be a split on the numbers on the side of the helmet, but I think they're pretty cool. Also think the font is much better.


    All in all a vast improvement over their entire navy blue, powder blue hybrid experiment.

  4. The home's and away look fantastic. I wish they had a grey or a white facemask instead of brown, but it's okay. Also think they should add some orange pants at some point.  Do not like the color rush[?] set at all though. Yoga brown pants are stupid.

    Overall, a great upgrade by essentially hitting the reset button and the best uniform change so far this offseason in my opinion. 😊

  5. Whoa. Looks like I'm late to the party, didn't expect there to be any more news today after the Buccaneers reveal.

    Speaking of the Buccaneers, this appears to be almost the exact opposite approach that they took. A non-hearkening back to the past, a slew of overdesigned yet underdesigned elements that reek of Nike meddling such as the weird sharp Jets-esque side piping, the matte helmet and chrome facemask, an ugly number font, random gradients, and other "innovative/cutting edge" nonsense.

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