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  1. I really like the Heat concept. I've been thinking they should be using orange for awhile now.
  2. The current M is one of the many things wrong with the Brewers look since 2000. I hate it.
  3. For all the speculation, that's pretty lame.
  4. This Celtics-Pacers matchup confused me at first and is stupid. Why are the Pacers the ones wearing white while Boston is wearing BFBS at home?
  5. I love the green helmet and the green color in general is MUCH better. The helmet decal doesn't ruin it, but it does look a little goofy with the unnecessary football. Maybe it'll grow on me, but I would've just gone with the 80's logo to complete the fauxback. The jersey's are meh to me. They're too modern and I don't care for the sharp points, but it's better than what Nike usually has to offer. The numbers are okay I think. The green is good here as well and I hate the BFBS.
  6. Maybe the organization took care of the logo and helmet while Nike did the jerseys and pants.
  7. If these are legit, then I think I like them overall. I really wanted the Jets to go back to a green helmet.
  8. Hey Eagles, I got an idea. Why don't you just permanently switch to Kelly Green instead of your drab fake "green".
  9. As you might have guessed, I'm all on board a rebrand revolving around the BiG with Yellow/Royal. It's time... and it's been time for years now. Great thread!
  10. Saaaaweeeet! One down (Padres), one to go.... (Brewers)
  11. With the Miller name being tossed aside soon, now would be about the "perfect" time. (Even though it should have been years ago.)
  12. I really like the Bucks jersey. These are the colors they should always wear in some combination and I'm relieved that it wasn't grey like rumored.
  13. So we could darken the red, which the team has history with and fans of a darker red, or the blue. Better go with the blue.
  14. Black (because it's "fire"), Navy and Gold ("in honor of the Titans") here we come. Can't wait to see the "forward thinking" number font.
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