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  1. Yep. I was just about to post basically the same thing. Darker everything was in vogue then, and the drab Navy and Gold combo in particular was at it's peak in the 90's/early 2000s. Brewers, Astros, Royals, Nuggets, Cavaliers are all guilty of this.
  2. I cannot for the life of me understand why they seem to be so damn attached to that 2000 look/rebrand. It was never even close to great at the time, it dated very fast and it debuted BEFORE Mark Attanasio even bought the team.
  3. I've jumped completely on board the "I really like these" train. And yes, it is a shame that there isn't an alternate court to go with them of any kind.
  4. Not sure what I think overall. There are some things I like such as the blue color and the M is alright but there is way too much black. I'm not really a fan of black being used for Miami in general though so I felt that way going in. Then again, the Heat do use it so there is some symmetry between the Miami teams, but regardless it's still being overused here.
  5. Agreed. I'm not sure what I think of them yet.
  6. I agree, just do it already. It's so frustrating. I was at my first game in awhile during the Reds series and I took note that the BiG brand was being worn BY FAR the most whether it was in Royal/Yellow or Navy/Yellow, young or old, man or woman. (I myself was rocking a Powder Blue BiG shirt ?) Same thing at the store, I almost always see more BiG related apparel.
  7. Yeah, that font and all the outlines are so painfully dated and the BFBS is dumb, but I like that tree motif too.
  8. I hope the Brewers are incoming at some point, I'd be interested to see what you'd do.
  9. This. The name doesn't work on it's own locally and then trying to blend it with Memphis creates a mess of a brand. The uniforms themselves are meh, but the name, and forced marriage of the two as you say, ruins it for me. They need to just let the Grizzlies go as there are so many potential local names/branding to work with - Blues, Sounds, even the Express etc.
  10. I'm confused as hell about that black side panel. Was it just for LeBron because he's obsessed with black jerseys or something? Stupid Nike always f-ing it up.
  11. I've stopped in a few times before today, what's the problem? Edit: I just saw the black side panel on the purple jersey.
  12. Good news about the uniforms. I'm glad we won't have to see that horrifying combo anymore. ?
  13. With all the hints of them returning to 80's era uniforms, logo and green helmet, my gut instinct is that's what it will be in some fashion. I'm most definitely cool with that, I just hope Nike doesn't f it up with their "Nikeness".
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