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  1. If this set is legit then it's an improvement. I like the return of the drop shadow and the exodus of the wishbone collar.
  2. Agreed. I'd take the "boring" before the ugly. And you're not the only one who prefers the old logo to the newer angry one, I like it better as well.
  3. The desert alternate is the best of those three even though it is too loud.
  4. Yeah, I was very shocked to see the Brewers split the difference yet again...
  5. I think the logos are a definite improvement over any of their recent ones sans the pick axe since it's pretty much the same. It was long past due that the primary logo from the 90's go away for good. The uniforms look to be an improvement too, but the secondary should be royal while the alternate should be navy in my opinion. Overall, a pretty decent rebrand.
  6. Late to the party, but I love those powder blue Brewers uniforms.
  7. I don't get the point in forcing teams to not reuse their classic jerseys. I loved some of the ones from this season like the Suns and the Bucks.
  8. I'm so sick of the monopoly Nike has. They're not even good at making jersey's.
  9. Block numbers on the current uni, and you have a fantastic regular jersey.
  10. Bring back yellow to go with red. No more BFBS.
  11. Your work is really good. I think this would fit very well for them. If no redesign is on the table though, then I would say just to use the heritage O as is. I hate the whole Roman motif and the 3D centurion logo itself.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly. The current look is so bland and tired and was never anything special to begin with. In addition to that, there is no alternative reason to be attached to the brand since they've been largely mediocre or bad and haven't won anything of note while using it. Pretty much every look before 1994 has been better in the uniform and logo department so I'd be more than down with a fauxback.
  13. As has been said in this thread, it's the Rams fault for not rebranding or going full retro right away. However, the NFL's policy is ridiculously stringent. I too would love to see the Rams do this.
  14. I completely agree. So are the Thunder.
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