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  1. This look is a mess, but I find myself really liking big numbers.
  2. So many cool teams! Dinos wins out for me. I'm jumping on the bandwagon.
  3. Did they change their name to the LA Twi'leks?
  4. I honestly think that to 20 somethings, there is no historical nostalgia to the knicks identity. Hell, I'm almost 40 and see that logo no differently than I see Minnesota. A change might not be so bad. They are one of the most underachieving franchises in all of sports. They were an underachieving franchise way before Dolan. Even with the NBA fixing drafts for them.
  5. Plus "return to glory". There isn't much glory to choose from. Pretty much just that era.
  6. Even though Adidas is known for their sweatshops.......
  7. The AFC runner up was Houston. I wish both Houston and TB would have won. Could you imagine a Bucs vs Oilers Super Bowl in 79? It would have been the most beautiful Super Bowl ever played.
  8. I automatically disqualified any slug logo that had their eyes in the wrong spot. It bugs me more than it should.
  9. Lol, I'm guessing all the mods got laid on valentine's day. This lasted longer than usual. I can definitely tell who didn't get laid.
  10. I'd pick Battle Cattle over Kraken.
  11. I think it's a brilliant thing to do. Get that revenue. Did the AAF try this?
  12. I know that guy. A tuba player stole his girl in high school. You don't move on from that. It sticks with you.
  13. Oh, God, no! The worst name...I wanted Sockeyes. I wanted it just for the color possibilities. Not only is Kraken dumb, it will probably produce a team where black is its main color.
  14. LA fox affiliate. Said he was on his way to staples center. Grammys there tonight. They could be wrong, but it's far from far fetched.