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  1. With minor league baseball, you want short term. Long term is better set for the big leagues. The pros are Coke. The Minors are Sams Choice.
  2. I love the green of his tie. If that's the new green, im pleased. Even with the logo being just a tweak.
  3. Those shoulder pads looks like something an alien overlord would wear.
  4. Because of the pointy nose, I've always thought fighter.
  5. It's Capitalism. Whatever sells at the time. Right now fighter jets may sell more than the hated commercial airliner. Link to the city doesn't matter, unless it's needed to make the sell more attractive. With this case, it isn't needed here.
  6. There is absolutely no link with Jaguars and Jacksonville. A fan picked it. No more, no less. Side note: two other choices for consideration were the Jacksonville Sharks and Jacksonville Sting Rays.
  7. It doesn't matter what type of jet New York is known for. Just like it doesn't matter there are no Lions or Jaguars in Detroit or Jacksonville.
  8. It fits Houston, as well as the target conservative audience. Good one.
  9. I've always wanted a teal helmet. You did well. It looks so good.
  10. The side feather on fsu's uniform is one of my all time favorites. What a cool feature. I dig it, anyway.
  11. My teenage years beganwith the 90s, so teal will always be special to me. Bias be damned, that's one of the best uniforms sports had ever seen. Vancouver was a treat for us all.