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  1. I don't mind a flurry of different helmet colors. I'd love to see the Jags with a teal shell for a couple of games. Maybe a Columbia blue shell for Tennessee would be cool to see. What scares me is someone pulling some cute 2010's Jags crap. The real hideous and gaudy.
  2. Guess again, Sherlock. The Jags proposed a new football facility with groundwork on a new stadium. Long term lease part of the deal. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31559598/jacksonville-jaguars-propose-441m-project-stand-alone-football-facility%3fplatform=amp
  3. Then Trevor gets his first chance to overcome adversity in the pros. If chants for Tebow destroys the man, he was never going to be an elite QB.
  4. It looks like Tebow will be going with 85
  5. Good job, Bengals. I know it's rare for them to hear that without sarcasm. They deserve the praise. Both black and orange jerseys look fantastic!
  6. The NFL is a funny league. Next year, the Bengals could be solid. Those three other teams could be trash.
  7. I hope he finds success as a player or a coach. He's a fun personality.
  8. The CFL is not prestigious enough or talented enough to have a brand like the xfl be it's developmental league. You think a city like Tampa or Houston is going to be a farm football city for Winnipeg or Regina? No way. Those cities would be Windsor or Thunder Bay.
  9. The CFL is already a developmental league. There is no one in that league with world class talent.
  10. Baltimore's is bad. It looks like an oriole tried to clone itself and things didn't go right. "DUH, I HIT DA BWALL NOW!"
  11. If you're a Jags fan, this off-season is a delight.
  12. I'd bet the farm the Jags will get new unis the first year they are allowed.
  13. You want a conspiracy theory? Jags sent out a series of tweets. Take the first letter of every tweet and it spells out primary. More tweets to come. Could this be a secret message announcing teal as primary? Probably not, but I'm desperate!
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