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  1. The side feather on fsu's uniform is one of my all time favorites. What a cool feature. I dig it, anyway.
  2. My teenage years beganwith the 90s, so teal will always be special to me. Bias be damned, that's one of the best uniforms sports had ever seen. Vancouver was a treat for us all.
  3. Vince already has an angle for the league. He's catering to the anti-protest crowd. I expect some overly American names.
  4. It looks like Foles will be #7 in Jacksonville.
  5. At first, I really liked the name, Carolina Catfish. I liked it because a catfish looks like it's from old time baseball era. You could go nuts on a logo with that angle. What turned me off? I love it that the Marlins are nicknamed "the fish". I want to keep it that way.
  6. Yeah, because a government had never tried to poison it's own people before.......oh, wait.
  7. Welp, they got me. I got to buy that hat. All that's missing is a little white under Trogdor's nose.
  8. They also stressed it with the 4/4. It may be nothing.....but it may be everything.
  9. It's interesting looking at the Jacksonville Bulls attendance vs the AAF. The AAFs biggest combined week was 78k. The Bulls had two home games with over 70k in one season. Edit: look up the pics. Those numbers weren't fabricated with lies.
  10. They are not making sustainable money with that TV deal. That's the point. It's not even close. Again, the hope is to get your product on air for the exposure. Hope the ratings are high so the networks feel like you are worth the investment for a huge tv contract. Until then, you need ticket sales. Local interest is key. It's failing. Minor League hockey teams in Florida out drew an undefeated football team in Alabama. The AAF is cooked.
  11. The Nassau Lions and So Connecticut logos looks like Nick jr. cartoon characters. Btw, those Saluki helmets are top tier.
  12. 6500 is an ECHL crowd. Not good. Where is the money coming from? I like watching Spurrier and the Apollos. I have no hate. It just doesn't look good at all. Again, they aren't getting tv money. They are basically paid programming. Have a day like today or yesterday on a CFB Saturday. If they still played there like they use to, Bama's Birmingham stadium would have been gut to butt. The Utes would still have a nice draw.
  13. There are more Jag fans in SE Georgia than Falcon fans. I'm guessing there wasn't any real effort in this. Just a cool little thingy to look at and get clicks. I'm a sucker for maps and logos, so I'm down with it.