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  1. I felt like Barney Gumble During Springfield's prohibition days. "Seattle Kraken?!? This better be one of the best identities I've seen in my life!" Takes a look at logo, colors, and jersey. "You got lucky....."
  2. There you go. A cool nickname for the stadium. I'm 100% behind Elks.
  3. From 2000 to 2018 the Chargers had the 12th best winning percentage. I don't buy he wasn't trying to field a team.
  4. Red Wolves is a dumb name. Way too collegiate. Once you learn the history of the Red Tails, how could you be against it? They were such bad asses that saved a lot of American lives. It's such a perfect name considering the circumstances. I love it so much.
  5. My best friend's dad got his degree from Rutgers. He has deep Catholic roots. He'll watch and cheer for Notre Dame over Rutgers in any sport. A lot of Catholics love their Notre Dame.
  6. I hear you on the colors. They are out of place for the city. I can understand that Vancouver natives may be hesitant to go back. It's totally me looking through selfish glasses. I love it all so much. I think it's so cool they turned equipment in to a very beautiful logo. I wouldn't be surprised if im in the unpopular opinion camp on this one.
  7. I loved the skate logo look so much. It's one of my all time faves in sports. Tied with Houston Oilers and Bucs creamsicle. With all three looks, it's all about the colors and how they use them. Vancouver did black yellow and red just right. The logo itself is so beautiful because of color placement.
  8. German Vancouver colors are so beautiful. Going back would be an amazing thing. Dark navy scares me that Kraken may be the pick. It's a very fitting color for that name. It definitely doesn't scream Sockeyes.
  9. Aye, you can have that one, but I brought up the set up. And it isn't one building, it's three. It's only 7 courts a building. The reason I said anything in this thread is that the switching of courts is cake and bringing 22 courts to Disney will be no problem for the likes of the NBA and disney. What do you know. It is absolutely no problem.
  10. Oh, stop it. I'm the only one who brought any info in this thread. With links. When I first got to this thread, everyone thought one court was being switched out 22 times in one place. My only guess was the amount of games a day. A number that helps my argument, that the NBA and Disney knows what they are doing. I've brought tons of facts. All you've done in this thread is, "nu huh, I bet they cant". Without bringing in one fact or link.
  11. I looked it up. They plan on playing 6 games a day. With three arenas, seems pretty easy.
  12. I don't think you understand what the NBA is doing here. They won't be playing that many games.
  13. There are three buildings being used. You won't get more than three games a day. With the three buildings, you could roll the three games off back to back to back. There's your daily tv slate.
  14. They can have a guy with a mic in a corner somewhere. It's not a big deal. What fans? It was my understanding none would be in attendance. This might not be your usual gameday production. They could film it like a TV or movie scene. Eddie, Urkel and Grandmama vs inner city Chicago teens.