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  1. I wonder if he means 80/90's classic or 70's classic.
  2. Baltimore's is bad. It looks like an oriole tried to clone itself and things didn't go right. "DUH, I HIT DA BWALL NOW!"
  3. If you're a Jags fan, this off-season is a delight.
  4. I'd bet the farm the Jags will get new unis the first year they are allowed.
  5. You want a conspiracy theory? Jags sent out a series of tweets. Take the first letter of every tweet and it spells out primary. More tweets to come. Could this be a secret message announcing teal as primary? Probably not, but I'm desperate!
  6. I'm dying for Elk(s), but it's all anticlimactic if they are keeping the EE oval. I like the name for logo and helmet possibilities.
  7. If you turn on an NBA game and it takes you longer than 60 seconds to figure out the teams, you are beyond simple.
  8. The snowflake/blizzard thing reminds me of the Martin speech on the Simpsons. "Individually we are weak, like a single twig, but as a bundle we form a mighty f*****!"
  9. I don't get the fear of Urban leaving. I would take 6 years and 2 championships. I'd take 7 years and a championship. Hell, I'd take 3 years and a championship. If he leaves the Jags while they are winning, they will get the pick of the litter when it comes to coaching choices. If he leaves because things are bad, he was probably going to get fired, anyway. He is arguably the strongest coaching candidate out there. This would be a home run hire for a franchise like Jacksonville.
  10. Maybe, but I'm not putting Blake Bortles or Blaine Gabbert in the same category as Lawrence.
  11. Trevor Lawrence will change that. So i'm praying they make teal their main color before that happens. Also, cange the roads to feature more teal. I'd be pleased.
  12. Pick a feature. Any one will do. The stupid collar, The colors, The numbers, the fact it looks more like a nod to The Oregon Trail...Also, the whole stupid idea of this uniform so they can money grab. Money grabbing is what Nike and Oregon do best.
  13. How did you gather that? That's not what I said, detective. The pandering is dumb, but so is the design. Don't be naive. This is indeed pandering, though. It's what Nike and Oregon does best. Actually, crap design is what nike and Oregon does best, too.
  14. Not doing it at all. I can't think of a better way to execute this look. They should have just left this pandering idea on the shelf. They should just change their name to the Oregon TryHards.