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  1. I was not sure on making this as many other people could've. This is how you guys's predictions will work, you put what you think the teams rank before the name, and put west: in front of one and east: in front of another. Ex: West:Warriors1 East:Cavs3
  2. Would be much better without the black. I don’t think it really goes with duke and should be another color. Maybe a lighter blue?
  3. I know. I don’t really think it goes with the colts. Maybe black would go better with it but it could look bad. The black could be with some blue like on the helmet but cleats and socks. I think that would go best with it instead of the jets look.
  4. I think it looks better than the first post. The fang is now a fierce growl I guess and the shield was way too big but now it's great.
  5. I usually get my hopes up for the Clips to win in the second round. Also we've only made it to the playoffs like 9 times...