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  1. Based on previous comments I did an edit to two because most people felt that was the most AHL like. Just brightened it up and added red. Plus I added an Alt. Shield Logo for the team. The logo below that is just a word mark I created but might need to work on the color scheme with that. I feel the Alt. Shield Logo may need some explaining. The overall shield is something a Knight would use plus that is the shape of the Vegas Golden Knights minus the helmet. On top you have an H with the S and K connecting it for Henderson Silver Knights. Next you have the Vegas Golden Knights alt. logo and a symbol of Vegas. Assuming the team will use the VGK main logo on the other shoulder that is why I choose this one. At the bottom you have a section of red and aqua stripes. The stripes represent the Area's first two minor league hockey team the Thunder (Aqua) and Wranglers (Red). Last you have the 7 hills of Henderson. An image displayed on the city seal.
  2. WOW! I love your designs and the thought put into it. I think the Clippers need to go back to the Sail logo. I wanted to share a logo concept with you that I came up with a few months ago that I was proud of but yours are great.
  3. For those who don't know the Vegas Golden Knights recently bought the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL. The Golden Knights will relocated the franchise to Henderson Nevada which is right next to Las Vegas. For more on the details about all of this click here. It is strongly rumored that the Franchise will be named the Henderson Silver Knights so I came up with some logo ideas of what it could look like. All of these logo ideas are just concepts I came up with and can still be refined if needed. Just wanted to see some opinions of what people like and what ones have potential.
  4. One thing that has always bothered me is the LA Clippers have NEVER used a sail boat logo in their main logo. Yes they have used the retro logo on occasion but they really should make it a primary logo in my opinion. So I recently came up with a modern logo design with a retro feel. I think it's definitely a good start but would love to know other people feedback opinion.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback! I'm still discovering what my style is. I will go back to the drawing board on this one then.
  6. So last week I saw on the main page that there was going to be a new ECHL team in Newfoundland called the Growlers so I thought sure why not try it. When I logged on today I saw that the logo has already been decided but still wanted to share my idea. My dog is much more cartoonish than there logo. Also the pattern behind it is the flag of Newfoundland. Please let me know what you think and if any modifications to make it better is needed.
  7. Couple of months ago a designer posted a topic called "Battle of Seattle" and in my opinion the work was excellent. It was so good in fact the new Seattle NHL Franchise should pick one of those logos for what ever team name they decide to go with. With that being said I did want to share my ideas for the Krakens and Seals. To be honest I've been sitting on these for a while and I have been unsure to share them or not. Now by no means are these ready to go but always appreciate feedback and helpful hints to make my work better. I am looking to grow and get better so I find this forum helpful in that because there are many good designers on here with some excellent ideas. Thank you in advance! Seals Version 1 To me it is a logo that looks like it belongs in soccer. I have not discovered an idea to make it more of a hockey look. Seals Version 2 (Alt. Logo) Not sure how I feel about this one. I think it's a good start but it may need to be simplified. Krakens Version 1 This one I personally like but I'm not sure how it would look on a uniform. Kranken Version 2 I think this one has the most promise out of all of them because it has elements of Seattle, the Kraken and the first professional Seattle hockey team.
  8. Thanks SNBSlugger! Is this a better edit? Second Edit New England Revolution Logo Tree And Paul Revere
  9. Thank you Whittier S for the feedback. Made some slight adjustments to the logo based on the fact it maybe too many elements in the logo! Took out the ball with the Stars too (Never liked that anyway, always thought of the 94 World Cup). Please let me know what you think now.... New England Revolution Logo Paul Revere New England Revolution Logo Arm And Sword
  10. Earlier this week there was a post about all the new uniforms for the upcoming MLS season. Something stuck out to me that the New England Revolution a original member of the league have never bothered to change their logo which is now 22 years old. So I thought I give it a shot but because others have done their own designs of this logo I wanted to give myself some parameters to follow. First, I had to keep all elements of the original logo in the design, next I need to keep with the same color scheme, any new elements must be accurate to the region and finally it must have a classic soccer look. The shield shape is the same shape that is on the Massachusetts flag, I kept the orginal elements (stripes/font/soccer ball with stars) and on the right side added a silhouette of Paul Revere (Revolution Symbol plus it's a acknowledgement to the Midnight Riders), the arm and sword on the Massachusetts flag and Faneuil Hall (Another Revolution Symbol). Please let me know what you think and if this could be something the Revs might be able to use in the future. New England Revolution New Logo idea First Edits based on Feedback.... New England Revolution Logo Paul Revere New England Revolution Logo Arm And Sword Second Edit New England Revolution Logo Tree And Paul Revere
  11. Been a long time long time fan of the site and just created an account to share my designs (this is my first design I am sharing). Like a lot of people on this site many people are incredibley excited about the possibility of the NHL coming to Seattle. When the hopeful franchise trademarked some names the nickname Emeralds stuck out to me because it is different, Seattle is the Emerald city and possible logo design could be difficult because there is no character tied to an emerald. I created two logos the one with the E would be the primary logo while the S logo would be the alternate logo. Please give me some feedback on what you like and maybe what I might be able to change. Thank you in advance for your feedback. (Hopefully I shared these photos right from this site?) Seattle Emeralds Proposed Logos