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  1. Im 99% sure damn near everyone on Earth knows what the Bulls normal uniforms look like, they are putting their city/statement jerseys out there so they can sell. Simple
  2. Ok, let’s downplay Kobe’s death and the impact it has on players on the one day the whole league gets to celebrate him in unison. also, numbers on jerseys don’t matter on an All Star game, FYI.
  3. so the patch with the 9 stars is good enough to honor Kobe Bryant and his daughter (who just tragically died couple of weeks ago) in the NBA All-Star Game?
  4. Is this a lighting issue or am I going bananas?
  5. Call me crazy but 10 yo me when these were unveiled in 1995 made me fall in love with the aesthetics of sports Also, did Allan Houston ever play in these?
  6. quit subliminally hating. One of the most beloved players recently just passed away at an early age with his daughter. He meant a lot to those players in the All-Star game
  7. I have never once had an issue figuring out which team is home or which team is away.
  8. Plus its cheaper and easier to mass produce letters with a single twill
  9. This Bucks (Black) vs 76ers (Red) game on that court is gorgeous I don’t want to hear anyone complain about it tomorrow or else I’m leaving this board
  10. if the logo doesn’t change, trust me the world would still go on. However, with this push on social media to update the logo to reflect how the league has changed and Kobe being the sillohoute . It’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing
  11. I never said anything about retiring his number. My argument that it’s valid that we should at least consider changing the logo. I never said anything about league wide retiring his number
  12. answer this question and answer it honestly. did Roy Holliday mean as much to baseball like how Kobe mean as mean to basketball? Yes or no? and when you’re done answering that Jerry West is the current silhouette of the NBA logo and I’m sure he would at a minimum consider changing the logo to Kobe because he literally just said “Kobe was like a son to him” do you have a similar comparison I’m baseball? be straight forward and direct in your answer.
  13. who the heck is Colin McCrae? And Roy Holliday (RIP) wasn’t anywhere near as popular as Kobe or more importantly doesn’t play basketball. So I don’t know why ur using that as a counter argument against mine. try again buddy
  14. Regarding the logo thing, I am ALL FOR IT. An actual player is the silhouette (Jerry West) on the current logo and thats been around for over 50 years now at least. I think its the respectable thing to do to update it to Kobe. No player in the history of the game has passed away so tragically that meant so much to the game. On top of that I am 99% sure that Jerry West would approve seeing that Kobe was like a son to him and would be a passing of the torch.
  15. yea that Philly vs Lakers matchup was striking, unfortunately some of the hags in here are gonna complain that the Lakers shouldn't wear yellow on the road or they cant differentiate who is the home town in that game
  16. also, why only the All Star jerseys have the Jordan logo while all the others are Nike?
  17. If you wait 5 seconds while looking at the screen you will see the giant logo of the home team on the court.
  18. Thats fair, I do love to see classic uniforms in match ups. Especially championship ones. I like funky cool things myself and love evolution but when it comes to championship games by top tier teams I love seeing the game look as if its something that could happen 50 years ago.
  19. Because thats 30 years ago and we have upgrades in technology where its easy to know which team is home or not. You can easily look on the intenet and find out all the details of the game, such as who is the home and away team. That internet thing wasn't around 30 years ago
  20. so non European club teams (MLS, South Americans. etc) will have a different thread?
  21. new Club America kit opps I mean