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  1. It looks like we are finally getting new kits, we have had our current set since early 2018
  2. they dont want to mess with tradition on the uniform, but I love the new badge some of these arent bad
  3. Im a little pissed that the Austrian away kit doesnt even have the federation badge, its what makes a jersey a jersey. WHY?!!?!?
  4. Are you bored? How the heck me not knowing that the Lakers have a new alternate equate to me not realizing that the brands are being diluted because they are releasing new jerseys? dont bother quoting me anymore, because I won’t be responding.
  5. Im all for alternates, but does that mean I have to know every single one? Also, they have a Gold Nike swoosh since they are champions and its the Earned jersey. Hopefully they make this a yearly tradition
  6. When did the Lakers add these black uniforms? I feel so lost
  7. lololol, I am in the NBA thread and I always laugh at how salty dudes are at the color, funky jerseys, and I remember one dude was like "atleast baseball still respects aesthetic traditions"
  8. In the Confederations Cup 2013 and before (I miss that tournament btw) all teams always wear their continental winners badge also, your above photos Spain wore a bade for being Euro 2012 winners throughout their 2016 Euro qualifying campaign. The whole badge thing isnt as consistent as we hope.
  9. On Mexico’s kit today they are wearing a Gold Cup winners badge? Never seen one before, don’t think it’s a bad idea.
  10. Y’all watching this Blazers (Brown) vs Heat (Neapolitan Ice Cream) game?
  11. so you’re going to post it in the right thread and delete it here?
  12. Please dont make them wear this in Atlanta...please please please
  13. This is definately the 3rd that will be worned in the Olympics (womens) and Gold Cup (mens) This was from the 2017 GC
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