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  1. Why did you put Forsberg for Colorado? I like these concepts though.
  2. Announcement: I will not be changing the NAPAFL Logo
  3. The year is 1948, and Americans don’t know what to do after World War Two. Sure, the MLB and NFL are hugely popular, the NBA just started, and only hockey fans care about the NHL. An American businessman named Riley Ellis had just returned from WWII. He recalled when he was Australia, watching a sport called Austus, a mix of Australian rules football and American football. Also, he had heard about Australian rules football, which was popular in Australia at the time. So, Riley Ellis decides to make the North American Professional Australian Football League, which is called the NAPAFL for short. The season will be played over twelve weeks, or rounds, starting in April 1949 to July 1949, with the finals, or playoffs, being played afterwards. Each team plays every other team twice with two byes, making a total of twelve rounds. Every team will play in a baseball stadium. Here is the first NAPAFL Logo: Note: I use MS Paint, so the images might be a little grainy or are in bad quality (I can't draw logos that well)