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  1. Well uh, I guess you could call that an attempt at becoming active again. Took me a year to post again lol

  2. Hey there.  I don't know if many people are gonna see this, but if you do, thanks.  Before I changed my profile page today, the latest thing I had done on the website was on May 30th, 2018, where I stupidly and immaturely got angry and started calling people out for no reason.  A bit after I made that post, I decided I needed to take a break from CCSLC for a while to mature and to calm down from the situation.  I am deeply sorry for what I did last year to y'all.  Nearly a year later, I decided I should come back to the CCSLC.  I'm 14 now, in a much better mood than before, am willing to take criticism without blowing my head off, and I've gotten (somewhat) better at designing logos and making them.  Expect a bit of content from me coming up.  I'm happy to be back.

  3. Happy Memorial Day!  It's been 150 years since the first Memorial Day.  What are ya'll doing today?  I'm gonna go strawberry picking.

  4. The colors fit perfectly, the design is great (a globe for international,) and the M in Miami looks like the Marlins' M. Great work, my dood.
  5. I looked at the web page, and it's 100% false. The Indians are getting rid of Chief Wahoo, not redesigning him. Whoever made this is spreading false information.
  6. After the original thread that I had this on got locked, I decided to give this another try. This is an MLB expansion team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that I have had in my head since I was 9. They play in the AL West. The idea has always had a cactus in mind for the fact that it is mainly desert in New Mexico. At one point, the colors would have been the colors of New Mexico's flag, which are red and yellow, but this was eventually scrapped. The colors for this is Cactus Green, Sand Orange, and Maroon The cactus is also the mascot, known as the Albuquerque Amigo. I played around on MS Paint recently and built up my skills. For one, I added maroon as one of the teams colors. I also fixed up certain parts of the logo, like how the baseball bat was off center and certain parts of lines extending a little bit. I also made a second variation of the logo with legs, but I think this one is better. Here is the new logo: With the uniforms, I added an insert so that you could see details on the hat. I also added text on the jersey. On the home jersey, ABQ represents Albuquerque's airport and is an abbreviation for Albuquerque. The text on the away jersey is pretty explanatory. I used the font Blackadder ITC for the text. Here are the home and away uniforms. C&C appreciated.
  7. Wow, you're so classy. Not only does your name give your identity away (really? Brown2?) but the whole thing you're saying is giving away your idnetity even more. You're not only getting a ban for what you just said, but also because you made another account to avoid suspension. I'm not a mod, but at least I looked at the rules. As you put it best, Bravo. (that's the best image I could think of.)
  8. I put the whole beavers thing in quotation marks. That means sarcasm, right?
  9. I really feel Mexico City expansion will end well. It'll just be the Colorado Rockies debacle from the 90's all over again, but worse. Mexico City is elevated around 7x as much as Denver is (1,609' for Denver vs 7,382' for Mexico City,) and pitches will be a nightmare there. But, seeing as how Denver got a team anyway, I'll just keep it in there for reasons. Here's an idea of expansion with the four places + the A's and Rays (wow, a rhyme!) + Astros realignment. Orlando (Sun)Rays, San Jose A's, Mexico City Aztecs (AL West,) Portland Roses (AL West,) San Antonio Alamos (NL Central,) Montreal Expos (NL East,) and Houston Astros (AL Central.) Why I Did Certain Things: Orlando has a rich baseball history, a potential baseball fanbase, a ballpark owned by Disney, and a former team known as the SunRays, which fits perfectly with the Rays name. Houston is in the AL Central because Mexico City has to be in the West, along with Portland. San Antonio is in the NL cause I don't think that the three teams can really coexist together (although they do in the NBA, each of the teams have been there for a while, not to mention the Spurs were in another league at one point) and because it could (potentially) fill the void left by the Astros. Oakland is losing representation, as the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and the Warriors are going back to San Francisco next year, so to maintain a fanbase, they can move to San Jose. I chose not to do the Beavers name because of it "not being manly" and innuendos. Plus, Roses sound like a pretty good name, so why not?
  10. Yes sir. Would've had an arena next to Harbor Park in Norfolk. Plans fell through, cause our governments are SUPER picky, so we missed out. Would be cool, though.
  11. They actually have one at a mall where I live (Virginia mind you.) Maybe they're expanding into other regions?
  12. Just got a small and quick gripe; if you add the Sonics, you also need another team for the Eastern conference/move the Grizzlies, T-Wolves, or Pelicans to the East and put another in the west. You need equal conferences IMO. Personally, I would go with KC, San Diego, or Oakland for the West and Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, or VB for the East. However, great series so far, really like the Bulls and Huskies.
  13. My mom is in the hospital right now for stomach issues.  Police came to check up on her after she got out of the hospital a few weeks ago.  They were concerned and they took her to the hospital.  I really need emotional support right now.  :'(

    1. neo_prankster


      I'm deeply sorry.

  14. Are we allowed to do e-sports leagues here? It's technically a sport, I just wanted to make sure because I didn't want to get in trouble.