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  1. Very topical(mod edit)


    In all seriousness these are great uniforms. I like the return of stripes on the football helmets, and that white hockey sweater is just a thing of beauty. But I feel like the vertical stripes on the collar of the football and hockey uniforms are a bit tacky, and that the Fighting Illini on the white basketball jersey doesn't need to come back.

  2. On 7/2/2019 at 4:34 PM, bkknight95 said:

    As for the remaining N7 teams, going off of the teams that wore the basketball uniforms this past season, those teams will be: Florida State, Oklahoma State, New Mexico, and Stanford

    Are we going to see N7 uniforms for OSU?

  3. Hello there! My name is @anonymous., but some people, especially @ZionEagle, might remember me as @Meh. It has been 3/4 of a year since I have posted, so let's start with this. 

    1. This is a place to post things about Logolympaid.
    2. This is in Sports Logos because I didn't know where to put it.
    3. This is an unofficial forum.
    4. I will not be surprised when this gets taken down.
    5. I use CST(Central Standard Time).

  4. for Wisconsin state, in ncaa football 14 I used teambuilder to make two teams that were named Wisconsin state. one was called the foxes and one was called the Trojans. I think foxes is more area appropriate because the fox river is one of the main bodies of water in Wisconsin.

  5. This is a concept post where I will create football uniforms for fictional teams in a fictional conference I made called, formally Midwestern 10, informally Mid-10.

  6. So I had an idea, and that idea turned into this thread.  It is a place to post basketball concepts.  Uniform design has 2 requierments.  1. The brand is under armour.  2. The ua logo must be in the upper back