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  1. You all understand jerseys far better than I do. Can one of you talk me out of my fear that the teal is actually some shade of aqua? All the promotional photos made it look like a vibrant teal that harkened back to the 95-08 stylings. But they released that video, and suddenly it looks much closer to an aqua color (or much more muted teal).
  2. I’m here to eat crow for giving the public the incorrect leak. Sorry everyone. From my understanding now, it was one of a final few variations that were considered before deciding on the final ones. But nonetheless, incorrect info. My apologies for misleading everyone.
  3. This is completely fair. Per my understanding from the source of the leak, though this is all second hand, they were relatively far in the process when those got leaked. It was made rather clear that the numbers were not a finished product though, and it wasn’t necessarily made clear that black was going to be the primary. Shad’s comment about how his vision didn’t work and then remarking how much the teal was embraced this season leads me to believe that we’re going back to teal tops, as does the comment that it’s going to harken back to some guys who will be on the Hall of Fame; which has gotta be a reference to the various stylings from the Tony Boselli and Fred Taylor years. I do hope we get something closer to what was posted as an alteration to the design concept though. Adding some gold to the accents, and going with the white numbers on the teal looked incredible.
  4. That was my biggest concern with the design too. But people complained about them flipping the Jaguar on the last jersey. With that in mind, I don’t get why they didn’t just put it in the middle. The shield was over the heart because it was Shad Khan showing that he was committing to the city by honoring the military history of Jacksonville with a military style patch over the heart of the jerseys. It doesn’t need to be that way for the Jaguar.