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  1. Asia seems more likely then South America. Only country in South America that could hold a American Football team would be Brazil. For me, I personally wish for teams in these four cities: Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Dome) Sapporo, Japan (Sapporo Dome) Seoul, South Korea (Seoul Olympic Stadium) Beijing, China (Workers' Stadium)
  2. 2003: Las Vegas 2004: Ottawa 2005: Mexico City 2006: Memphis
  3. It been too long. And honestly i need to admit defeat on this. I'm going to start on a new idea later. But I feel like i screwed up on it. Im not a good artist and i rather find a friend who can do it for me. Which sadly i couldn't find one. I may continue this as a blog series on tumblr if anyone interested. It hard to tell a story with concepts. So i may get my account terminated but at least i tried.. Hope you guys not mad. i gave it a shot. I rather give ideas out to people who need it. Admins, you guys can lock it down if you want now..
  4. The white does look better. I will miss the late 90's design with the sword on the front. I have a question? Will you be updating the logos for the teams as time moves onward? like maybe update the Surge design since it look so early 90's? I wouldn't mind seeing your take on them. Also, any plans for relocations ideas?
  5. Well, i was close.. at least the Wranglers will be going to the Playoffs. This is why I am not a betting man.
  6. Dude you doing an amazing job. Personally i want to see Paul Heyman be WCW President. Doubt that would happen though, Ric Flair would be way better or Jim Cornette. Ric atleast has a longer history with the company then Jim. As for the World League itself. Milan jerseys look great and i can't wait to see how it plays out. I hope to see at least one XFL team in the playoffs. I predict, and pulling this one out of my butt so i will probably be wrong here, but I believe the Los Angeles Avengers would make it to the playoff.
  7. Wow... 500 people attended the SLC Punks. I feel so sorry for the people who came to watch them. XD Seriously though. it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the team would flop. Salt Lake City need a better team then "the Punks". Hopefully they will get it soon thanks to the WLAF. XFL folding was thanks to their stupidity and honestly it mirrors their RL version. I am still wondering how the hell it lasted this long. Vince is more crazy in this universe then ours. Also. Thank you for coming up with Disney buying WCW. I wished it happened in RL. No I'm not joking I wished it would have happened in this universe. Hopefully the WCW Television Title would make it return in your universe. As for your take on the WLAF, You doing a great job with it dude. I'm happy you made it this far and congrats @neo_prankster
  8. I love that logo. It looks really silly but looks great at the same time. Can't wait to see it colored.
  9. Loving the design of the jerseys. Seriously, great job!
  10. Hello folks, its been awhile since I last updated this. I learned a lot since I started this and I been needing to regroup to do this again. I will continue working on the story as soon as I can. Life has been kinda crazy, but before I can continue I need to work, I will redo the jersey and logo designs. Thank you for being patient with me. Have a nice day.
  11. Kinda have to agree with that. Ottawa is older and should keep the Rough Riders name. As for San Antonio, I love to see the Wings helmets being used in the WLAF. So my first choice will be the Wings. My other choices were the Matadors and the Texans.
  12. I do agree that removing the Rouge point will make sense thanks to the smaller size of the field. But I do think the WLAF would work with 12 players. The NFL size field would work with 12 players. but I do think maybe doing a test would help. And I could be wrong, maybe dropping it to 11 would be better. Also, go Claymores!
  13. Yea I hear you. Honestly I should get better at my art. I do need to use a template for the jerseys. Especially for the helmets. The story is what I'm good at. I do however need to remember it need art to help flesh the story. Honestly any criticism is helpful to get better. So as long as people like it then I'm happy to continue.