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  1. You could argue that it's a good thing it's tough to single out a unique feature besides the black and teal. I'd say there are a few teams with good uniforms you could say that for as well. They do have some unique features though. The socks and sleeve cuffs come to mind and of course the number font. They look like they fit in which I'd consider more important. Nothing as defining as the Bengals helmet but if that means not adding jaguar print anywhere I'm all for it. And just my opinion but I actually like the black/black/black and think its better than any all black set they have worn in the past. I also think its entirely possible they only end up wearing that for the London game. They wear white for early home games, and will wear teal at least twice. I'd say max we see that combo is 4 times a season, not including playoffs of course.
  2. I agree with you and its why I think the Jaguars can keep this look for a long time and are one of the few teams in recent years to sucessfully update their image. The new Titans uniform really feels like the 2013 Jaguars update. The "jaguar stalking in the shadow" helmet and military patch jersey are fine concepts, but an NFL uniform is not the right application for those ideas. And trying to combine a bunch of unrelated ideas leads to a really messy uniform, and you end up with a costume. Nike made the same mistake trying to add swords to the titans and bucs.
  3. Also I don't think the Raiders retail "game" jersey has the stitching screen printed as an outline. I guess that's what we are seeing in photo? I wouldn't expect it to look that way on the actual uniform.
  4. Is it really fair to compare the teal swoosh on these to the red one for the titans? Teal was the best color to use, I think white or black would have made them more noticeable. I totally agree on the titans though. It was the laziest way possible to keep red on the uniforms.
  5. It says a lot that the old number font looks better than the new one, that was the worst part of their old uniform for me. Greek inspired numbers that are shaped like the state of Tennessee, how do you even make that up? Maybe doing just one of those would have been ok.
  6. For years I only wore a Marcedes Lewis jersey from his rookie year. It's a little tight and the numbers are in bad shape but it still looks better than any of the updated ones. He stuck through all of the terrible uniforms over the years, I'm really bummed I won't get to see him in the new set. After watching Telvin Smith's intro to Poz's retirement and seeing these new uniforms I am ready for a new jersey. ?
  7. I don't think it is, the original poster is a pretty famous person on YouTube. He probably just got some product early. Here is their Instagram post for this photo quality is better (still has a filter)
  8. Sorry that this is a screenshot and has a bad filter (saw this on reddit) but it's the first time I've seen a retail jersey.
  9. Maybe not the inaugural unis but the new set does look like an updated version of what the Jaguars wore from 2004-2008. The new home uniform is basically the black alternate that they wore. Take out the extra logos and swap gold for the better accent color (teal) and you get the new all blacks. Unpopular opinion maybe but I really liked the away uniform. The black and gold looked really good together, but it pretty much had no teal, just like the new set. I thought that they would go back to teal as the primary, but the mono teal looks so good I'm ok with them just bringing it out for big games. Teal pants also gave them more flexibility and allowed them to keep the designs consistent. I did not like that the white pants that they normally wore at home had stripes but the black ones did not.
  10. I can understand why some would consider the simplicity lazy but keeping in mind that this was exactly what they wanted with no unnecessary details added I find myself really appreciating the overall design. I don't see one feature that was added for the sole purpose of increasing profits, it's almost unbelievable. The numbers aren't shaped like the state of Florida, there arent giant wordmarks plastered all over the place. They are only what Tom Coughlin said they would be. Classic, traditional, distinctive, NFL uniforms. And just my opinion but my favorite thing about the original uniforms was the menacing glossy black helmet. Seeing the new one really brought back memories of those old helmets which looked so good against teams like the Dolphins and Patriots. If I had to pick one thing to bring back it would be that and I'm so happy they did.
  11. I don't know if it's just the lighting here but it looks like they took that mustard shade out of the logo on the new helmet, and it looks a lot closer to the Taylor era gold. Mark Lamping said in an interview at some point that they were not changing the color palate, but it looks a bit different.
  12. I don't think that they will need to update these. They tried gold collars and gold outlines on the numbers and I don't think it looked good on the black and teal jersey. The new set looks so much cleaner without the use of gold. Personally I think it was the right move to only use it on the logo. If they only want to go with two colors, black and teal were the right choice.
  13. I just cant get over how well done the helmets are. The helmet was the worst thing about the last design and now they have what I would say is the best one yet. JAX is so much better than "JAGS". I'm guilty of using the nickname but I don't prefer it and didn't like that it was everywhere after 2013. Also hoping this stops any JAC nonsense.
  14. And if they went with teal numerals on the white jersey people would say they look like the Dolphins if they don't wear black pants.
  15. I think a lot of people might change their mind once this combo hits the field. They should always wear these pants.