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  1. Baylor unveiled new "Arctic" alts today. Personally not a fan. I'd rather Baylor stick to volt for alternates, the camo here feels forced.
  2. Literally every color of the rainbow is represented here, and with the different contrasting styles of the main set, the gradients, and the throwbacks there is no real sense of cohesion. The brand just feels like its all over the place.
  3. Just a quick photoshop, but it looks much better with your suggestions
  4. You can't really tell from the video, but the new TCU uniforms are a dark grey. Would have looked better if it was primarily black, and the red numbers don't really work.
  5. The new Baylor bear logo just doesn't make for a good helmet sticker. The white outline makes them stick out too much, and the logo has too many small details, so it's illegible from far away. If they insist on doing the helmet stickers, Baylor should use a bear claw instead, wouldn't crowd the helmet so much. Maybe something like this:
  6. Baylor is sticking with all-green at home, but bringing back the Sailor Bear helmet decals for homecoming.
  7. I think the football-B could be a great primary logo for the Browns, but it doesn't belong on the helmet. The Browns are unique in not having a helmet logo and I think it should stay that way.
  8. What's unfortunate about this Baylor set is that it can't easily be mix and matched due to the absence of stripes. Theres no white anywhere on the green and gold uniform pieces, and no gold on the white.
  9. These really aren't terrible, the return to to official school colors is a positive overall. However, the lack of stripes or any other Baylor identifier really hurt. Stripes on the helmet and pants, or even just bear paws on the shoulder pads would have helped Baylor make this look theirs. Baylor, ISU, and WVU now all have essentially the same uniforms only swapping out Green/Red/Navy respectively.
  10. It's probably just the lighting of the picture, but the green on the Jets draft caps almost looks like midnight green.
  11. This is the Baylor uniform. The traditional gold helmet, green jersey, gold pants, consistent striping. This is what makes me skeptical about the uniform change, I don't think you can replicate this look with the yellow-gold they're moving forward with.
  12. Personally, I find it ridiculous they are considering moving away from the gold helmets, as it is iconic to the brand, but I suppose the metallic gold clashes too much with the "Old Gold." The old gold is more consistent with the school's official colors, so from a branding standpoint its probably a good choice.
  13. The Baylor Bears have been teasing new uniforms. If the graphics being used are any indication, it seems like the team is switching from Vegas gold back to a more traditional gold. The number font has also received a few tweaks, making the numbers less jagged and more rounded.
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