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  1. Are you kidding me? The logo and uniforms look great! For the next team, can you do the Bridgeport Buccaneers, based in Bridgeport, Connecticut?
  2. @neo_prankster, here’s a game-worn Vancouver Grizzlies jersey from where you come from, British Columbia.
  3. Speaking of Indianapolis Colt, here’s a helmet used from 1995-2003:
  4. In real life, however, the logo is used as the team’s secondary logo.
  5. To any of those familiar with the National Lacrosse League, here’s the Syracuse Smash.
  6. I absolutely love the purple on the Magic, and the grey on the Orlando City FC, if only they were real. Anyway, again, thanks for my request!
  7. Great series so far! For the next one, I’d like Orlando.
  8. Thanks for those checks, and three more hockey jerseys.
  9. I’m even pretty sure if some other pro sports teams had zubaz (zebra print)
  10. Houston Astros.
  11. Therefore, we’ll see if he’ll race in another promotion, or retire.
  12. Great attempt! Not to be rude, but the “E”’s middle looks like a plumbob from the Sims Series.
  13. The logo used by the Baltimore Ravens for their first 3 seasons.
  14. It even represent the state flag really well!
  15. The frog looks very well-designed and neat. You are a very good designer.
  16. That has to be my favorite design for me too.
  17. The way to go, @NoE38, the way to go indeed.
  18. Nice job on the logo, it looks real! It makes it look a bit like the University of Texas Longhorns.
  19. This looks great, especially considering that there’s talks about an NHL team in Seattle.