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  1. I feel like people think the Sharks fanbase and franchise (Tampa also) is like all the other forced SunBelt markets Bettman has insisted will work. San Jose deserves to have a team and takes a great deal of pride in the Sharks. Also as anyone else that’s been a warriors fan since the 80’s realized how weird it is to have a “Bandwagon”????? Most of us assumed they would just always be bad!
  2. Hahaha please do a quick google maps picture of Santos and Geneva in Daly City. Seriously one of the only areas of town that will probably never gentrify. I can only imagine the beautiful broadcast cut aways of the neighborhood during Warriors and Sharks finals appearances.
  3. It’s not like they’re moving from another state. It’s literally just across the bridge from Oracle.
  4. Most folks would never eat a skunk but then again some folk’ll..
  5. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Fan since ‘91 and I love teal and Sharks is a great nickname but they’ve never really put the whole thing together. I’m sure more head scratching changes are in our future however.
  6. I miss the UCLA stripes on the white look. Gave the Vikes a unique wrinkle from their two jerseys. As a Niners fan I could go the rest of my life without seeing the BFBS garbage ever again and is the opposite of what the Niners should ever wear.
  7. Agreed. Something about the all white look makes the orange and brown equally complimentary. The Bills and Chiefs also look great for the same reason in their all-white look imo.
  8. I always thought this was the Browns all time best look. Not a Browns fan either.