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  1. I saw this somewhere and really like it. Don't know who came up with the concept though:
  2. How about these for expansion or rebranding: Nashville Fiddlers... but the logo will be a Brown Recluse Spider aka a Fiddler-- double bonus points for a spider logo with a fiddle would be extra awesome! St. Louis Spirits... a ghost or phantom type of logo Memphis Pharaohs... stadium called the Pyramid and team has an Egyptian motif (North) Texas/Pennsylvania Wildcats/Wildcatters... can use the oil rig (Oilers) in the logo with a wildcat wearing a hard hat! Augusta/Maine Lobsters California Prospectors Juneau Yetis Santa Barbara Stingrays Honolulu Tsunamis Amarillo Armadillos Vegas Bandits... as in one arm bandits! Tucson Vipers Richmond Gargoyles Charleston (SC) Tridents... the Trident nuclear submarines were built there Portland (OR) Webfoots... found this reference in an old encyclopedia. The term has a colorful history! Raleigh Radiation Madison Mammoths San Antonio Siege Duluth Marauders Tallahassee Starfish... a coral and blue uniform Birmingham Vulcans... statue of the Roman god of fire Vulcan in city! Birmingham Minotaurs... of course they play indoors in the Labyrinth! Fargo Express Cheyenne Scorpions San Jose Seahorses Tacoma Serpents Trenton Phantoms Alburquerque Roadrunners.... you have the Coyotes so it could be a Cowboys/Redskins rivalry type of deal