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  1. Here is the logo with gray. I put gray in the word mark and changed the outside outline to grey... if anyone has any other ideas on where to put gray let me know!
  2. Here are two edits I did. Both are in the same style but on the first I tried to include the lines of the Rockies logo because I feel the second is too heavy without them. I also don't know if they look very good so if anyone has ideas to lessen how dark the mountain appears I would love to hear. I also made the star bigger, made the purple lines thicker, and made the top of the star the mountains.
  3. With the recent news of the MLB changing the location of the All Start Game from Atlanta to Colorado, I wanted to create a logo for Colorado's All Star Game as I hope they would change it and not use the Atlanta logo in Colorado The mountains I pulled from the Rockies logo, the All Star Game was taken from the last All Star Game logo in Colorado, and the bottom was taken from a Coors Field Logo I found online. Here are my reference logos:
  4. Here it is with updated colors and the interlocking NY Thanks for all of the suggestions and feedback so far!
  5. Totally agree with the color scheme, Black Gold and Silver didn't even come to mind.
  6. Here are the New Years logos. The logo is meant to represent both fireworks and a clock w/ emphasis on the top middle because that is where 12:00 is found on a clock. Will be working on that tonight, thanks for the suggestion!
  7. In the spirit of the season, I decided to create a sports-style Christmas logo. Let me know what you think!
  8. Egypt (A1) vs. Australia (C1) Sweden (F2) vs. Panama (G1) Morocco (B1) vs. France (C2) Mexico (F1) vs. Senegal (H1)
  9. Egypt (A1) vs. Spain (B2) Australia (C1) vs. Iceland (D2) Serbia (E1) vs. Sweden (F2) Panama (G1) vs. Columbia (H2) Saudi Arabia (A2) vs. Morocco (B1) France (C2) vs. Argentina (D1) Switzerland (E2) vs. Mexico (F1) England (G2) vs. Senegal (H1)
  10. Group A 1 Russia 2 Egypt 3 Uruguay 4 Saudi Arabia Group B 1 Morocco 2 Spain 3 Portugal 4 Iran Group C 1 France 2 Australia 3 Denmark 4 Honduras Group D 1 Argentina 2 Nigeria 3 Iceland 4 Croatia Group E My Group Group F 1 Mexico 2 Sweden 3 Germany 4 South Korea Group G 1 England 2 Panama 3 Tunisia 4 USA Group H 1 Senegal 2 Poland 3 Columbia 4 Japan
  11. Team: Tampa Bay Rays League: MLB Reason for Change: Boring For the Rays, I didn't think they needed a whole overhaul like the Kings but an update seems overdue. Here are two variations for the Rays. My biggest issue with the Rays current logo is the baseball diamond in the back. It's too tacky. I also wanted to incorporate their "ray" alternate logo because, well, they're the Rays. The top variation has the "sunshine" alternate logo moved from the "R" to the "S" because it's less cluttered that way. C&C really appreciated! Also, I am excited to be back!
  12. Maybe try to shape the pickaxes more like a football. Might look pretty odd but I think it's worth a shot.
  13. Bump for any C&C on LA. This series will be returning since school is out for the summer. Shooting for Monday for the next team.
  14. Haha whoops, guess I lied about the Kings. Team: Los Angeles Kings League: NHL Reason for Change: Uncreative I have two variations for this one. The second is more simple but personally I prefer the first one. I dislike the Kings logo because their name is the Kings and the only thing that has to do with royalty in their logo is a tiny crown on a shield. I took inspiration from their old crown logos and modernized the crown a little bit. I also made purple more prominent and returned yellow. C&C appreciated!
  15. Here's the Chiefs w/ White and Yellow Let me know what you think. Personally, I like it more. As for the Jazz, I think I am going to take a break on them and come back. I really dislike the logo they have now. I definitely think they disservice themselves by changing from their previous logo. LA Kings should be posted tomorrow!
  16. I was honestly just not a fan of how the solid yellow look was. I mean it represents blood
  17. Here is the Jazz with a different font, hopefully it's better. Also I got to work on the Chiefs Team: Kansas City Chiefs Leagues: NFL Reason for Change: Outdated It's a similar idea to what they have now, but more modern. The biggest problem I have with the Chiefs logo is it's black, red, and white with no yellow. Black is a pretty crucial I have come to realize with making this. I tried white but then it's three light colors but the black makes it pop. I really appreciate all the feedback so far!
  18. The Bruins logo... it just... upsets me, in a weird way. I'm not even a Bruins fan
  19. I'm back. Told you updates would be drawn out. Team: Utah Jazz League: NBA Reason for Change: Boring This one probably has the most thought behind it, but first let's talk about why I don't like the Jazz logo. If I had it my way, their logo from a few years back is a 1000 times better than their current logo. I personally think their old logo is also better than this. However, this is a series where I update logos I don't particularly like so I didn't want to just paste their old logo. It took me a while to put this together the way I wanted, but for what its worth, I'm happy with it. I kept the same color scheme and I used a music note like they do now. I also added five jagged lines in the background. The lines are to represent the mountains but double as a music staff. It's probably one of my more creative ideas so far. Please share your thoughts!
  20. I don't really like the end of the tail on the helmet because it just looks like an arrow imo. Besides that, they are my favorite. Nice work!
  21. I experimented with different colors and while I think magenta does look good, I get a Miami vibe rather than Orlando. So here it is with gold letters and a blue inner line: