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  1. This time it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. I have always been a fan of uniforms using team name for home and city name for away. I fooled around with some concepts where I used Los Angeles on the icon and statement but it just did not feel right so I scrapped it. As with both the Celtics and Knicks, the Lakers are a sacred institution in the NBA and this was a major factor while I was creating them. If I did too much I might summon the wrath of Lakers fans so I felt it only necessary to do as little as possible for this franchise. I added a showtime inspired collar and trim for all sets. I also took the joyous liberty of removing the atrocious black side panels on the statement edition. These are by no means a set of revolutionary uniforms but they are cleaner and more in tune with the «Showtime» homage than their current sets. I did try to find the hex code for the infamous "banana" yellow colour but I wasnt able to, so I used the colour drop tool on the current uniforms. Not sure if it is the right hue but it's the closest I could come up with based on the pictures of the jersey. All comments and criticsms are greatly appreciated! Los Angeles Lakers Association Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Los Angeles Lakers Statement Edition Uniform Concept
  2. The Rockets City edition just blew my mind! Its so clean and aggressive, I can very much imagine Harden pulling up with this uniform during a conference showdown with the Warriors! This is without a doubt on par with your Bucks City and Earned Edition, just a outstanding concept!
  3. @BellaSpurs - That sounds like a very fun project! I'll try to make one soon You want a "OKC" inspired wordmark but with "NAS"(Nieuw Amsterdam Stad) instead, or?
  4. @TrueYankee26 - Here's the one with "Nieuw Amsterdam"
  5. @Blindsay Hope the changes will make the pain lessen!
  6. Here is the updated New York Knicks. I have adjusted the wordmark slightly(I feel it gets to tight by moving it too far up) and numerals on every edition. I have also added a stripe to the waist to complete the over all trim-impression. Hope this looks better (Now changed to Kevin Knox 20). New York Knicks Association Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks Icon Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks Statement Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks Icon Edition Uniform Concept
  7. @Blindsay do you have any suggestions to how high? I feel perhaps the back numeral is too high as well?
  8. @MDTrey4 Thank you so much for your kind words Your suggestions were very spot-on! The white complements the blue very nicely. Here is the revised version of the City edition, I hope you like it: Miami Heat Vice City Edition Uniform Concept alt.2
  9. Ever since Miami Heat released their Vice-themed City edition uniform I was hooked. I absolutely loved the colours and execution! As soon as I saw the leaked photos of their next sets I just knew I had to make a rendition of them. The thought was to just recolour the main Heat set but with slight changes. I didnt like the side panels on the original look so I scrapped them to keep it as much within the Vice-theme as possible. I removed the burning Heat logo on the shorts as well as I find it a bit tacky. (In hindsight, I should've used Wade as Miami will always be Wade-County.) - changed to Wade. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Miami Heat Vice Association Edition Uniform Concept Miami Heat Vice Icon Edition Uniform Concept Miami Heat Vice Statement Edition Uniform Concept Miami Heat Vice City Edition Uniform Concept
  10. Next up is the New York Knicks. Nothing out of the ordinary. I removed the grey trim as I prefer the contrasts to shine. I have never liked the fact that Knicks use New York for home games. My firm belief is, with some exceptions, that the home uniform should have the team name and the away should have the city name on it. This does not apply for alternates. So I created a Knicks-wordmark, kinda halfassed but I tried lol. I have also added a city edition this time around. New York was once known as New Amsterdam as it was a Dutch settlement on Manhattan and therefore a part of the New Netherlands. Safe to say, it didnt exactly pan out the way the Dutch wanted. The Dutch influence can still be seen through the flag of New York as it is inspired by the Prince's flag. This is also where Knicks got their colours. On the waist I used windmill sail shield from the Seal of New York City and I added 1625 above the laundry tag as this is when the founding "happened". As a matter of fact, the founding of New Amsterdam did not happen in 1625 but for some reason 1625 is what appears on both the New York City seal and flag. Just thought it was a fun homage. Also, I didnt bother to change the player name which I probably should've done in hindsight. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! New York Knicks Association Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks Icon Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks Statement Edition Uniform Concept New York Knicks City Edition Uniform Concept
  11. I accidentally pushed the submit button, so sorry about that!
  12. Hi guys! I dont know where to start to be honest so I will keep it short. First of I must tell you that my concepts would not be possible without @Hoopladawg87! He has given me much thought and guidance throughout the creative processes which resulted into this. I can't thank you enough, Hoopla One thing you guys will probably notice that my template is basically a cheap copy of his, which it really is, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all! So with my limited skills and an eye to detail severely lacking, I tried to make my template like his with the hopes that it would give the concepts a heightened sense of realism. As this is my first post on this great forum it felt only natural to present my favourite team - the Boston Celtics: The Boston Celtics home and away uniforms, now named association and icon, are timeless. Clean, classic and one of the most recognizable in sports. Ever since I saw the St. Patricks uniform I could never shake the feeling that gold is such a beautiful complementary colour to the kelly green and white. I made several renditions but I felt the gold trim was too much, too invasive and bordering on sacrilege. The route, or solution, was to change the Nike logo and players name on the back to gold. A minor change, almost unrecognizable but I feel it is in tune with Nike's minimalistic direction. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Boston Celtics Association Edition Uniform Concept Boston Celtics Icon Edition Uniform Concept Boston Celtics Statement Edition Uniform Concept (Sorry about the posting issue!)
  13. Thats one high class uniform! I really love the collar patterns and sides and also how it really feels like a city inspired uniform! I can imagine Frank Sinatra using this uniform while smoking a cigar and holding a glass of whisky; it's one hell of a fashinonable and elegant uniform Hoopla! The tile floor pattern is absolutely stunning!!
  14. I really like what you have done with the Pistons! Detroit is a hard project, somewhat limited in ideas and yet so much history. Of the bunch I must say the Association and Icon were my favourites. Really like the Hawks inspired lines and the focus goes to the DP logo. You have also been able to keep the fan-favourite side lines which is a nice touch as well Great work man! What is next team up?