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  1. Tore

    NHL Adidas Concepts

    These are exquisite!
  2. After talking with some friends and taking the comments to heart I tried to make a more acceptable Homage edition to Tom Brady. I kept the uni white and I made the Pats wordmark somewhat Celtics-ish. Navy and silver trimming, while keeping the red to minimal. I added a red clover to the waistband to make it more "Celtics", but I see that this isnt really a Celtics uniform, more a Pats uniform in NBA. I considered going back to the 17 championship tag but felt that as this is for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots that the 6 championship tag fits more. Anyway it was a fun exercise and after posting this one I am back to my usual concepts for a while. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! And most importantly -> stay safe and wash your hands! Boston Celtics Homage Edition Uniform Concept V2
  3. @Krz Thats aboslutely true. I tried several mashups, but they just didnt look right to me. I never considered keeping Celtics on the jersey however. Im gonna try some more - thank you very much for your comment!
  4. I was originally going to post something else. I was considering posting either a new Boston Celtics St. Patricks concept or the Toronto Raptors, or some other team I have finished. However I feel kinda drained these days so I needed something out of the box and fun to make. Then the news that Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots came a couple of days ago. I have mentioned this before but I think a tribute/homage series would be kinda cool. I am aware that I am in the minority when it comes to this but at least it's a fun exercise. The reason why I am jumping on these "Homage Editions" is that I am really struggling creating city editions. I am not from the US, I know some history but it is very much superficial like Los Angeles with Hollywood and beaches, New Orleans with jazz music and BBQ. It's almost stereotypical, which really is a shame. A very special few people leave marks on their respective team city. LeBron James will always be royalty in Cleveland, same with the late great Kobe Bryant(horrible, absolutely horrible) and certainly Tom Brady. I was actually working on a Kobe Bryant Homage Edition when I just abandoned the concept as I couldnt make it worthy of him. Seeing Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics social media accounts thanking him, I thought it would be fun to envision a homage uniform to him in an alternate dimension. There is no doubt that Tom Brady an intricate part of one of the four great franschises in Boston(New England if you will), and he is and will always be very special to the city. This homage edition will probably never happen; certainly not the way I present it. If the Celtics were to do this it would still be green. I dont know alot about the NFL, however I went through a lot of New England Patriots uniform history when I made the Washington Senators(Wizards) concept. I used the New England Patriots away uniform(?) as the basis as I think it's the most iconic uniform the Patriots have. I used white as trim originally, but decided to use silver as it is has a more mature and serious tone. The whole idea was to make the uniform as a NFL/NBA mashup, but keeping it as much basketball-like as possible. The crewneck won out against the v-neck, even though v-neck would be a better match compared to the Pats uniform. I used classic Celtics trim on the shorts, contemplated to add the minute man logo to the shorts but it wouldnt fit so I put him on the waistband. Above the jocktag I added "thank you Tom", just as the Celtics, Bruins, Sox and Patriots have done on their social media accounts. The wordmark isnt perfect by all means, and very large, but it works. The numerals are slightly bigger than normal to match the NFL. I should've used the Celtics clover and added Patriots colours in hindsight. Instead of the standard 17 championship tag I changed it to 6 and used an american football - thought it was a fun detail. Hope you guys like it. And even though I dont follow the NFL, I appreciate what you have done to great city of Boston. Thank you Tom! All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! And most importantly -> stay safe and wash your hands! Boston Celtics Homage Edition Uniform Concept
  5. @CLEstones I am sorry to say that I dont wish to share it, as of right now. It has taken me months to create and it is still a work in progress. Even if I did share it, it would be an issue as all the layers, layer-groups, patterns and shapes are all in norwegian. I might make a less extensive template in english to share in a little while. In fact, if the municipality of Oslo enacts quarantine here I might start making one soon(!)
  6. @tigerslionspistonshabs - thank you so very much! I appreciate it! @bcon_731 - I have seen the ones GameplanCreativeCHI posted on twitter, if those are the ones you are refering to? Flo-Jos are a classic! @CLEstones - I havent shared my new template with anyone.
  7. @bcon_731 Here it is. I changed to waistband 500 to the ball inside the Pacers logo - should have kept the 500 but besides that I think it looks kinda cool(!) Indiana Pacers Hickory Alternate Uniform Concept
  8. @bcon_731 Ill try it out and see how it turns out! You want the subliminal check board pattern on the side like the current Pacers city edition or spread out just like my interpretation of the association and icon? @jaytavo305 Thank you so much for your kind words of praise! The 3rd Memphis Kings jersey is a mashup of a statement and city edition. The same can be said about the "statement" edition for Indy. I am horrible at city editions so I usually take a shortcut by meshing the two ideas together. All in all I would prefer if Nike kept the home and away designations for the uniforms and had an alternate or two.
  9. @bcon_731 - Thank you so very much for your very kind words! Its the greatest praise one can get on this forum and I appreciate it! I considered creating a Hoosiers/Hickory uniform but wasnt quite sure in which direction to go as Pacers has wore "Hickory High" and the now "Hickory Throwback". I can make a concept with a gold base, however I am afraid it would look too much alike the statement, which is gold dominant. I could try to make a uniform with a hickory red base and use gold and white as trimming, what do you think? I am completely open to all suggestions(!) Thanks again for your kind words!
  10. I was originally going to post my take on the Detroit Pistons. During the project I experienced severe issues with inspiration and a solid direction to go so I abandoned the Pistons(for now) and started on another motor-inspired team, less successful franschise but far superior directions and possibilities, or should I say easier? When the Pacers unveiled their new uniform and identity, I was pleasantly suprised. Navy and yellow/gold is always a stunner (excluding everything Sweden). I very much enjoyed the circular type chest treatment and the agency font is kinda cool, could of course be better but we should be grateful that Nike didnt try to make their own font for the team. I understand the farm land connection with the new logos though they probably could've come up with something better as I get a slight dissonance between the acres and car racing theme. Still, I used the alternate logo for the association and icon. Speaking of car racing theme - I've seen a lot of concepts for the Pacers and the vast majority of them either including racing flag or flojo, or both(!) I love the flojo, it's iconic and is identified with the greatest seasons this team has seen, yet. In tune with Nike's minimalistic approach I decided to go with the racing flags as the pattern could easily be incorporated in a subliminal way. I also considered the pin stripes for a long time. They were dropped as well as I didn't feel they would complement the direction I wanted to go with this team. The icon is the same as the association, only draped in navy. I based the statement edition on the current city edition, reducing it to a more cohesive and moderate uniform. As I've used the checkered pattern on the association and icon, I felt I could not use it on the statement, afraid of overkill. The statement is inspired by Indy 500 racing suits, only reduced down to something more simplistic. Instead of using Indiana as the wordmark I went with Pacers - usually I use the state name but for some reason I just thought Pacers looked better. I also added 500 on the waistband. I gotta mention that I to track down the right hex code for the colours, as couple of sites didnt seem to have the right tone - it didnt look right to me and some sites didnt even use the same codes. In the end I used the colour drop tool on the brightest pixel point on the Pacers uniform. My concepts for the Pacers are not the most original or inventive I've done. That said, I am very content with them. They are conservative and easy on the eyes and would really stand out against the Los Angeles Lakers, which is my measurement for teams using the blue/yellow colour combination. Though I could've used Brogdon as the player name on the back, I wanted to use Oladipo as he is very much the heart of the Pacers and is working his way back to his former self day by day. Nike always include a inspirational sentence or tag-line, if you will. The Pacers use "always lead", I changed it to "always driven". This has nothing to do with the whole, just thought I sounds better - more competition oriented(!) Lastly - I should've included a city edition. The reason for it lacking is that I find them especially hard to create. I have started on some city concepts for both Memphis Kings and Indiana Pacers. They are not where I want them to be yet - I'll post them when I feel they look acceptable enough. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! Indiana Pacers Association Edition Uniform Concept Indiana Pacers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Indiana Pacers Statement Edition Uniform Concept