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  1. Keep em coming mate! The Heat looks fire, pun intended!
  2. @DrJack Thank you so much for your very kind words! I truly appreciate it! I understand that as a Blazers fan you are far more invested than the usual boardmember. I am happy to hear you liked the tweaks. I had some discussions with Hoopladawg about my proposed design direction for the team. Sometimes it seems that a simple removal or add can make the look more whole. I am a minimalist at heart, but I am by no means a designer so Im just going by my gut and what feedback I get. I completely understand your point of view for the statement edition. I wanted to add the plaid pattern the Blazers used back in 17 and reapply it to a red statement uniform. I've tried to emulate it to my best abilities but it is of course not without its faults. The duo side panels and sash is certainly dull but an easy way out. In regards to the to diagonal orientation and scale, I always try to add some inconsistencies to my concepts as I feel it adds a certain dimension of realism to them. The Nike jersey and shorts are never 100% symmetrical nor as precise as uniforms one can create on photoshop and I try to mimic this to a certain extent. I did try out plaid pattern on belt and as collar trimming but the sizing of my template made it looks very pixelated, unfortunately. I could've tried harder, but I just didnt for some reason this time around. Now, I always make several renditions. Either for myself or to post on twitter. I have another statement edition to show you, but the response I got was that it was hard on the eyes and a bit extreme plaid. I never finished it, as it needs a bit of tuning. The basic statement with subliminal plaid patterns was a more safer choice. Maybe you'll like this statement better, or not. I cannot thank you enough for your constructive criticism! It is very much essential to grow and expand, and every time I get some feedback I get better(or so I like to believe lol) Portland Trail Blazers Statement Edition Extreme Plaid Uniform Concept
  3. This is a very fun concept to me! I like the Ebbets wordmark very much as it gives off a vintage feel without being insincere. The horizontal panels with negative Alamo reference is clever. The Statement is a nice mesh of the Spurs current city edition and statement, and the Alamo fits perfectly. The side panels breaks the neutral colours and makes it stand out. Your template is well designed and looks like Nike! The Spurs are kinda hard as their identity is so much wrapped around pure black, silver and white. They are so conservative, like the Celtics, that to even the fan favourite wish of adding Fiesta would look wrong. This said, I enjoy your simplistic and minimalistic approach, easy does it and I believe you've done it. Looking forward to more concepts!
  4. Wanted to start off by telling you guys it's been around one year since the covid outbreak in Norway. We've been pretty much shutdown ever since. I never imagined something like this would happen. Thankfully the vaccination programs is starting up so we will be out of this sooner than later! I was talking to some friends recently about where we want to go abroad when this is over and normality has returned. We soon started naming states in the US we wanna visit. Now, if you dont know, I am a big fan of the USA (and Canada). I very much want to visit at least every city that has a NBA team. On the top of my list is Boston, Charlotte, New Orleans, Seattle and Portland. And this prompted me to post my Blazers concepts here. Last concepts were the Jazz and Nuggets so it's kinda fitting to follow up with the Blazers too, to keep it in the North West. I've been more on twitter as of late, focusing on the Jersey Club concepts. I havent forgotten about my thread, its just work and the group which takes precedence over this place now. I'll try to be more active now. Anyways, Im going to keep it short as I babble on and on. I'm not as concise as Hoopladawg87 so here's a write-up, as short as they come from me lol I think that the current association and icon edition for the Trail Blazers is pretty much as good as it gets for them, so this is more of a tweak than a new interpretation. There's been a lot of complaints about the use of silver/grey trimming for the Blazers, Raptors and Knicks.While I do agree that white and silver together gets lost from a distance and makes the trim look unnecessarily thick, I still wanted to keep it for some strange reason. So I looked to the epochal sash and decided I wanted the collars to emulate the tri-coloured sash. There's not much more to those edition really. I "fixed" the wordmarks, adding some 45 degree angle strokes, and I added red outline for the wordmarks. Back in 2017-18' Blazers came out with the city edition tribute to the great Dr Jack Ramsey. Being a huge fan of plaid I absolutely loved it. A unique, quirky and classy look. However the uniform was in black, which isnt that suitable for the plaid pattern. I looked at my plaid jacket and thought it was a better look; more lumberjack, more grunge(not a fan of that term/designation but love the era and the music created during that time). I added a crew neck collar with double piping to give the uniform a more retro, quirky look. Substituted the tri-coloured sash with double sash as homage to their one title run. Same wordmark as on the association and icon. Also, I used McCollum as the player here. He simply doesnt get the credit he deserves! All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! As always I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented and strange times! Portland Trail Blazers Association Edition Uniform Concept Portland Trail Blazers Icon Edition Uniform Concept Portland Trail Blazers Statement Edition Uniform Concept
  5. Very excited for this project! I am however not the biggest fan of black being the primary for the Celtics. That being said I do think the uni would look sharper with the wordmark and numerals being green and white as an outline. Looking very much forward to the next and keep up the great work!
  6. @DrJack That is simply one of the greatest things I've ever seen on this site!! I do not think I've ever laughed this hard at a response before! I definitely see what you mean but that was not my intention. I did try out a version with the logo reversed but I just didnt like it as much as this one. Anyway, thank you so much for the greatest response ever mate! Ill never forget this one lol
  7. @jaytavo305 - Yeah, its between those two for me as well. @LA Fakers+ LA Snippers Thank you for your kind words! I wholeheartedly agree with you on the usage of gold as I too think its a good fit the Nuggets, however I wonder how it would look in real life. Being a minimalist when it comes to NBA concepts, I did not want the gold to take too much presence and thats the main reason for my caution while applying it.
  8. @LA Fakers+ LA Snippers Thanks you for your request! Sorry about the late response - different time zones, you know. While I was at it I decided to recolour the the city edition three times as it was a fun exercise. For the V2 I recoloured with the exact blue colour found in the flag, as you requested. For the V3 I kept the new blue and added the red from the flag. Finally for V4 I kept both the new red and blue while adding the yellow from the sun. The new blue and red definitely made the concept pop more. Of the three I think I prefer V3 as of this moment, what do you think? Denver Nuggets City Edition Uniform Concept V2 Denver Nuggets City Edition Uniform Concept V3 Denver Nuggets City Edition Uniform Concept V4
  9. Been busy with other projects, work in general and Christmas then came. I started working on a new template a little while ago and I have only recently had the time to start converting older and unpublished concepts onto the newest template. My first "successful" template-transition is the Denver Nuggets, which is keeping in tune with the Rocky Mountain theme of late. First things first – I have abandoned the disgusting wishbone for the superior V-neck. The wishbone is arguably the absolute worst collar of all time. I know some like it and I must admit that it works "fine" for some teams with minimal piping but that just does not change the fact that it is bulky, too large and the exact opposite of streamlined. I must also mention that I have not included the beautiful, powdered blue. It is a fan favourite for a reason; however, it is not representative of the Nuggets current direction and was sadly left out. I almost never post concepts without commenting on my detestation of the white/yellow, blue and red colour saturation of todays NBA, and this post is no exception. The Nuggets is no exception; however, I do think the horrid colour combination works for this team. The navy, red and gold is representative of the city of Denver. The flag contains the same colours, navy (dubbed midnight blue), red(dubbed flatiron red), sunshine yellow which I converted into gold instead, and skyline blue which is the traditional blue the Nuggets used in the 70s. Tom O’Grady has been adamant about several teams needing to return to their roots (he means his designs) and the Nuggets needs to adopt the whole goldrush and mining aspect of the brand. Usually, I disagree with O’Grady, however I do agree with him to a certain extent when it comes to this team. Gold is underused in the NBA and I am talking about the metallic colour. The thing about gold is that it is very shiny and can be intrusive. To minimize it dragging the uniforms back to the mid 00’s, I only used it as piping and outline for the wordmarks for the association and icon. For the City edition I wanted to go all in on the Denver city flag and I thought it worked nicely, though a bit shiny. I have noticed a lot of Nuggets and general NBA fans does not like the colour red for the Nuggets. I do understand their reasoning as the powdered blue is an iconic colour for the Nuggets, with many fans associating the colour with Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets run back during mid 00s. The usage of red is very justified in my mind, being that the state was named for the Colorado River and the very name Colorado is supposed to mean “colored red”. You also got the flatirons too. I did not know this previously, being a foreigner to the US and never been to the great state of Colorado nor the city of Denver. For the Nuggets I just wanted to simplify the whole uniform ambience in the sense of tweaking certain parts of the uniform, reducing the uniforms it into a more sleek design. So I removed what I dont like and replaced it with what I think looks cleaner. The association and icon editions are as usual just reversed uniforms of eachother. Gone is the wishbone and the awkward numerals, replaced with gold and red piping with navy being the main colour of the trimming. Gold outline on the mountain side panels on the shorts, gold outline on the numerals. I could not track down the right wordmark and being lazy and horrible at recreating wordmarks, I found a different font which I think fit quite nicely. Now, there are only a handful of NBA teams that have certain design elements that is so unmistakably theirs that one could argue there is no need of using team or city name on the uniform. The Nuggets surely falls into this category with the iconic rainbow skyline. So, for the statement edition I really wanted to showcase this aspect by only using the rainbow skyline, no team and/or city name at all. I do not think this would be legal in the NBA, but it always looked cluttered to me with the numeral above and team name below the skyline. I used the “skyline blue” as the main colour and sunshine yellow for accent. I added rainbows side panels for the shorts, and their old font for the numerals. I tracked down the Aachen font for the wordmark and numerals to add to the retro aspect. I do understand why they use it for their city editions, but the graphic is so iconic that they should change it into being an alternate uniform. It is just too good to only be used 14 times (white and black – two years/regular season). This is excluding the current red one, which I do not care about. Seems to me like the Nuggets have just gone full Utah Jazz which is very strange. I almost never do city editions as they are very hard for me. For the Nuggets it was kinda easy as I knew I would just emulate the flag of Denver. Navy to flatiron red, the white mountain outline and golden logo of the Nuggets with golden numerals and NOB. Majority of this uniform is in flatiron red, which I think is a nice contrast to the previous editions as red has mainly been used as accent colour. This is not a revolutionary design concept and others have done it before me, just like Hoopladawg87 a while back. He helped me out with some minor details on this one. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! As always I sincerely hope you guys stay safe during these unprecedented and strange times! Lets hope for a better 2021 - wishing you a happy new year in advance! Denver Nuggets Association Edition Uniform Concept Denver Nuggets Icon Edition Uniform Concept Denver Nuggets Statement Edition Uniform Concept Denver Nuggets City Edition Uniform Concept
  10. I prefer last years Celtics city compared to this. This is basically the horrible statement with green trimming. For the Nuggets, seems like they've adopted Utah's city, and Utah is going black so..
  11. The Celtics black statement is outright horrible. They should rather adopt the Adidas alternate instead if they insist on using black. This being said I think Vistaprint looks allright on the Celtics, however GE looked really nice. Excited for Stax, I've made a couple of Stax-inspired Memphis concepts myself so this will be interesting!
  12. @pepis21 the font is called Van Dijk.
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