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  1. ‪ I’m not gonna lie....this video put them in a whole different perspective. The all teal is deff is a hell of a look! That’s gonna look really cool with the black pants or the white. The black with the teal will look good too. Still hate the white ones. I don’t think I’ll ever like those. I will say tho the white with the black pants is gonna look really clean. I hate to say this....they’re growing on me...
  2. These are absolutely perfect!!! It’s that simple to get right....I don’t understand how someone who does it in their spare time on a forums board can come up with something 1000x better while the guys who are making millions continuously get it wrong time after time after time...
  3. I said yesterday on a jags forum on Facebook that the practice jerseys actually have more design in them than the actual jerseys. Smh
  4. At least they’re using teal and gold in the PowerPoint presentation because they damn sure didn’t in the uniforms...
  5. I was just about to post this. These mocks are absolutely beautiful! Had these been the actual jerseys I would have bought one of every color. Probably several. I hate how Joe Shmoe can make an absolutely perfect set but “experts” working on these things for 2 YEARS come up with black with white numbers and white with black numbers...
  6. Tbh, and I know I’m gonna get chewed out for this, but I’d rather be the titans. At least their team incorporated their team colors into their bad as it is at least when you see that uniform you say ‘oh yea that’s the titans.’ When you see the jags it looks like the no name team that the nfl superstar is playing against in whatever TV commercial he stars in.
  7. Smfh...I can’t believe we really went with the ‘any given sunday’ ll Cool j look. Every possible boring thing we could have done with this entire set we did. There isn’t a single thing on this entire uniform that stands out and makes you say ‘oh yea that’s definitely the jags.’
  8. These are absolutely terrible...I HATE them. Why is there no teal on either the white or black uni’s besides that horrendous sock stripe? These lack identity 1000%. These are god awful. These look like you accidentally skipped the “design uniform” part in create a team on madden. Terrible.
  9. State of the franchise starts at 11am. I feel like they’re gonna talk about everything else first just to keep people tuned in. Probably show the uni’s last.
  10. Eh I guess that could be true. If that’s the case then that’s hella stupid and such a lazy excuse of designing.
  11. By the looks of it it looks like only the teal jerseys have a black outline. Would be strange for only 1 out of the 3 jerseys to have outlined numbers.
  12. I understand that. No need to add both shades of gold. Just gold period would have worked. Not saying we needed to go all out with the gold. Just stroke the numbers with it and that’s all the gold we needed. Make it pop more also while adding the most dominate color of our logo into the design.
  13. Touché lol. I shoulda been more specific. I meant like the main color of the logo. The jags logo is mainly gold and it exsists nowhere on the jersey. That makes no sense to me
  14. If I’m not mistaken we would be the only team in the league that doesn’t have every color of the logo incorporated into the uniform some how (Steelers I guess because of the stars) Big miss imo
  15. Seeing it like’s god awful...not awful in a ‘it looks like complete crap’ kinda way but awe full as in its extremely extremely bland....(btw no disrespect to you. Your render looks amazing. This comment is more towards the actual design lol)