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  1. Hi Guys, its my first thread on these boards after I have been a long time lurker. Love the whole idea of concepts/re-designs so i thought i would do most of the NBA, Some jerseys are awesome this season...some not so. Like i said i will be doing most teams so i will update as i go along FIRST UP IS THE BULLS. Got some inspiration for the white & red jerseys from the current Timberwolves jerseys (i love them) Thought i would keep the traditional bulls red. black & white scheme going throughout and the fade in the background. The black jersey incorporates the classic red pinstripe from the Jordan era....this one is my fave out of the trio. Any feedback would be great.
  2. My bad guys i wasn't aware....i will start my own thread
  3. Its my first post so i thought i would contribute to a fellow newbies post........ I Love the thought of this first design so i have done my interpretation, i like your rough designs..i might do more of my versions of yours Help another newbie out.
  4. Chelsea set is awesome, love the watermark especially on the white kit
  5. Love these,,,,,,any chance i could get your template??? Woud love to get some of my own showing
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