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  1. This is pretty cool. Although to be honest with you, I'm a little miffed that it's only the bottom half of Florida. Any future expansions to have the Sun League take up the entire state?
  2. Do you not know where Jacksonville is? Not only is the city right next to the coast, but the University is right next to the river. In fact, it isn't incredible rare to see an Dolphins in that area.
  3. It's kinda funny, because Winn-Dixie is HQ'd in Jax. But they are probably too broke for a sponsorship.
  4. I feel like we're close here. What if you put a double outline on the numbers, so they always have all the major colors. For instance, on the white jersey, an outline of teal and gold. On the teal jersey, an outline of black and gold, and on the black jersey, an outline of teal and gold. And what if you broke up the back of the color so it isn't one solid stripe on the back?
  5. It's gone. According to rumors, they were going to have to change it anyways because "JAGS" doesn't play well in the UK market. I think they also got rid of it because of how the switching of the head to face the heart when on the jersey got a lot of negative feedback.
  6. Probably the same as they were. Which is to say slightly more complex than the new jerseys, which is funny. But I've been a real big fan of the practice jerseys we have. Which is probably why I don't hate the new ones.
  7. It's Black. They did say they plan on wearing teal 2 times + another for color rush (uh......). So it is a 5-3 split assuming the times they wear white for home games or black for away games are equal. I think they're either doing this so they can then use throwback unis as the teals twice next year (and then have color rush?) or maybe they told retailers they were going for black as a primary before they decided they wanted to use teal more and couldn't change for this year.
  8. I'm surprised there is more focus on just saying, "these are simple" rather than a deeper look at the more subtle look of the jerseys. One thing that is really growing on me is the sheer size of the numbers and the space they take up. They aren't big and super skinny (like some other teams who recently reworked their jerseys...) but they aren't too big and blocky either. This works particularly well on Ngakoue leaning forward. It really makes the white numbers on black pop. In fact, this works well with the teal markings. They also pop, and I think the black jerseys will look really good and the teal will stand out a lot more on them than the previous ones. This sort of works the opposite way with the black markings on the teal jersey. They kind of blend end. The numbers sort of stand out on the front, but they aren't as stark on the shoulders. In this way the teal jerseys are more solid teal. In that way, they focus on the teal. It sort of imitates pasts looks of the teal jerseys the Jags have used, which I think was intentional. I definitely think they wanted to get away from the black numbers on teal, which at times didn't look the best. The white jerseys might be my least favorite, but at the same time I feel like they do a good job at something too. Black markings and numbers make them pop on the white background, more than I think the teal would, and that really reinforces the markings and the numbers. It's pretty interesting actually. I can sorta see what they meant when they said it implied the teal. Again, this isn't the route I would have gone, and I do miss the gold accents of the OG Fred Taylor/Jimmy Smith uniforms, but I do think a lot went into these to make them simple but not too generic. We'll get to see how well this works on the field and with the different pants combinations. If they stick to pimarily black on black, teal on teal, and white on black then I will be massively disappointed. Use the teal with the other colors.
  9. The teal and white jersey look good, but the teal/gold stripe mix on the black jersey just doesn't look right. Maybe flip the order of teal and gold?
  10. I'm relatively new hear and also a Jaguars fan, so this won't be an unbiased take. First and foremost, they aren't what I was expecting or hoping for, but I am still happy with the outcome. But I will break down a bit of why I like them even though I wanted something a bit different. When judging new designs I think there are 4 parts you have to consider. 1) What were the goals of the design? 2) Did the design hit the goals? 3) Were there other designs that could better hit these goals? 4) Were the goals the correct goals for this design? The first part is obvious. The team wanted a design that would be simple, would have a traditional look, and one that would have elements reminiscent of past designs. They also wanted to move away from gold entirely in non-logo elements. So did they hit them? Mostly. The designs are obviously simple, and they mimic a fashion of traditional look that you can see in other uniforms (ex. Alabama and Penn State). They also restrict the colors to teal, black, and white. However, they do lack certain aspects that would be traditional to the Jaguars uniforms. Most notably ditching the gold striping and double outlines. But it does have elements from all previous uniforms. The numbers are reminiscent of the numbers of their second major version of uniforms. The helmets are reminiscent of their original helmets. They have the simplicity of their original uniforms, and they have the collars of the last version of uniforms. It was evident from the trailer they showed before showing off the uniforms that this was a goal they had, and they reached it pretty well. Were there other designs that could better hit these goals? Well, not really. There could be alterations, for sure. They could have had pants swipes, but those would distract from the simplicity of the uniforms. They could have number outlines, but those would go away from the style they were trying to mimic. Maybe the biggest issue is the insistence of sticking with black as a primary, but it does appear that they're going for as much of a 50% split on each uniform combo as possible (5 games black, 3 games teal). Overall they had well defined goals, and hit them well. Were the goals the correct goals? Maybe not. It seems like they were over-correcting from the previous uniforms. They also leaned heavily on a specific vision of traditional, where some might point to the Bills, old Giants, or old Dolphins as their vision of traditional. Personally, I would have done what the original uniforms did and given the teal jerseys gold bits. But the old jerseys had black alternates that also replaced all the teal with black to make that pure black with gold bits. There are rumors that next year (the 25th anniversary of the team existing) they will have throwbacks to their original uniforms, maybe not out right mimicking them is the best idea. You can sell a new set of merchandise, you can honor the original success of the team separately, and if the NFL always starts throwback games again then you will have that option ready to go. Overall, I personally rate them a B+. I'm glad we won't get ridiculed for 2-tone helmets, and I'm also glad they won't look as inconsistent as our 1st redesign. I feel like I will really enjoy them on Sundays (and Mondays....and Thursdays), but I won't really know until I see them on the field. Also the new Titans uniforms make the old Titans uniforms look like classics, and their logo as a concept is still dumb.
  11. Being a Jaguars fans who dislikes the Titans... I kinda miss their old look now with the exception of their Navy blue jerseys. I feel like they could have hit this out of the ballpark by just relegating one of the blues to an accent with red used as a yoke or stripe or something. And while Tennessee has always been obsessed with swords (and T sword), I feel like the Greek meander pattern should have been emphasized more as the mythological reference thing.
  12. Looks good. I was wondering if you'd consider lumping the Jaguars into this group or not. Definitely a different city, but they are reasonably close and it sorta makes a nicer group with 3 teams. Instead of having a city with two teams and another with one. But then you might argue that you could just add these 2 teams to Tampa's group as well, anyways.