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  1. The Potomac Nationals have relocated to Fredericksburg, Virginia and are now the Fredericksburg Nationals. Can we see the new uniforms for the tteam?
  2. If you notice, there are only five logos in the Arena Football League page (Albany, Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Washington). Cleveland is on hiatus and the league added two new teams (Atlantic City and Columbus).
  3. Teal jerseys and pants, white jerseys and pants black jerseys and pants, teal jerseys and black pants, teal jerseys and white pants, white jerseys and black pants, white jerseys and teal pants, black jerseys and white pants, black jerseys and teal pants make for some interesting uniform combos. Add a new Jaguars helmet to those uniform combos and you've got something worth seeing.
  4. I have to admit the two tone helmets were OK, but it is time for the Jaguars to undergo a complete change (uniform, helmet).
  5. My favorite teams: MLB - Washington Nationals NBA - Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers NHL - Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals WNBA - Seattle Storm, Washington Mystics Arena FL - Washington Valor
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