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  1. But why on Earth would a company PAY to be hated, booed, and ridiculed?
  2. I like the new court with the exception of the logo at center court. I've never understood the purpose of that logo. I would've kept the primary or used the side facing alternate. On a side note: Did anyone else notice they have a section on the unveiling website dedicated to Lendingtree? Like thats a key aspect to the uniform. I had an idea... if everyone in the arena (across the NBA) were to boo mercilessly any company that was a jersey sponsor, wouldn't that kill the value of that ad space? And in theory potentially kill the ads altogether? I've booed Lendingtree at Hornets games but it's never caught on.
  3. Lateral move, IMO. Pinstripes is a plus and lowering the use of purple is a negative. I think they just about balance each other out.
  4. I guess I just wonder how much of the "soul" of the old stuff comes from what happened while wearing it. The Hornets were a fun team then. The way they were embraced was unique. I think a lot of that rubbed off on the jerseys and logo. I don't think the team now looks soulless because of the uniforms or logo. They look soulless because they ARE soulless. On the court and off. The games with the throwback jerseys and courts don't give them any more soul, in my opinion. I agree with a lot of what you say, though. Too many logos. The old logo is probably a bit better than the new, if it were to be modernized a bit. I've definitely seen good ones out there. The All Fly thing is dumb, but to be fair, have you ever seen a slogan pushed like that that isn't? The old color scheme was definitely better. I don't have a huge preference on Charlotte vs. Hornets on the jerseys, but that may be because I've never lived there. If they were "Carolina", I'd probably want that on there. Either way, nothing besides Charlotte or Hornets should ever, ever be on the jerseys. No CLT, no CHA, no Buzz City, no Queen City. I agree with you on the Buzz City thing too. It's dumb. I always thought they could use "Bugs" as a nickname, sort of like they used "Cats" back in the day. I remember when they first revealed the new uniforms, they said the reason for the teal being the alternate was because of the league rules at the time limiting how many times the away uniform could be worn at home. They wanted to wear teal at home on occasion so they made it their alternate to allow that to happen as often as they wanted. When Nike took over, that rule was obviously thrown out, so they no longer needed to do that. I feel like I've gotten way off my main point, which is this: the Hornets of today don't look fun and different because they are not fun and different. No uniform or logo will make them more fun or more different. In fact, it would only make the old identity less fun and less different by association.
  5. I'm scared but excited. Pinstripes would be awesome but any change beyond that would most likely be a downgrade. I actually love the Hornets' current uniforms, which seems like an unpopular opinion. I guess most of the hate comes from them just not being the old unis. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I think the new ones are better. But the old ones have so much attached to them that they should be the primaries. That being said, aside from reverting a la Bucs, there's nothing (pinstripes aside) to improve upon their currents. Hopefully they keep their number font and don't put the name below the number. PS - They've been using that cloud background for at least a few months with their #AllFly. I'm pretty sure it's a reference to that and not the airport. I feel like they would've been more direct than that. But the CHA has always been outrageously stupid, even on the scorebug. CLT would be infinitely better, but even better yet would not be including an abbreviation on the jerseys. Just say Charlotte or Hornets. No Buzz City either.
  6. Right there with ya. It still pains me to see Teddy Treadwater in the uniform that once belonged to the MVP.
  7. Isn't the point of the QBs wearing red to stand out? Isn't that green too similar to the blue jerseys to have the same effect?
  8. I don't think the mistake was putting the team in Raleigh. I think the mistake was branding with the NC State colors. I'm from Raleigh and the Hurricanes are a lot of times almost seen there as an NC State team. This limits them from reaching the entire area (UNC and Duke fans) as they should. Not to say that no UNC and Duke fans are Canes fans, but it certainly seems like Canes / NC State fandom goes hand in hand. As for the Charlotte thing - I think that Raleigh's 70 year history of supporting three college basketball teams with pro level support far outweighs the six seasons of Hornets support that Charlotte had at the time. Having been to playoff games of all three, you can't even compare the atmosphere at a Canes playoff game to that of the Panthers/Hornets. Nothing against the Hornets / Panthers, but they are still, to this day, building a Charlotte fanbase. There were already three such fanbases ready made in Raleigh. Even if it may have made some sense when they first moved, it would be insane for the Hurricanes to move to Charlotte now. They would effectively have to start over and build a new fanbase from scratch. Why would they do that when they already draw well (when they're relevant) now? The Hornets don't draw well and they're a far bigger deal than the Canes would ever be in Charlotte. As far as growing the game, I think perhaps the game would've grown over a larger area. But it probably has grown more in Raleigh since the Canes have been here than it would have ever in Charlotte, with two other competing professional sports. And I don't think a small amount of growth in South Carolina would have made up for that difference. Also, in 2020, the triangle is not built on colleges. There are 1.2 million people in the metro area. What are there - 100,000 people, max - that go to UNC, Duke, or State? I think sports make the universities seem more important to the area than they are.
  9. I love all the color suggestions so far, but is there any chance they don’t go with the Panthers scheme? How often do two teams with mutual ownerships and sharing a stadium have different colors?
  10. I think that if a city is named after the state that it's in, it should always be called the state name. Minnesota instead of Minneapolis. The Colts should be Indiana instead of Indianapolis. The Thunder should be the Oklahoma Thunder. The extra word or ending just makes it sound clunky and long.
  11. Are shoulder patches put on by team's individual equipment managers? I ask because of the upside down shoulder patch on Necas's jersey. How does this kind of thing happen?
  12. Does anyone else think that there are a ton of NFL teams that would look infinitely better if they used their color rush jerseys full time? (Patriots, Jets, Browns, Colts, Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings, Falcons, Rams)