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  1. The problem I have with these is that the stripes are supposed to be black and orange but come off as just black (especially on the white jersey). I agree that if they were contained, it would look more black and orange than just incidental black stripes. And avoids the need for an orange yoke which would be the only solution on this white jersey but would look bad.
  2. I've legitimately never once thought of the Blue Jackets' logo being a C.
  3. Just thought of one. Washington Football Team last year was a rebrand but not a major overhaul. Not permanent, but still.
  4. Are all rebrands major overhauls though? I would consider a rebrand having to do with the logo, while a major overhaul has to do with the uniforms. In theory, a team could dramatically change their logo/identity while keeping the uniform. It may have happened before, but I can't think of an example though.
  5. That reminds me of something else unpopular on this board - I love sleeve logos in the NFL. Striping can work depending on the team, but I always prefer sleeve logos to sleeve numbers or blank sleeves.
  6. I could be wrong, but doesn't the Hornets' current blue differ drastically from the original? I think the original was much more tealish and the new one is referred to as teal by association. I also think it's great that the Panthers have such a unique color that it cannot be named.
  7. I don't like throwbacks as a frequently used alternate on any team. I think at most they should be used once or twice on an anniversary.
  8. I actually much prefer the new logo. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I became a fan at the exact time that they switched. So that's just always how they've looked to me, and the old one looks outdated. But I think it has the exact right amount of detail in it, while the old one has just a bit too little. As far as the uniforms go, I think the jerseys are absolutely perfect. Like others, I don't love the silver pants / helmet but I haven't liked their other combinations lately either. The black pants make both combinations look unbalanced with such a light helmet. I think a blue helmet with the old blue color rush pants on both the home and road (and white pants with the blue alternate) with untouched jerseys would be their perfect look. But it'll never happen, so I'm fine with black/silver at home and white/white on the road.
  9. I wouldn’t worry too much about the divisions, they’re practically meaningless in the NBA. I wouldn’t consider Kansas City, St. Louis, or Pittsburgh. They all strike me as cities that have professional sports teams because they always have. In other words, if a league was starting now, I don’t think they would be especially considered. And especially not Montreal. I don’t understand the clamoring for an MLB team to Montreal and I understand this even less. The good thing about Vegas or Louisville (or Vancouver) is that a new arena wouldn’t need to be built. So if they flop, they could easily move within a few years like the Grizzlies did without a huge loss.
  10. I’ve thought Louisville would be the best city opposite Seattle. Huge basketball area and the only pro sport in town. There’s an NBA ready arena there as well.
  11. I completely agree. Love the new logo, hate the new uniform. I disagree about the helmet though, I actually like the striping. I also like the number font. The perfect Broncos set in my eyes would be to take their current uniform, remove side panels, change all navy to their old shade of blue, and mimic the sleeve striping of the color rush.
  12. Any word on what field will be used for the 49ers-Bills game in Arizona? I know they have the roll-in natural grass field that they use for the Cardinals games. Vegas has the same set up in their new stadium and they have a turf field for UNLV and high school games as well. Does Arizona have a turf field for non-Cardinals games? If so, would they use it for this game or the roll-in field? Either way, would they bother painting it with Niners branding? I guess I don't expect anyone to know, but I'd love to hear predictions.
  13. The link between teams that have moved is purely incidental. Maybe technically they are the same team, but there is no physical tie between them. I actually love the Whalers uniforms but not for the Hurricanes. For all intents and purposes, they are different teams. No players, fans, or even owners overlap from their time in Hartford. It would be sad for the NHL to lose a great logo and uniform set, but forcing them down the throat of a fanbase that has no connection to it isn't any better. Also, I find it extremely tough to believe they wouldn't have sold more jerseys if they had turned their 06 jersey black. That is considered the golden age of Hurricanes hockey, not a bad team playing thousands of miles away from their current home decades ago.
  14. Totally disagree. I grew up in Raleigh and maybe two times in my entire childhood did I ever hear anyone refer to the Whalers. No one cares about them there. They've been in Raleigh longer than Hartford, time to move on. I hated the twice a year throwbacks and adding to that will make it even worse. I was actually excited when I heard about the reverse retro because I thought it was a foregone conclusion we'd get the beloved 06 jerseys back, even if it was in the wrong color. This is a shank. Yuck.