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  1. I guess it just seemed obvious to me because of the way it rolls off the tongue. Almost like Phillies obviously comes from Philadelphia. Maybe not so for everyone though. And I guess my point is that it's more complicated because even if they changed their names they would STILL have the word "Indian" in the name.
  2. The team's original identity didn't include any references to Native Americans. In this article (https://www.ibj.com/articles/indianapolis-indians-baseball-team-considering-name-change), it states that "The Triple-A franchise has been called the Indians since its founding in 1902, as a derivation from the state’s name." The current logo set is garbage and can be thrown out. The name though was at least originally in reference to the city/state.
  3. But the Indianapolis Indians are clearly named after the city, not after a group of people. If the name of the city (and state for that matter) itself is an issue, then that goes beyond their paygrade.
  4. The only reason I have no problem with this is because their jerseys that say Phoenix and Suns are beveled messes and some of the worst jerseys in the NBA. They never should have switched from their previous set, which were fantastic.
  5. They're completely off-brand to the current brand. The Packers brand is green and yellow. Those are the only two colors in their branding (and white, I guess). So navy appearing anywhere is off-brand.
  6. I don't mind a color swap alternate as it seems like a natural extension of the existing brand. I hate throwbacks though as they are completely off-brand. Speaking of a color swap alternate and the Packers, they have exactly that in Madden 19. A yellow recolor of the green home jersey. With green numbers. Not sure where it came from or why it's there. Or how long it's been in the game or if it still is. Have they ever worn something like that?
  7. Jeez. The red jerseys are beautiful. The black jerseys are awful, especially when worn in the playoffs. That logo just doesn't look good at all. In any way. I was hoping back-to-back embarrassments to Boston in the playoffs would shake some sense into them. If they move the stick logo to the front of the red jersey, they will look as bad as they've ever looked. Even worse than the create-a-team years. Throw in the Whalers jerseys and you have the worst uniforms in hockey. (I loved the old stick logo and wouldn't have minded that on the front of the primary jersey at all. It actually was the shape of a logo, not a hockey stick.)
  8. I don't think the Raleigh/Durham issue is all that big of a deal. This is just anecdotal, but growing up just outside Raleigh, very few Canes fans seemed to come from Durham. I almost got the sense a lot of people saw them as an NC State team, with the colors and arena sharing. I think that alienated a lot of people more so than naming it Raleigh would've. I think Raleigh just wasn't well known at the time and couldn't stand on its own as an identifier. I don't mind not using Raleigh, but I wish they would've used "North Carolina" instead of "Carolina". It makes sense for the Panthers being on the border, but makes no sense for the Hurricanes who are hours from South Carolina. All that being said, if somehow Raleigh was able to get an MLB team, I would hope they would be named the Durham Bulls. I think the brand is so strong that it would work, even if the team wasn't actually in Durham.
  9. I don't know what a mod is either, even sans the hat. I know that's not what they're saying. I want to know their opinion of how it differs from what they did say to more thoroughly understand what they're saying.
  10. I don't know what a mod hat is. Anyways, if winning the the most important game catapults you to being the best, it seems to reason that losing the most important game would catapult you to being the worst. Didn't mean to sound combative though.
  11. So let me make sure I understand your logic. The Super Bowl is the most important game of the season. The importance of the game is the only factor in determining greatness. Therefore, the Super Bowl loser is unquestionably the worst team in the league each year right? I mean, the Chiefs lost such an important game! The Jaguars didn't lose any important games, so they were better? I don't think divisional matchups are more important. I'm saying by the same logic, you could apply that to regular season games. Yet no one considers "importance" of games when determining the worst team in the league. It's just inconsistent.
  12. Trading up for the 1st QB in the draft is way different than trading up for the 4th though. And Mahomes was the 2nd QB off the board, Jackson the 5th at 32nd overall. There's a good chance the 5th QB will come off the board at 5th overall this year. The Patriots would need to mortgage their entire future to trade up or overdraft a guy like Kyle Trask by like three rounds to get a QB in the first round. The fan reaction to Cam in the last two seasons has been crazy. Panthers fans (at least I think a lot were and certainly I was) very unhappy that he was cut last year. Now Patriots fans are unhappy to have him back. I still think he has a lot left in the tank and was dragged down last year by his supporting cast. He won't have that excuse this year though, so it's put up or shut up.
  13. It seems like teams are panicking and several QBs will get way overdrafted and their new teams will give up a ton of draft capital. It seems like a trap Bill won't fall for.
  14. Same, besides the crossed out. Grew up outside Raleigh. I root for the Colts and Pacers too being in Indy now but don't follow them heavily. I've been rooting hard for New England since Cam signed there too. But my support for them will be gone when he is.
  15. Terrified me as someone who really wants to see Cam get his chance with actual weapons. Seems like they're set on keeping Garoppolo though, thank god.
  16. You could still make the argument some regular season games are inherently more important than others. Divisional matchups, for instance. And to clarify the difference in my eyes between the 2007 Patriots and the 2019 Lightning: The Lightning had the most regular season wins of all time. The Patriots were tied for the most total wins of all time. Huge difference.
  17. I was maybe 13 when they started using the yoke and 20 when they stopped? Something like that. They just seemed so prevalent to me, obviously due to the fact that 99% of NHL games I watch include the Canes. And yeah, I hated that jersey (the worst thing, in my opinion was black numbers instead of red) and don't like the new one either, although it was an improvement. They had no reason to ever switch from their original uniforms. Their current homes look good but don't quite get there.
  18. I grew up with the Hurricanes' godawful yoke that did include the nameplate, so that's what first comes to my mind when the word comes up. After seeing these pictures, you've convinced me a yoke doesn't need to. But I still don't think the Titans had a yoke for some reason.
  19. But I'm not saying the regular season is all that matters. If you proportioned out for equal season lengths, the Lightning won more games in 2020, considering they won 16 in the playoffs. Those still count, obviously. It's also not quite the same in any other sport beyond football. A best of seven is MUCH more valid, although I still think the best team doesn't necessarily have to win the championship. With one game elimination, it's infinitely less likely that the best team will win. I also think it's interesting that people's standards for badness are different than greatness. Would everyone agree that the worst team in the league is the one with the worst record? The Jaguars were the worst team in the NFL last year? The 2011 Bobcats were the worst team in NBA history? If so, what is the inherent difference between "greatness" and "badness"? Why does circumstance matter so much for one but none for the other?
  20. But there's just no logic applied there. The Giants and Patriots split the season series and the Patriots lost 5 games fewer? Besides "that's how it's always been done" (which is the worst reason to do anything), what argument could be made that the Giants were better?
  21. Love this. If you didn't read the admittedly tangential other thread, I passionately disagree with the bottom statement. Would love to hear reasons why I'm wrong. You can't thing of a $ingle reason that they have playoffs?
  22. I actually just really enjoy debating about things like this. But in the interest of stopping derailing the thread any further, I'll stop. I don't mind Carson Wentz wearing 2. Back on track.
  23. The argument that "more people agree with me and disagree with you so I'm right" is the weakest possible argument and means you don't have one. Yeah, my bad. I don't know why I can't let anyone else get the last word, it's a personality flaw. If no one responds to this, we can just be done and move on haha
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