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  1. Dallas Texans changed to the Kansas City Chiefs, and I believe they only changed their logo on the helmet.
  2. If it was Minnesota Auroras that would basically an inverse of the town of Aurora, Minnesota. Kinda cool for residents of Aurora. This got me wondering if this ever happened before. Cool fact: there is a Ranger, TX. I’m guessing there are more examples.
  3. Those uniforms are always one of the best in the State Hockey Tournament.
  4. I still agree with my opinion from November, but the recolored logo has grown on me and I would be fine with it staying along with a name change. I was worried that the yellow numbers made the jersey a little yellow heavy. After seeing it on the ice, paired with the green breezers, it makes for a nice balanced uniform. These colors feel more modern (and retro at the same time) and makes the forest green stand out as a byproduct of the late ‘90s darkening of sports uniforms. Name change or not, kelly green and yellow should be the colors of Minnesota’s hockey team.
  5. I’m not old enough to remember the North Stars, but they had a nice color scheme and a much better name than the Wild. If the Wild picked a different name, the whole subject may not exist. I have yet to meet a Wild fan that actually likes the name and there is still a ton of North Stars gear being worn in Minnesota. If it were up to me the Wild would change their name to the North Stars. Put the N on the chest and move the recolored Wild logo to the shoulder. Stars and North Stars should be different enough to avoid confusion. The MLB has the Reds, Red Sox, and White Sox and no one complains. The MLS has many teams named the United. Heck, the NHL already has the Blues and Blue Jackets along with the Canadiens and the Canucks.
  6. Wife: What are you wearing “Rams from the road?” Rams: Ugh, khakis. Wife: They sound hideous.
  7. My point was that the Packers’ name, when looking subjectively at all the names of the big 4, is the worst of all in my opinion. Everyone seems to ignore how bad the name is. Saying something gains value over time makes judging any team name a moot point, because eventually they will just be a historic name and then have value. Who cares about the name Kraken or Wild, because in 100 years they will be “classic” names? Additionally, I can’t pass up an opportunity to insult the team I hate more than any other. Does it bother any one else that Green Bay uses just a G for their logo and not a GB? I can’t think of another situation like it. But I guess it’s acceptable since it’s “classic.” I shouldn’t cringe when I see it because it’s “classic,” and therefore a “good” design.
  8. Less we all forget about the Packers... Imagine if a name like this came out today. Introducing the Tulsa Baggers... It’s only acceptable because it has been around for 100 years.
  9. The first thing I thought of with the Milwaukee script was Milwaukee Tools. I had to look up theirs logo since I wasn’t very familiar with it. Both scripts don’t have loops on the l and k. And both have two flat portions on the tops on the e’s. I realize there are many differences, but I can see now why I thought of Milwaukee Tools right away.
  10. It appears to me that the NFL standard for logo changes is to make changes so subtle that most people don’t even realize that the logo changed.
  11. The reverse doesn’t make sense because the contrail is in front of the jet. Reverse both the jet and contrail, which would result in the nose of the jet being above the j.
  12. I can’t say I like either helmet, but I like the idea of doing something more than a small nearly invisible logo on the helmet. Maybe the NHL can take a page from college hockey and start doing more unique helmets such as these.
  13. Or you can change it to two shoulder stripes of white-green.
  14. So are the Packers claiming 100th season last year and 100th anniversary this year? This has always been annoying to me. There is no consistency to whether teams celebrate the seasons or the anniversaries. If this is true, it is the first time that I can remember that a team has double dipped and done both back to back.
  15. Is baseball at the beginning of the powder blue for powder blue’s sake (PBFPBS) era? Before we know it half the league could be have powder blue alts. And this is different than in the ‘80s when it was a substitute for grey. Teams are wearing them with white pants now like it’s a team color.
  16. Why wouldn’t Seattle go with teal? Teal is already one of their colors and powder blue is too similar. The teal and powder blue don’t go well with each other either.
  17. As a Twins fan it took me a couple of years to get on board with the gold, but now I’m all in. I hope it finds its way to the roads soon. It adds more character and lets them stand out from the endless red and blue teams in the league. The script isn’t up to today’s standards, but I can let it slide since it was the original script and has a fun quirkiness to it that looks like it came from a different time.
  18. Funny thing is that Zimmer missed that CR game against Dallas due to an eye surgery.
  19. Other than the light blue jersey, those uniforms are decent and not that different than the Panthers. Bonus points for the light blue socks. I wouldn’t mind if the Panthers changed there helmet to light blue and ditched the grey pants. The problem is that they have shown that they like to wear black socks with black pants, which is vastly inferior to the light blue socks.
  20. This would be a good look and would allow for throwbacks or a red alternate. My only issue is that all four teams in the AFC East would have white helmets. Unless, of course, the Jets change to green helmets next year...
  21. Am I the only one that thinks a team named the Jets is the last team that should use a script as its logo? The Raiders and the Steelers are the only other teams with their names in there logos, and it is not the main focus in their logos. There are so many opportunities to use jet imagery for a logo and I think just using a script is lazy. They can bring back the old script or a version of it as their woodmark, but I would really like something new as the primary.
  22. This new Spurs logo really doesn’t work for me. The font is far too plain and the spur does not fit this look. Maybe a 2D or vertical spur would work with this application? The previous logos had matching drop shadows or outlines to tie it all together. It also looks like the word “Spurs” was laid out with all regular letters, then the u was removed and replaced sloppily with the spur. The balance of the spur appears too far away from the p and even farther away from the r. It reads more like the San Antonio S.P.R.S. with their logo in the middle.
  23. No, no, no a thousand times no. They make me cringe whenever I see them. They were the low point in Vikings uniforms and had every sin of the 2000’s NFL uniforms. The helmet was good though and I’m glad the updated horn has stuck around. I hated them so much that I remember the date the updated logo was revealed, which meant new uniforms. February 14, 2013.
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