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  1. I'm never going to get used to the stupid football on their helmet. Like they're going to get confused with a hockey team, so we better put a football on our football helmets to let everyone know what sport we're playing...
  2. Someone could argue it's one of the best colors on a helmet in the league, but it's not enough to save the new horrid set of unis.
  3. Someone show me what the uniforms would look like with the 90's sleeves and pants stripes with the NEW YORK removed from the chest and 90's socks to match. This would fix almost all the problems...okay, also outline the JETS in black on the helmet and get rid of that football.
  4. Honestly, I would prefer the crazy absurd leak that came out before...again, would you would rather die by knife to the heart, or head cut off? You're still gonna die.
  5. Nike's done it again...what a dumpster fire. They look like a high school team.
  6. See your point, but having the same striping all over the uniform makes my eyes hurt. Looks like someone with OCD designed them. Also, Brown sandwiching the orange on the white pants has never looked good to me. Don't really care anymore though after what the Browns did last night. I can't take it anymore, so they can keep the horrible uniforms because they are the harbingers of hope
  7. not even close...Miami knocked it out of the park this year, when they don't wear aqua pants.
  8. I can go running through a corn field bass akwards, but it doesn't mean I should. Even though I'm sure some people on these boards might want me to. If your friend jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump too? It looks terrible. The whole point of a number outline is to add more color to a uniform. Adding more of the same color doesn't make the number stand out anymore, nor does it add any value to the overall look of the uniform. It just looks out of place and a design flaw.
  9. Why would you hate to say that you're anti-ad/anti-manufacturer logo? Do you work in advertising? What I think you meant to say was, "I hate ads on uniforms and self serving manufacturers. If teams are going to put ads on uniforms and manufacturers are going to put their stamp on them, they both should blend into the uniform as much as possible, as to not harm the aesthetic of the uniform."
  10. It's an exclamation point on a piece of redesign. How about you incorporate that color into a proper redesign, rather than being a bunch of lazy self serving MFAH
  11. Dolphins, yes. Vikings number font has to go Lions Thank god they let us know what team they were. I wouldn't have been able to figure that out (Seahawks, Browns, Tampa Bay).
  12. Nope. not in the slightest hahaha you got me there. I should have watched V for Vendetta before my I posted that. Completely over caffeinated today, and most days.
  13. I did say teams allowing them to do it. I acknowledge and agree with you, and have started in other posts that the people in charge of the teams are responsible as well, but Nike is supposed to be the "experts". That's why these teams go to Nike for their redesigns. The dolphins apparently got some in house team together and their consultants outside of Nike, and wallah. You're right, but I'm not wrong either.
  14. During the redesign process, they have "on field" tests, where they see the fabrics on people in a game situation. In regards to "just have to do it", nobody has to do anything, ever. That is simply just passing the buck instead of owning up to failure. Removing a secondary color from an entire uniform set and changing another color is NOT subtle, or we wouldn't have had the overwhelmingly positive reactions to this thread. We're just conditioned from all of the horrible redesigns Nike has puked out year after year, that completely eradicates a team's identity. I don't need to see any redesigns to appreciate the Bears or Packers (F Pittsburgh). There isn't one fan base that would be upset if the entire NFL went back to each fan base's favorite era of uniforms, and I promise you that none of those will be designs by Nike. Can't wait for 2020, 100 year anniversary, throwbacks league wide, hopefully. The 5 year rule only sucks because Nike keeps ruining redesigns, and teams keep allowing them to do it.
  15. Since the Jags thread is closed, and I'm not opening a whole new thread to discuss this, but have you read the Paul Lukas reaction pieces lately!?! He has completely sold out. He used to be critical of teams redesigns, but boy oh boy he, is he full of it now. He graded the Jags pants a "B" and the socks an "A". I'm not even mentioning his piece on the Titans. He is such a phony. FAKE NEWS!
  16. It shows that you don't need a complete overhaul to correct a flawed uniform design. Like the majority of designs that come from this community. Small tweak here, small tweak there, fixed. I really believe that's exactly what will happen in Jacksonville in 2023. They'll see the fans reaction to the original Jags uniforms when they use their throwbacks, they'll add striping to the pants, add double borders to numbers (single at least), and hopefully fix those stupid socks.
  17. These Uniforms are easily the best thing NIke has ever done, or more likely has been forced to do. We can argue about the logo, the number font, the occasional yoga pants look, and script on the chest, but this is a vast improvement! GREAT JOB MIAMI!
  18. I really wasn't. I thought the guy who made the original mock up with said something about white cleats and changing the NFL. I was just putting a wink to him for coming up with the mock so I could put my fancy stripes on'em.
  19. FIXED: Shout out to j'villejags for the heavy lifting here, but just add a thinner version of the 1998 original pant stripe, outlined numbers, and white shoes. I'll try and put up some of the other combos up.
  20. If that's how you really feel, I would love to make a financial wager with you. There's no way these aren't the uniforms, unfortunately.