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  1. There I edited your last two (2) posts for you.
  2. Really glad you were able to add your take on this. It’s always so wonderful.
  3. MOD EDIT: Personal attacks on other board members will not be tolerated.
  4. Still a recent football trend no matter how nit picky you wanna get about it.
  5. Another set of numbers with no outlines? Is it still not a trend since NCAA and the NFL have different uniform aesthetics according to whoever told me that?
  6. “Please justify my opinions and explain to me why other people wouldn’t express the same opinions I do. Everyone must have bad taste.” Simple answer here is you’d be the problem.
  7. Generic or traditional to hockey and Vancouver?
  8. That tiny little gold slash, which they still have, just a different color is enough for you to make you hate an entire uniform? You must be hard to please. That’s absolutely ridiculous is what it is.
  9. “Many” I love how people get the support of 1 or 2 people on here and all of a sudden “most” people, “almost everyone”, or the “majority” always seem to agree with them.
  10. Current homes only have one stripe around the waist so you actually made it better. Road is way better with the shoulders you gave them.
  11. This is my school and I gotta say I’m just not feeling it. I get the throwback to the original Reebok era with the stripes, but it doesn’t work with the new front wordmark. It worked with the head and Sioux font, just not here. Plus the green pant and helmets at home are great, as that was what they wore all the time up until near the 2000s. It feels like too many eras were tried to be mashed together and it just doesn’t work the same. The white primary just seems off. I love your work by the way, just my thoughts on this one.
  12. Sock stripes and jersey stripes are flipped. Also argue the helmet, yellow pants, and socks all have consistent to them. White never touches gold. So when they wear gold pants and the striped socks, everything goes together but the jersey. When they wear what you posted, everything matches, but the helmet. Their is no perfect combo for them with what they have to satisfiy everyone’s OCD here.
  13. You’ve been talking 2010. When they wore the gold pants and striped socks, everything went together BUT the jerseys.
  14. What are you even talking about?! I dunno if I’d call this a striping pattern as much as I’d call it a double outline on the sleeves at this point.
  15. So don’t embrace your colors as a whole. Be a dominant one color on the road and the other at home? It’s ok to be a red and blue team.
  16. So just become the Cardinals from a few years back?
  17. I’m sorry you have poor taste.
  18. Didn’t match what exactly? They wear basically plain burgundy and plain white uniforms....
  19. What makes you get to assume the opinion of “most” others? So Adidas is the 5 stripe company? Most people would tell Adidas they are idiots for having 5 stripes but calling it 3 right? Because you’re saying most people would call that 5 therefore the creators of Adidas weren’t smart, turns out they were actually idiots.
  20. You know it’s 2018 and jerseys are tailored basically without sleeves right? As in players don’t tuck their jerseys underneath their shoulder pads anymore. It’s not a 2003 High School Football league.