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  1. BIG Update, 4 teams I have been busy with as of late... let's go down the list. EAGLES REDSKINS LIONS And now for the newest team... The Tampa Bay Bucs
  2. This is the sort of change I can get behind, the Steelers needed an update and this would be a good change too
  3. I can't do much at the moment because it is the current season's look but it may get changed.
  4. British Gridiron League when i mentioned that his Cardiff Dragons concept wasn't Welsh enough, that however is proper Welsh.
  5. It's been a few days, I figured I drop this down since everyone's doing it. Since the team decided not to go with an alt, I figured I would try and guess 2021's alt and then since I knew they weren't going to go with the St Louis look... I figured I would go with their late 80's early 90's look they made before they moved... except with the now botched segmented horn.
  6. This however is pretty good, especially the use of copper.
  7. Mine's Sand... not ugly dusty gray. >.>
  8. On a wild guess.... the white/blue and the USC look.
  9. The Bone and Yellow seems to be the best salvagable option there... in fact that might help offset the look.
  10. If anyone on here thinks I'm going to fully recreate THAT monstrosity from the Rams then nope.
  11. Which is why I will be taking time using the new template.... also enjoy the updated Giants. EDIT:
  12. Changes have been made plus a small warning, any concept posted here will be made before Htown gave me the template he made.
  13. So the following template was literally thrusted upon me and I've been working on it... it may take over as the default from now on.
  15. The Cardinals should embrace Sand as their white.
  16. Thank you, I figured this division was the best place to start.
  17. Pretty sure it's Jaguars going for Lawrence and that the Bears are going to be MUCH worse.
  18. I have..... Redskins, Panthers at 6-10, Giants at 7-9, Cowboys at 9-7, Browns at 9-7 and Dolphins at 6-10... Bills are 10-6/11-5,Broncos at 6-10, Rams at 4-12 and Bears at 4-12
  19. They literally posted it in their colour chart! Fault's on them if they don't want ppl to call it bone.