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  1. So where does this leave: Kansas State Oklahoma State Texas Tech Baylor TCU West Virginia
  2. We definetly be seeing the death of the Big 12 conference within the next week.
  3. Right... Oklahoma State and Texas apparently have reached out to the Pac 12 and Kansas reached out to the Big 10
  4. I wanted them to be Spiders but then again them getting squished every game would suck... so stick local I suppose. RIP Wahoo
  5. Big 10 will take West Virginia and Iowa State, ACC takes both Kansas and then the Pac 12 takes Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.... if imploding is happening.
  6. The final division of the South.... is the Lone Star Division that consists of Texas, Oklahoma and finally Western Arkansas and the teams formed here all are in reach of each other which is a big achievement for me as I managed to create a conference that has rivalries, distances and cost cutting solutions! The first team of said conference are the newly crowned Division 1-AA champions... SAM HOUSTON A perfect rebranding now turned into the style of the classic Browns.... the colour of Clemson, the arrogance of Texas and slayer of giants, they gave the Southland one last great gift before they moved to the newly reformed WAC.
  7. Apparently if Oklahoma leaves, then Ok State has to go with them.
  8. So.... next one is another HBCU but they play in the Ohio Valley Conference... but man they are literally a dump squib. NOT ANYMORE THEY AREN'T! TENNESSEE STATE TIGERS Yeah this might be something they could go with... but in this continunity or universe I created as I would like to remind people, Joe Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals won the Super Bowl beating Tom Brady's Tampa Bay
  9. "looks into his pool of 235 teams remaining" Yeah I can see those two in there.
  10. And now the first team of the Southeast Division... which is going to be a hard hitting tough division. JACKSON STATE TIGERS The first HBCU team mentioned in Arena Football and I was torn between adding red or silver... so when I realised they ripped off the Patriots in look, that's not what this team is... so I went with the Jets look because I just wanted to use two colours and felt it was right choice. Might not be your cup of tea but Jackson has always been traditional esc... ((even if Under Armor is adding not needed extras))
  11. Historical Black Colleges and Unis... I'm entering into unknown waters here, wasn't sure how to handle these.
  12. Next division is going to the Southeast and the two teams that will be first featured are going to be HBCU teams and it'll be my first time doing those teams per say. Just want to get that out there.
  13. The work in progress is now complete.... FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES The only team in this league to have Seafoam I might add
  14. WIP is starting on team #20.... this was a last minute addition after I forgot they existed and had selected West Florida, current Division 2 champs.
  15. We're going to the Gulf Division... the full name is the Gulf of Mexico Division and it encompasses the ENTIRE Gulf region so Texas and Florida are involved.... Also involved is a city that primary makes up the Gulf... and that would be New Orleans... with that in mind. NEW ORLEANS PRIVATEERS Everyone always does poncy green, yellow and purple stuff when it comes with Orleans and yet the Privateers are a mixture of classic Giants and Detroit Lions with a top heavy look that works for Arena Football.
  16. The explaination for why I chose the style for the OD Monarchs is because of a new partnership between them.... and the London Monarchs that I introduce in my headcanon of the NFL. London Monarchs use Virginia as their home for US games and this sparks a partnership just like it did between Memphis Tigers and SUPER BOWL WINNING Cincinnati Bengals
  17. It makes sense considering their basketball team uses a light grey as their home
  18. Alright time to move onto the other Jacksonville team in the Coast division... NORTH FLORIDA OSPREYS The first arena team to go off-white is of course North Florida... taking elements from soccer and basketball, the Boise esc helmets add an intimidation and a unique look.
  19. Speaking of realistic, we have to talk about the dumb decision that this next team did.... the ASUN is making a football league and it's hype because it's promising to be a good mix of teams but what boggles the mind is that a member of this league won't be part of this and honestly it's a dumb decision to discontinue the football team because of business reason. You have an exciting refurb that was universally praised but then killed the football program in the first year that you brought said redesign in... Ladies and Gents, the idiots at.... JACKSONVILLE DOLPHINS Jacksonville are the 1st members of the Coast Division which consists of Georgia, South Carolina and the Atlantic Coast side of Florida which is where Jville is... so I decided to mix two different eras with the font that used last AND they had references to the Jags. This is also going to include the other Jacksonville team in this division.
  20. The first batches for the East and for the North are done, we're going to be going to the South where the four conferences there consist of the: Coast Southeast Gulf Lone Star
  21. Great Lakes now and it contains team from rest of Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and the main one Illinois.... this post is going to include both teams for now since they were done prior in another release. ((It works out well)) NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS ILLINOIS STATE REDBIRDS
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