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  1. Eagerly awaiting the next team is something I learnt has a tragic history but from that tragedy came the team's fighting message with the fact that Randy Moss came from this school... makes it obvious. The next team is the MARSHALL HERD OF THUNDER!!! 3 Basic Colours, 1 Helmet, Kelly Green shines for everything... Marshall's is simple and yet it is also traditional and thus there was no reason to change anything... I would say 2nd pants for special games/bowl series but other than that it's Marshall and their history is very interesting plus there's a film about Marshall.
  2. Moving onto the next Group 5 conference... the MAC. Yes the MAC where teams suffer from a catalogue problem and I mean each team suffers.... but then I came across this team today and I figured this is a lovely shade of Blue and they use all blues, all whites and all blacks whilst they do make the look nice, however I feel that this team needs to break out some more and create an identity that is very unique and here is the end result. IT'S THE BUFFALO.... BULLS? I had my creative juices flowing with this one, basically a hodgepodge of really good concepts I've seen on here with my own touch... the helmet is a beautiful modern take on what a Bulls team should be like combined with what the Boston Breakers used to have and you got a home side of White/Blue/Blue with White Pants as a second, the road outfit is Blue/White/White with Blue pants as a second option. The Black Alts return but with a new Sky Blue option to highlight this fact... I could even consider these Renegades if it was possible.
  3. I always forget to count Notre Dame.... anyway we're on 8 now so I can move onto the Group of 5 with the BEARCATS of Cincinnati... aka the highest Group 5 team at the time of the rankings.
  4. Turns out I didn't count properly... so Stanford is 7, I'll have to fill another team from the Power 5 as an 8th and then I can move onto the Group 5.
  5. And finally to conclude this segment of 8 teams of the Power 5... I figured I would do a team in the PAC-12 and figured that eventually I'm going to be dealing with Alabama West, I was in a pickle... until literally this team embraces a deeper red that stands out amongst the Oklahoma/Alabama/Arkansas/Mississipi State/Indiana battles of Crimson/Cardinal... this embraces the Sangria Red. HERE WE GO WITH THE 'CARDINAL' OF STAMFORD. With the deep Sangria Red, Stanford becomes reborn in this inspired from the Jim Plunkett designs with a modern twist... everything literally stays the same, the Home, the Road and the Alt are enhanced by Sangria Red. The batch of 8 teams will be from the Group of 8 and I'm nearly done with the first one.
  6. Might as well get on with the next upload... another Power 5 conference and this time it's the one in the South, the Big 12 and since we're in the South.... let's go with a team whose look remains timeless and classic, that got stolen by Alabama and Arkensas.... -_-. HERE COME THE SOONERS Oklahoma doesn't have Alts here, they have 2 Home sets and 2 Road sets... I got rid of the current alts because they're pointless so I did a Cream Home and I brought back the All Whites from 2009 as the 2nd Road.
  7. Indeed they do, the Home set is largely the same and the away is what they use for road games, the connections are the M on the back collar and the maize pants.... I didn't want to put 2nd pant options because the Alt set is literally double white.
  8. Traditions are like Eggs.... sometimes you need to scramble some to get a good result, unfortuately if some people are going to be anal about change... well they don't know what I got plan for the boringest look in football. Here's the helmets in Midnight Blue.
  9. And now onto another Power 5 conference... The Big 10 and what better team to start off with... THE WOLVERINES OF MICHIGAN Your first three are the Home, Road and Alt... I figured I don't really change much at all since Maize and Navy are a staple of the Wolverines, however sometimes traditions need to be shaken up a bit so now I present to you.... the new Midnight Blue Alt.
  10. Moving onto the next team of the SEC... and this team is from Florida but unlike their Southern Rivals of Miami, this team's look is traditional so I've decided to stick to this style and pretend it's my concept I did with the Bills. Here come the FLORIDA GATORS.
  11. Ah but it would be if it was viewed from the left side
  12. Technically I lied about this being the only team I did this weekend.... Because I just got done completing the Hurricanes. And lo came the Hurricanes.
  13. And now for the next team.... The most well know independent school in the college system. NOTRE DAME The Fighting Irish are members of the AAC in other sports but in football, they are Independent and as such I designed it as such... Helmet is always the same, no matter what. The Navy is the same, the White is the same, the Green is the same... only thing I did was added pant options for when they get involved in College Bowls, otherwise its default Gold Pants. If I was to make another Alt then it would either be from their Shamrock Series... either the 2014 ones or the 2015 double greens.
  14. So I spent a week on holiday and I came back... so there are three options I can see here: POWER 5 TEAM GROUP 5 TEAM INDEPENENT TEAM ((Maybe random FCS team included))
  15. Whilst we are fresh... let's move onto the SEC and we are going into a conference that was undefeated last season and is totally NOT a boring university unlike the supposed CRIMSON TIDE... AND NOW FOR LSU! Small updates to the small tiger on the helmet as it turns out the BEER had a much better logo so I made that change.... and now to show off how the Tigers can be stylish.