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  1. The Threshers of the Corn Sea.... beautiful
  2. Ah yes the Michigan's own Thunder and one of my fav teams from the last thread.
  3. Ah the religious team, i'd forgotten that this team was white, blue and ginge.
  4. And there's our Trojans/Rams tribute!
  5. Think that's the general idea.... the prior Alouettes, not the new ones.
  6. I consult the map! It's been way too long for an update! We're going deep south and the first one is glaringly obvious and the other is an Atlanta team that has their best colours set in the 90's... so without further ado, let's unveil the... NASHVILLE PREDATORS and the... ATLANTA HAWKS The Hawks had their best colours in the 90's so I used that as the theme whilst the Preds I essentially treat as the LA Rams... although their retro look is a combination of their first logos with mustard, grey and orange... kinda looks like the Houston Astros.
  7. Typhoons reminds me of one team.... the fabled Surge of Sacremento.