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  1. And I figure I keep the imgur links rolling with the AFC East! ((Now with Jets)).
  2. So I've made some big changes now to the index, the version 3's that have been revealed are now the default whilst the ones that haven't been revealed to still be version 2's... when the version 3 of a team is made it will replace the version 2.... except for the expansion teams, they are defaulted as version 2's. Next up in the version 3's is essentially the Jets. And now for those that won't like the alternate kit.... I essentially give you the best iteration of the Jets.... the Kelly Green Jets! Decided to use the mid 80's one with the added black lines from the 90's... essentially it's a tribute.
  3. Midnight Green is probably be associated with their Super Bowl success now so it won't go away anytime soon... so I mixed the Kelly Green and Midnight Green to make my own mix to which I call "Eagle Green."
  4. An Orleans team that doesn't rely on Jugglers or Saints or Pirates? What is this!
  5. And now to hold over... The Phillie Eagles hosted from Imgur!
  6. Ok I did some alterings and turned on the share option so it should work now... otherwise I'll be uploading imgur links. Like these:
  7. And the headache inducing ruiner of the day goes to... well Google cause **** them. EDIT: It's back to Imgur because I was using them for a while... until people *****ed and I went to Google and its now produced this mess.
  8. So just to be absolute sure....no one can see these images apart from myself?
  9. But I just updated the previous pages with..... Why can't a good host ever be reliable....! ****ing Google....
  10. Oh yeah! I remember these three.... the LSUdogs, the blue crabs of Baltimore and the tribute to Ireland.