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  1. Not for MLB teams no, I mean a neutral location in a place that doesn't have baseball normally... like Louisville or Charlotte heck Jacksonville.
  2. This can work realistically if you put the Lions with teams that are in the east coast time zone.... say New York/Boston/Miami
  3. Manchester Devils/Manchester Machine (Spiritual successor to the Montreal Machine) Madrid Sol Dublin Antlers Rome Centurions Paris Vivas Vienna Defenders
  4. Next week eh? Hopeful for Seattle Surge with green uniforms.
  5. Hello friends it's been a few days since well literally the rug was thrown under me creatively and no one telling me how far I've dug into the pit so to speak.... so with this in mind I am dedicating the next few posts of mine (answering CC aside and general) to sorting myself out of the hole... and i'm doing it in stages, also to note these changes are final and I've had a creative brainstorm over the changes as well as a couple that some people aren't going to like.... so let's go with the NFC updates as it's part 1 of 4. GENERAL Collars and sleeves are now fixed. The Nike branded concepts are staying the same ((I wanted to highlight the decline of Nike products in this timeline following the loss of their exclusivity deal and their new general number/font scheme plastered all over their teams **Teams affected are trying to get out of this deal... this includes the Cowboys.**)) NFC Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins Chicago Bears Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Bucs Arizona Cardinals LA Rams CHANGES Mostly Detroit had a redesign because the collars were now shirt colour, so I adjusted.... proper name fonts for the non-Nike teams although some numbers stayed the same ((Also avoided the 24 number font for the Bucs, its cancerous and hopefully gone forever.))
  6. Well this is a bad setback... looks like I might take a while to fix the mistakes.
  7. Correct I do take them slow, 1 team takes a lot of work.... it's only when I did 2 teams at once then I did go nuts. The generic font defense I can offer is that it is hard to find fonts for the different teams whilst looking for other fonts for the fun stuff.... so yeah copy and paste is a problem but its time-saving whilst yes it's usually frowned upon. Those 'fun' uniforms I know won't make it into the actual NFL, it's the regular teams and the expansions i'm focused on and I did give reasonings into why I chose my colours... especially the Hawks. I wanted to bring something back from their past and in that past was grey so yeah that's my reasoning. Hang on I just realised something.... are the collars and jerseys supposed to be the same as the shirt?
  8. And now we return to the AFC.... for a team that's basically the same has its been for nearly 50+ years but in recent times they have been making power moves sorting out their offenses and their defenses and now they are a AFC powerhouse and that powerhouse is... THE CLEVELAND BROWNS HOME Browns are going to get a redesign next season but I figured I go ahead with this colour scheme before they maybe revert back to the old orange and brown... so I added grey back into the four colours... but not making it as a pant option so orange, brown, white are the choices of fancy.... grey collars and sleeves. ROAD Mandatory white tops but with brown tops and sleeves... figured I embrace the Browns name a bit, same options for the pants. ALTERNATE(S) All orange or all brown, choose your fancy, that's the alt. RETRO The Browns celebrate their retro look with the era that made that good... late 60's/early 70's. BIG CITY White helmet, orange tops and brown pants.... and originally I was going to offer a Rock Hall and Fame look but that would be stupid.
  9. Sticking with what works is usually how I do things.... only change I made was with the Hawks as their current colors were not good enough.
  10. I know this is probably asking a bit much but I wonder if I can get some CC about the uniforms I posted in the last few pages?
  11. Back to the AFC now for a side that needed a much different look and whilst it was a move in the right direction, the look was still pretenoius in a way... they are also a side that existed from 2002 so you know who these guys now... it's the 2nd Houston Team. THE TEXANS HOME The Texans have decided to adapt the Texan flag as the basis of the uniform whilst they are still steer themed, they feel proud as Texans so adapting the lone star from the logo, they have become the shoulder pads thus creating a pretencious look on them which is now red collars and sleeves with red curves.... the traditional colours of the team are retained although the sleeves now come in red, to go with team pants. ROAD The league sanctioned white tops are decorated with the same for the home include the red sleeves... although it's reversed. ALTERNATE Red helmets, red tops, navy sleeves and white pants.... it's basic stuff here. RETRO Everyone knows of the Madden look before they released back in the day but no one knew of this design... coming from the concept floors of the actual designers of Texans, this look would of been a very interesting idea as it was supplied to the board by Htown for the 100 years of NFL thread, I figured I give it a go and try my best of adapting this to the concept. BIG CITY The conclusion to a three part trilogy of designs that started off with the Titans selling the Oilers brand to the NFL to starve off bankruptcy which allowed an expansion team carry on the Oilers name and so in celebration, the Texans and the Oilers swapped looks for their big city idea.... as Nike thought they had an idea so as Oilers adapted their look with Texans colours, here the Texans adapt their look with Oilers colours creating this idea.
  12. Back to the NFL concepts and since I jumped ship to show off the Atlanta Falcons... it means I can show off another bird related team and in these times post-strike, The Eagles decided to go through another rebrand combining their colours to show off a new Green known as Eagle Green and decided to ditch the white pants fully in exchange for the return of the Silver pants.... if you are wondering what I mean, I'll be showing you all now what I see this team will look like in a few years time... it's the PHILADELPHIA EAGLES HOME The Eagles discovered this shade of green after experimenting with Kelly and Midnight Greens as they discovered this hybrid version... satisfied with the results, they adopted this green as their prefered look as well as their new blackish green tint to go alongside the Eagle Green for a double look.... pant options including the return of silver, blackish green and Eagle Green.... White has been dropped. ROAD The only bit of white on the kit is on the league sanctioned road kits as it was mandated that all road teams had to wear White tops but Eagle Green accents it bringing it out to bare... the pants are included. ALTERNATE This kit has now won a Super Bowl and because of it, the look was made into an Alternate that is only played a few times a season.... no more all black affair was made for their encounters with Dallas. RETRO Pre 1996 Eagles is the name of the game as well as that prodominate Kelly Green ((Which I finally figured out after so long)) and that was done with light silver pants as well... just keeping the look as classic as possible minus the stupid pre-96 Eagles logo. BIG CITY For this big city look, the Eagles go back to celebrating their old looks with their new Eagle Green as SIlver takes the center stage.... luckily I went with this because the original idea would of forced the city to lynch Will Smith in real life.
  13. Virginia Destroyers doesn't exactly roll on the tongue.
  14. Trying to figure out how to make the Texans good looking without resorting to their default look..... minus the Oilers throw on and the fauxback prototype.
  15. The last fun teams for a while are for the Western Division.... I figured I add a baseball team that I was really hoping for and for another USFL team to come in and hold together the Sharks and the Sonics.... so here come the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Now we conclude this batch of fun teams with... OAKLAND INVADERS
  16. I did 2 teams just now and I would feature them both just to add to the division of the South as they would be good rivals to the Bandits and the Stallions... first of all Atlanta gets a team and considering the Falcons don't exist in this universe, got to have their close distance cousins.... ((Not in puke green)) THE ATLANTA HAWKS These Hawks are based on the 90's colours but with the current logos.... no volt green to offend people, just three colours to work with.... and that gold as a bonus. Now we move onto a team that historically has been a mixed until they adapted to yellow and have looked the part but the yellow hats have been a bother to me so I've worked on this league's version of the LA Rams. NASHVILLE PREDATORS I've done a bit of fun stuff so I should wrap the last two I got in mind before we go back to the NFL and carry on from the Pinkese Falcons.
  17. And now it's time for team 8. Next up is my take on a hybrid look between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins, time for the hunters of the Bay Area.... SAN JOSE SHARKS
  18. Moving on from that monstrosity.... we now have the next fun team, a side from Minnesota... THE TIMBERWOLVES
  19. Since I've had no feedback for the Red Wings, I assume things are good... time to go West! Consult the Map! No brainer where this team is and it's been a difficult reimagining for this one because this team is one of the more beloved basketball teams of the NBA and so to reimagine them for this league without resorting to Basketball has been VERY difficult but I managed it somehow and mostly because a western division needs Seattle in particular they need... THE (SUPER)SONICS There are gold pants as an option btw, you do a concept that primarily does green, white and gold and you can only go so far... in this continunity the alternate was basically thought about by an owner that is Austrailian and doesn't care about the politics of the state nor about the feelings of those that complain alot.