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  1. Unfortuately the ride's gonna end here... I've had a change of heart and I don't like being accused of making a fake account just to boost this thread because I don't capitalise the H. Thread's over people.
  2. Right division before i say anything else.
  3. I figured this thread back to action with the 3rd Mexican team and this team thrives in the San Diego Tijuana area meaning that they are the rival team to the Crusaders as this team has local support from the community and it's rivalry with said Crusaders allows the area to thrive on the money alone... this team also plays in the AFC West because reasons and they are the last team officially in this team. Say hello to the.... TIJUANA PACIFICAS (AFC) HOME AWAY ALTERNATE AFC WEST Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers Oklahoma City Bison Sacremento Miners St Louis Gunners Tijuana Pacificas
  4. New Years means New Teams to be added to the expansion... we are now down to the last 4 teams and the first of said teams is located at.... Ottawa. But no they aren't the Redblacks... the CFL are still seperate of the NFL and have been thriving since the NFL bought out the licenses for the Tiger Cats and the Argonauts, so executives at Ottawa needed something exciting to come to the capital of Canada... also they are slotted into the AFC North by proxy. So literally they came up with the predicable name of the... OTTAWA CANADIANS (AFC) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE So this was inspired by another concept and I liked it a lot, it basically meant that I was able to not just adapt but also give the team a bit of oomph in colour and look thus the sleeves and the alternate basically is an all black attire because why not, it's cool. Next up a 3rd team in Mexico.
  5. Would their old green colour work as well on that template of yours? Not to mention their silver and their Dallas hunting all black kit?
  6. The last team of the AFC East... success in Mexico City realised that the NFL can get a 2nd team in London although there were a few complications at first... the home venue for this team is the Olympic Stadium in East London which is tenanted by West Ham and also it had to rebuilt so essentially the team was forced to play in Cardiff's Principality Stadium for a few years thus becoming another city for a time. LONDON/CARDIFF BLACK KNIGHTS (AFC) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE With that the AFC East is completed... BUFFALO BILLS MIAMI DOLPHINS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS NEW YORK JETS AMSTERDAM ADMIRALS RHEIN FIRE SCOTTISH CLAYMORES LONDON/CARDIFF BLACK KNIGHTS
  7. So I had some time off and it was helpful in a way, might as well get this completed and then hibernate somewhere because its cold as heck. Next team of the AFC East is the last of the original Gen 2 Europe teams that exist and they actually won in 1996 beating Frankfurt Galaxy at home venue, becoming the first worse to beat team in Europe to win a World Bowl. This team of course... SCOTTISH CLAYMORES (AFC) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE Originally they tried to get the Monarchs and the Claymores together but that didn't work out... instead the Celtics were moved to keep their rivalry with the Monarchs going as it had been 25+ years at this point.... so the Claymores get to deal with the Admirals, the Fire, the Bills, the Dolphins, the Jets and the Patriots instead which works out in their stadium located in Edinburgh.
  8. Small update. The Redskins are going to be amongst the next batch and was wondering if I should stick to the old logo or find a new logo?
  9. Now for Team 8... and we have the rivals to the Sabercats... meet the D team for the Rams. ANAHEIM DIRE WOLVES (NDL) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE NFL NIGHT So the Dire Wolves and the Sabercats are in fact not just divisional rivals, but they are close rivals that enjoy fighting each other each year for the satisfaction of winning a trophy.
  10. Alright it's high time we see the NDL updated and this will be the first of THREE new teams to be added.... so let's go with say the D Team for the NFC West... in particular let's go with the 49ers... now their area is San Jose which is close to their camp thus easy access and originally it was going to be Aftershocks BUT that's been relocated to another West team so instead I went with Arena Football and lookie here... this team used to exist and were champions so it's fitting that the 49ers would be associated with a previous champion. In this case... we have the... SAN JOSE SABERCATS (NDL) Original Team: San Francisco 49ers Location: San Jose, California HOME ROAD ALTERNATE NFL NIGHT TEAM MOTTO: SABERCATS ROAR!
  11. Oh hey it's time I updated this with a team I had just finished today... still in the AFC and back to the South, today's update focuses on a team that existed since the mid 90's. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS HOME ROAD ALTERNATE RIDDELL SPECIAL
  12. Let's wrap up the AFC South with another Mexico team... operating in the same area as the Diablos and unfortuately they aren't as good as their city rivals. MEXICO CITY CONQUISTADORS (AFC) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE Yeah the NFL was convinced by the success of the Diablos who had won at this point.... 2 NFC Conferences to see if the formula can be repeated again with the Conquistadors.... it's been average so far but it didn't help with the Mexican Government intervening with the Alternate choice... the Conquistas wanted a straight up Orange Alt, they got Mexico Green instead and that decision was by gunpoint. With that the AFC South is done. Indianapolis Colts ((Uniforms are in the NFL Concept thread)) Tennessee Titans Houston Texans Jacksonville Jags Austin Desperados Orlando Wizards Louisville Kings Mexico City Conquistadors
  13. Team 8 LOS ANGELES CHARGERS HOME ROAD ALTERNATE RIDDELL SPECIAL Boy oh boy... The LA Chargers, I was hoping to cover this lot. So to no one's surprise... Dean Spanos was ousted out of the club he bought... after the debacle of Kronke's lawsuit defeat to St. Louis.... he was forced to sell Arsenal for pittance due to the large amount of money posted by the judge... so this forced the Rams to increase prices on everything and this affect Spanos's bottom dollar which forced him to sell the Chargers to a businessman of San Diego fame... but since originally the Chargers couldn't be moved back to San Diego... they opted to put the San Diego Chargers of then into the LA Chargers of now. So the Alternate is the uniform from the 70's and 80's... and brought that shade of blue back to the kit... the navy was semi-retired... Powder Blue is now by default the home blue.
  14. Actually CFL still exists... just two teams less and they added Halifax and they play with 8 teams... however the CFL received a LOT of money from selling the rights of the Argonauts and the Tiger Cats to the NFL. But I will add a What If scenario if the CFL did get absorbed by the NFL.
  15. Thus completes another league... the NFC North. Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Detroit LIons Minnesota Vikings Columbus Caps Memphis Steamers Toronto Argonauts Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  16. Good news this is back and now we move onto the last time of the NFC North... a division that is full of Packers and Lions and Bears and Vikings and Steamers and Caps and Argonauts so I figured what team should complete this division and this was an easy one as the team in question are actual rivals to the Argos and thus another CFL team... which team you may ask? Why it's the... HAMILTON TIGER CATS (NFC) HOME ROAD ALTERNATE Yes, the Tiger Cats literally followed the Argonauts into the NFL... in fact it was one of the reasons why the Argonauts did the deal with the NFL in the first place because it allowed the Hamilton-Toronto area to be exploited by the league as one side wouldn't work without the other... in this timeline, the CFL ran out of money thus it negotiated both Argos and Tiger Cats to leave their league to join the NFL.
  17. Team 7. CHICAGO BEARS HOME ROAD ALTERNATE RIDDELL SPECIAL The Bears were one of the first victims of outcry and universal score for what they were doing to the Blues... it costed them a lot which forced the league having to seize the club and buy the club for cheap from the McCaskeys... it was also decided to keep the GSH name on the kits as a reminder of Halas's legacy to the NFL plus it was decided to incorporate all the eras of the Bears into their kits... with the newest one being their orange helmet to formerly orange alternate. The oldest club in the league has been around for nearly 100+ years in this timeline of mine and probably continue to thrive for many years to come.