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  1. In their first year in Penultimate Division, the Philadelphia Libbies claimed the top spot and earned their way back to the Ultimate Division. The relatively young Old Nassau 1869 club also punched a ticket to the Ultimate Division. Cleveland Forest was 4 points and 3 goals short of getting back to the Ultimate Division. At the bottom of the table were Washington DC Athletic Club and the New York Chieftains. DCAC was a goal worse than Detroit United Albions on goal difference to be sentenced to relegation. With the Libbies' promotion, there wouldn't be 3 teams from the City of Brotherly Love in the Penultimate. Reigning American Football Association Cup winners Brooklyn Bridegrooms had hoped to capitalize on that success but a slew of injuries put them in the lower half of the table.
  2. The Milwaukee Brewmasters captured their 2nd Ultimate Division title, outdistancing the New York Fomorians by 3 points. More of the national coverage focused on what was going on at the bottom of the table. Reigning division champion Boston Shipwrights finished only 2 points out of relegation. Baltimore Chimney Swifts, three-time champion and founding member, collapsed down the stretch and were relegated. Going into the final weekend, they were a point ahead of Mound City. However, Baltimore lost to the Cincinnati Scarlets 4-2 and Mound City earned a point with a draw at home against Milwaukee Cream City. Joining the Chimney Swifts in relegation were the Boston Gaelics, who had been promoted for this season. Omar Turner of the Brewmasters was the recipient of the Golden Ball; he also led the division in points and assists. Teammate Maurice Webster led the division in goals with 15.
  3. Thanks, Crazy Rider. I've been a little bit slow recently with new material. I've been busy putting together the real-life history of my soccer club for its 90th anniversary.
  4. An expansion team for the Western Regional Division, the Denver Snowcaps.
  5. Introducing the second team promoted to the Eastern Regional Division, Green-White Hanover.
  6. Introducing the first team promoted to the Eastern Regional Division for the 1910-1911 season, the Bethlehem Steelworkers (Obviously this team was inspired by the legendary real world team, Bethlehem Steel FC)
  7. Introducing the second team promoted to the Mid-American Regional Division, the Gary Steelmillers
  8. Introducing the newest team in the Mid-American Regional Division, the Covington Bavarians
  9. The Gary Steelmillers and Covington, Kentucky, earned promotion from the Midwestern Sectional Divisions to the Mid-American Regional Division for 1910-1911. The latter squad promises to come up with a more inspiring name for the new season. Squads from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Hanover, New Hampshire won in the promotion round from the Atlantic Sectional Divisions to the Eastern Regional Division.
  10. In the 1909-1910 Derbies, Milwaukee Cream City FC captured its first Big Mug, while the Philadelphia Libbies claimed their first Liberty Ball. St. Paul Boreads get to fly the Fort Flag once gain. The Baltimore Bannerets haven't let the Chimney Swifts touch the Star Spangled Cup, and the New York Fomorians made it two in a row for the Silver Shilleleagh.
  11. Columbia Challenge The Boston Shipwrights, Brooklyn Bridegrooms, and Boston Gaelics all came out West to participate in the Columbia Challenge. The host Golden West FC squared off against the Ultimate Division champion Shipwrights. After a very defensive first half, Golden West struck in quick succession early in the second half to vault into a two goal lead. While Boston pressed hard for the rest of the game, they could not break through the Golden West defense. In the other semi-final, the surprising Brooklyn Bridegrooms, AFA Cup winners, contended with the Penultimate Division champions, Boston Gaelics. Based on the style of play, one would have expected that the Bridegrooms would be rising to the Ultimate Division instead of barely fending off relegation in the Penultimate. Brooklyn took a 2:1 lead into halftime. Boston knotted it up early in the second, but Brooklyn struck back three minutes later to lock up the win. In the final, Brooklyn looked to continue their winning ways with the early free kick goal by Roger Kerr. The hometown Golden West was not undone and launched attack after attack. While the Bridegroom led 1:0 at halftime, there was a common feeling that Golden West would not be denied. In the 69th minute, the floodgates opened as Johnny Wells scored three times for Golden West over the next 5 minutes. With the win, Golden West FC became the first Western Regional Division team to claim the Columbia Challenge Trophy.
  12. Champions from the nations of Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, and Switzerland participated for the first time in the Football World Championship. This necessitated changing the format to four 3-team groups. The AAFL's representative, the Boston Shipwrights, won their group over the Belgian and Spanish champions - 3:0 over R Union Saint-Gilloise and 2:1 over Barcelona. The Americans fell, however, to HVV of the Netherlands in the semi-final. It was Ferencváros of Hungary who proved victorious in the final, topping the Dutch squad HVV.
  13. The Brooklyn Bridegrooms, sporting their new golden kits as well as the their new golden ring crests shocked the four-time Ultimate Division winners in the American football Association Cup final. A headball from Caleb Garner off of a Dustin Patterson was the only goal necessary to achieve the championship. Despite their regular season troubles, the Bridegrooms looked brilliant throughout the tournament. Coach Willy Dominic is predicting great things for the upcoming season: "We can play with anybody when we put our minds to it. That's what the lads did for the Cup. And that's what we'll do next season - it won't be fighting off relegation; we're going to nabbing promotion to the Ultimate Division."
  14. In the first semi-final, two-time American Football Association Cup winner Baltimore Chimney Swifts squared off against fellow Ultimate Division squad, the Boston Shipwrights. Baltimore's hopes for a third cup were squashed by halftime, as they trailed 3:1. Boston added to the lead in the second half and coasted easily to the final whistle. In the other semi-final, two clubs that had experienced disappointing seasons in the Penultimate Division faced off. Both the Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Chicago West Side Kicks unveiled new crests and kits for the match. In a see-saw affair, an early second half goal by Dustin Patterson earned the win for the Bridegrooms. After barely escaping relegation from the Penultimate Division, the Bridegrooms now have the chance to claim a trophy. (One of my old college teammates just found the actual American Football Association Cup)